Do you know what’s better than a hot-pressed waffle on a stick topped with delicious toppings and made ready-to-eat?

We are hoping you do because we certainly don’t! LolliWaffles are the epitome of mouthwatering snack. With how easily they can be made and all of the delicious extras that we offer here at Pop! Events, waffles are not just for breakfast anymore. Our LolliWaffle station will make a delicious addition to your next event!

The Process

It starts with making a delicious waffle using our machine and placing it onto a stick. After a delicate cooking process, you then choose a topping, sprinkle it on, and have at it. If you don’t like toppings, then you can eat them “authentic style” hot off of the press. These delicious treats are perfect for your event because they can be carried around easily, meaning there’s little mess and no hassle.

Our 3 delicious options

Pop! Events provides 3 delicious flavour options. You can choose from:

  • Belgian styleBelgians are the waffle masters, and we couldn’t serve LolliWaffles without paying homage to them. Add on some white or milk chocolate drizzle and chow down.
  • Cinnamon BunIt’s hard for us to put into words just how delicious or cinnamon bun LolliWaffles are, but we will try. Imagine a savoury cinnamon treat with delicious icing mixed with a waffle. You just have to try one!
  • Pizza Lolliwafflesbreaking the traditional breakfast or dessert treat mold, pizza LolliWaffles have a delicious cheesy inside and marinara sauce for a dipping. A great midday snack, they taste just like the real thing.

We want to show the world that waffles are not just for breakfast anymore, and with a complete package of 100 servings, a dedicated attendant, and flavouring options starting at just $6 a stick, you can see why Pop! Events LolliWaffles are becoming such a big hit. Heat them up, top them how you want, and dig in!