Where Do Game Rentals Fit in Best?

Having a strong team in your office is essential for the success of your business, and building a strong team can only be accomplished with purposeful team building activities. These don’t have to be the trust fall and human knot untangling kind of activates either.

Certainly, the “traditional” activities are effective in some ways, but do not underestimate or overlook the benefits of team building Toronto employees by simply letting them mingle, chuckle, chat, joke by helping them to get to know each other better and play games. Competing, taking sides, working together, relying on one another, making fun of each other and laughing till your belly hurts are all keys to building those core bonds within a successful team.

The games we’ve listed below are excellent for outdoor barbecues and picnics, team building events in Toronto, end-of-the-year celebrations, corporate family events, corporate holiday parties, and more!

The goal of these game rentals is to:

  1. a) Give some respite to your staff members when a meeting or an event requires a fun break that will get the blood flowing. Even the most captivating meetings still need an opportunity for employees to stretch their legs and their minds so they can return with new ideas. Provide them with a much-needed breather and let your attendees enjoy some friendly competition and amusement.
  2. b) Foster strong and authentic bonds between staff members. You’d be surprised at how receptive your employees will be to a game of Giant Jenga. You will see a completely new side of your employees during a game competitive game of Accounting vs. Sales. These games help staff members laugh together, get competitive with each other, and build bonds that will linger when they return to work. In turn, these bonds help your office become stronger, closer and able to take on challenging projects, engaging their creativity.

Let The Games Begin!

Check out the top game rentals we recommend for your event below! 

Hottest New Games of 2018

Strike a Light

Who has the fastest hands!? Play Strike a Light, and you’ll soon find out! Arcade game enthusiasts, kids, adults, and everyone in between will love the competitive, high-energy spirit of Strike a Light!

The goal is to turn off more of your lights (those on your side of the playing table) than your opponent can in the time given (30 seconds per round). Strike a light that’s lit on your side to score one point, but watch out! They’re fast! And multiple lights light up at a time. Plus, if you strike an unlit light, you lose a point! Do your best in the 30 seconds you’re given, and try to keep up with the fast-pace of this ultra-competitive game. All will be itching for a chance to play!

Flap Attack

Do you have the magic touch? For Flap Attack, that is! Those with too heavy a hand will be quickly weeded out in this game of perfecting the just-right, soft, delicate roll. If you’re a bowler, you just might stand a chance!

The game features two lanes, each with a ball. Two players stand side-by-side and roll their respective ball up their lane. This is Roller Bowler with a twist. The object is to knock down more flaps than your opponent, without rolling the ball too hard.  If you roll the ball too hard the ball rolls back to you and you lose. You must stop the ball at the highest flap to score the most points and win the day! Create a fast-paced tournament, pitting the best against the best in this deceptively difficult game!

Jet Ball

If you love foosball, you’ll adore Jet Ball. Even for those who’ve never tried a table game before, this one’s addictive!

Put your soccer and video game skills both to the test as you try to score points against your opponent while defending your own goal on the green. The mash-up of joystick controls and the familiar layout of a foosball table make this game extra special.

How can you control the ball with a joystick, you ask? Patented Aerr-Jet technology shoots bursts of air that maneuver the ball around the field. It’s unlike any other game you’ve seen before!

Warp Speed

For some out-of-this-world fun, try Warp Speed! Even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars or sci-fi, this game is nothing less than complete excitement! From the moment you set foot inside the game cube you’re surrounded by lights, graphics, and immersive sound effects.

Play in one of three challenging game modes: “Steal the Light,” “Light Hunter,” or “Back to Base.” Score boards that are wirelessly connected to the hard-shell LED lights in the game make keeping track of the winners easy. This game is perfect for all ages and provides hours of entertainment!

  Speedway 500

Fun for players and spectators, Speedway 500 offers head-to-head competitiveness with a two-player, video game format. Just like a real stock car race, there are four different scoring slots, which keeps things very interesting! Earn points by using the bounce pad to launch balls into the dirty air slots, draft, and slingshot, then bring your stock car across the finish line for a win! Players will be lining up for this thrilling new game!

Classic Favorites

Don’t forget about the classic favorite games for your event either. The following games always provide hours of enjoyment, no matter the crowd!


A classic crowd-pleaser, foosball is a must-have at any event with games. Long-time players will love getting back into the swing of things as they challenge their opponents on the field, but foosball is great for newbies too! As soon as your guests see foosball being set up at your event, they’ll flock around and form a line to be the first to play!

Giant Connect 4

Great for events with kids (but good for adults too!), giant Connect 4 is, well, just what it sounds like! Bring back the excitement of playing this game on a smaller scale by playing it in life-size form! The game rental is 4 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and the kit includes all necessary playing pieces with easy instructions for setup. Connect 4 before your opponent, then go on to challenge your next victim in this giant game of fun!

Giant Jenga

Speaking of giant games … here’s another of our favorites: Giant Jenga! Stack them tall, but then be careful! Pulling the wrong piece could be your (literal) downfall.

Our Giant Jenga game comes with a carrying case and 58 Giant Jenga Blocks. The game is 3.5 feet tall when stacked at the onset and can reach a maximum of 5.5 feet before collapsing to the ground — just don’t let the player who topples it be you!

Air Hockey

Always a blast, always timeless, air hockey is sure to be one of the most popular games at your event. A great time for all ages and easy to learn for beginners, the excitement never ends with this game!

Our tables are outfitted with super strong, reinforced leg supports for ultra sturdiness during play. The puck will be flying smooth and fast across the table with our no-clog cabinet surface, plus the super quiet, high-volume blower allows for fast action play without the noise.

  Mini Golf

Whether you’re a pro on the green or just a novice, our portable mini golf course allows you to work on your short game and perfect those puts! Choose up to 9 unique mini golf holes with markers, score cards & pencils, and 4 putters per hole. Players can play all nine or just face off on the most challenging holes for the ultimate mini golf showdown!

Let Pop! Events Group Help You Select The Best Games for Your Event!

Of course, games at corporate events Toronto companies put on can offer a break from the work side of things. They can also make your staff feel more valued and appreciated. Plus, a dose of healthy competition can be good for everyone.

But there’s another reason to incorporate games into your events as well, and that’s team building.

Don’t plan that same boring corporate event your employees have been to a million times before? If you’ve been tasked with event planning for your office, there are ways to make teambuilding activities not only beneficial for business but fun, entertaining and engaging for all! Your employees are surely looking for something new and interesting. They want some excitement and competition! What’s more exciting than bringing in a few games and letting your team blow off some steam?

Choosing the perfect games to keep everyone involved and engaged in the fun, laughing, lining up, joking and interested can be tough, especially if you don’t know what game rentals are out there.

The games we’ve listed above are all available for your upcoming corporate events through Pop! Events Group. Our goal is to provide unmatched customer service with the hottest, most entertaining games, activities, entertainment, and activations available for corporate events and entertainment.

Looking for the top event planner Toronto businesses trust most? For all your corporate event planning needs in Toronto, contact Pop! Events Group!