Dear Jane,

I heard you were assigned the task of planning and executing your Corporate Picnic Event again this summer. I also heard that you spent hours and hours of not only work time but personal time planning fun activities for your company picnic last year. Kind of a DIY thing was it? Would you give me the opportunity of showing you how a Corporate Event Planning company can make your life so much easier by providing you with a plan for your company picnic?

Let’s start with the reasons why your company wants to have a Corporate Picnic. It is a great morale booster for staff. It gives the employees a chance to see their managers letting their hair down as well as getting to know your peers in a stress-free environment. In addition, it fos-ters team building. When planning a Company Summer Picnic, we need to follow some specific steps.

  • High on the list is securing a venue and then go through a pile of paperwork.
  • Find a Caterer and negotiate the best price
  • Decide on the Menu
  • Hire a reliable DJ who has his/her own equipment
  • Find a company who has game rentals
  • Find a company who can come in set up all the races and actually run them
  • Don’t forget about your face painters and balloon twisting clowns
  • Come up with some unique Corporate Picnic Ideas

The list goes on and on. Can you really afford the time from your real job to do this?

Jane, what if I was to tell you that by making one phone call to a Corporate Event Planner they can do all of this for you. Sort of like a one-stop shop. They will come up with summer company picnic ideas and activities. They will take you from concept to success and then present you with one invoice for everything at the end of the day.

Sounds good so far?

I know that you have to work on a set amount for your company picnic and a professional Event Planner will recognize this and will make sure that they come in on budget


A Corporate Planner has a strong working relationship with many summer corporate picnic venues. We make sure that we book one that has all the amenities that you require such as power and water sources. We ask in advance if they allow music, inflatables etc. These are questions that you may not even think about. We will handle all the paperwork for you.


This is a very important part of your picnic. Our classic BBQ would work well within your budget. The price of this menu is $13.49/per person. Included in this menu is the option of an 8 oz All Beef Burger, Veggie Burger, Jumbo Hotdog or Veggie Burger. In addition, you get 2 salads of your choice, beverages, all condiments, paper products and cutlery and 2 hours of cooking and serving staff. Halal, Gluten Free and Kosher options are available.

What is a picnic without some treats? We will provide you with your choice of an ice cream cart filled with 150 novelties for $725 or a combination Popcorn & Candy Floss Cart for $800.


A picnic is not a picnic without all the silly races such as the 3 legged race and the ever popular potato sack race etc, culminating with the massive water balloon fight! The Corporate Planner will ensure that professional high energy staff will do the set up as well as run the races and provide all necessary equipment. You just need to join in and have fun. A Corporate Event Planner based on experience will provide you with great summer picnic games that will engage not only the children but the adults as well.

Other Fun Company Picnic Ideas

A must have at any picnic is a Balloon Twisting Clown as well as a Face Painter. Assuming that there are approximately 75 children you would need 1 of each. These artists start at $375 and up.

We always recommend Carnival games such as the children’s favorite Duck Pond and Gone Fishing. These games start at $150 and up. Add on some assorted loot prizes for added incentive. Table top games starting at $195 are great for the older children.

We can set up craft stations for the kids which will be suitable for all ages. We have packages as low as $3.00 per child. This includes all materials. Add on experienced staff at $195 and there you go. Also available for all ages are Giant Games. These are a crowd pleaser for an inexpensive starting price at $125.

Other Summer Company Picnic Ideas

If you are able to stretch your budget some other worthwhile additions are Inflatable’s for the children or an amazing Rock Climbing wall for the older kids and adults. We have so many more ideas that we would be more than happy to quote on.

So, Jane having shared all of the above information which I hope impressed you can we expect a call from you for a detailed proposal for your Company Picnic?

Contact us at or phone us at 416-665-3594

We will be waiting for your call,

Pop! Events Group

Written by: Elayne Isenberg