When it comes to planning an event, staying environmentally friendly is probably not at the top of your to do list. But it should be! If you are not careful, hosting an event can be a huge waste of the planet’s resources. Think about all the items you have to throw out: disposable plates and cutlery, disposable and paper-based decorations, tickets, etc. The list goes on and on. Fortunately, in today’s environmentally conscious world, we have more environmentally friendly options than ever before.

Recycling and Composting Bins

Pop! Events is pleased to offer you the option to recycle and compost at your next event. Every event has something to recycle or compost. Whether it is catered barbecue or the paper cones that hold cotton candy, you should be careful to sort out your waste. When you have 50 or a couple hundred people at an event, that waste can really add up!

Biodegradable Dishes and Utensils

For only an extra dollar, you can have 10 percent biodegradable utensils, napkins and plates. Just ask us about our Green option when you book catering with Pop! Events.

Choose Reusable

Instead of handing out plastic water bottles this St. Patrick’s Day, why not give your guests each a custom designed water bottle? This way they will get to refill their water bottle all through the event and you will not have a mountain of plastic water bottles. As a bonus, this will encourage your guests to use their reusable water bottle at home as well.

Cut Down On Paper

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, you probably recall many past events that featured disposal paper and plastic based accessories. From green beaded necklaces to paper faux leprechaun hats, it seems that St. Patrick’s Day attracts waste.

Here are our (much more fun) alternatives to the disposable St. Patrick’s Day accoutrements:

Green Food

Like it says in the classic Dr. Seuss book, green eggs and ham are the way to go! (Okay, maybe not those two options.) But green food dye is tasteless, harmless, and can be added to everything from mayonnaise to white wine. It’s a great way to get the green St. Patrick’s look without waste. Have a green cake, green dip for your chips, and offer your guests green beer!

Green Body Art

From sparkles to airbrush, we have you looking as Irish as a leprechaun. Our body art options are a far more environmentally friendly option than the hats and beads, and they also look much better! Body art will add sophistication to your event this St. Patrick’s Day.


If you are serving drinks at your event, give each of your guests a reusable mug. This way you won’t have to throw out a million paper, Styrofoam or plastic cups! Alternatively, leave drinks in cans or bottles that can then be recycled.

At Pop! Events, we want to make this St. Patrick’s Day the greenest in history. There are many options available to you to choose an environmentally friendly way to celebrate. If you think green, you will be surprised at how much waste you are able to avoid! Call us today to find out how we can help you make a difference this St. Patrick’s Day.