No barbecue is complete without a nice, old-fashioned burger, so let’s see all the delicious and safe Company BBQ Options that you have at your disposal. Running a barbecue can be a difficult task, specifically for the person doing the grilling. They have to watch the grill the entire time, making sure nothing gets burnt, everyone’s food is cooked how they like it, and that there’s no huge mess left to clean up at the end. That’s why you should let us handle your barbecue for you; not only do we grill up a mean steak, but we also leave the area spotless after you’re done eating! We’ve handled many barbecues in our time, and have customized our catering service to satisfy any kind of work environment, and any kind of appetite.

The first package that we have, called the classic, comes with your option of burgers or hot dogs, along with near any condiment you can think of. Everyone also gets drinks and salad. Not only do you get a hearty meal, but you get it all at a lower price than you’d pay for a fast food burger, and it tastes much better! The corporate package, which barely costs more than the classic, also gives you the option of chicken breast for your main, along with watermelon for desert. And if you don’t consider it a barbecue without steak, then the deluxe package is for you! With the deluxe you can choose a hearty steak sandwich for your main, and some ice cold ice cream treats for desert!

Burger and fries

Burger with french fries and bowl of ketchup on white plate.

Everyone loves a good old fashioned burger, but sometimes people just want something a little different. Now, we’re not judging.

Ok, maybe a little bit.

But seriously, if burgers aren’t your style, we’re more than happy to spice your catering up to any theme, providing you with sample menus, or even letting you mix and match to create your ideal summer bash.

Do you like jerk chicken? Then the Caribbean is for you. It comes loaded with jerk chicken breast, thigh, and leg, along with rice and beans, different types of salads, shrimp kabobs, and assorted fruit to top it all off. Pricing in at a bit more than the Deluxe package, you get a very interesting variety of food, and quite a bit more of it too! If Mediterranean is more to your liking, we’ll make you any kind of kabob you want, along with green salads, pasta salads, pita bread, and baklava pastries for desert.

Calling all steak lovers! A Surf and Turf is for you, with a 10oz strip loin grilled to perfection, savory shrimp kabobs, potatoes, veggies, and salad, and all sorts of beverages to choose from.

And if you’re old fashioned, how about some delicious Western ribs? Baby back ribs in our home made BBQ sauce come with potatoes, salad, coleslaw, and corn on the cob. And to top it all off, some nice and cold watermelon wedges are sure to satiate you.

Western Ribs

This covers everything you need to know to throw the most kicking summer barbecue that your team members will ever see! And if you’re lucky, you won’t have to wear that sumo suit the entire day. Enjoy!