Any functioning office needs to have employees that trust one another, get along well, and take pride in what they do. Without that connection, it becomes much more difficult to create a successful team. Building that connection has become a huge phenomenon over the years, and team building has proven to help employees become more comfortable with one another and increase office productivity.


Most companies end up choosing sports as the team building method of choice, but why are sports such a great idea for team building? Pop! Events has a lot of great sporting activities for our team building programs, so we thought we’d explain a bit about why they are so successful.


You can’t spell teamwork without team!

It’s hard to argue with the word that forms the basis for team building. Simply put, team sports help develop team working abilities. Nobody can win on their own, and the best teams delegate tasks just like in the office. Someone can be fast, another can be smart. One can be good at defence while the other is good at scoring – not to mention that you can get a good feeling for what everyone’s skills are when they are on the playing field!


Sports foster trust

Michael Jordan might have been the best player in NBA history, but he didn’t get anywhere without his teammates, and even he admitted the hardest thing he ever had to do was trust someone else with the ball. Sound familiar? The office can be difficult to manage sometimes, and many of us think that we can only trust ourselves to get something done. The problem is that there’s too much work for one person to do. If your employees learn to trust their teammates enough to pass the ball, then they can pass a project duty on as well.


They are healthy and fun!

There’s a reason why sports are the oldest form of human entertainment and competition: they are fun and healthy. Ancient societies reveled in their sporting matches, and modern society isn’t any different. Getting your employees to work up a sweat, start talking to each other, de-stress after all of that work they’ve done in the office is a great way to endear them to you and have a great time.


At Pop! Events we always recommend our awesome basketball, volleyball, and other sports activities for our clients’ team building events. There are many reasons why sports are great for team building, so the only thing you need to do is pick the best one for your employees!