You might not think that a table stacked with mouth-watering candy would be one of the most popular party additions these days. Oh wait, yes you probably would. Candy stations, sometimes known as candy buffets, have risen dramatically in popularity over recent years. With the younger generations that grew up on great kid’s candies coming of age, and the pursuit of new, exciting takes on traditional festivities, more and more people are embracing this sweet and delicious trend. That’s why we here at POP! Events Group work so hard to bring you the best candy stations with the sweetest array of candy. Below are some of the best occasions for a candy station.

A Wedding

The traditional binding of two people together in holy matrimony is one of the most beautiful things in society. What better way to celebrate it than with a buffet of incredibly delicious candies? Especially since everyone is going to be going crazy anyway. Not only will your guests love it, but it will be a great way to show just how fun and laid back you guys are. It’s a great way to get people to mingle, and popular magazines have even ranked it a “top wedding trend.” Don’t miss out.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

We know everyone is worried about health these days. On top of that, parents are always worried about their child’s teeth! Letting them have fun and be kids every once in a while is good for them, though. That’s why we’ve seen such a rise in popularity recently at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. It helps to get rid of the “goodie bag” at the end when you’ve had so many yummy sweets during the party. All the kids will love it, and it’ll be great way to create some lasting memories.

Corporate Parties!

These are our speciality. POP! Events Group puts on the best corporate parties in the industry and candy stations are fast becoming one of the most popular requests that we handle. We get a lot of inquiries about them for nearly every event. Business can be tiring and serious at times which is why it is good to be a kid every once in a while! The children will love them too. How can anyone be sad when there’s so much chocolate around?

We get a lot of requests for party add-ons here, but candy stations have to be one of the most popular. They’ve soared in popularity in recent years, and are quickly becoming our most popular request. These are the best occasions for a candy station, so don’t miss out on your next opportunity to get one.