Outdoor events are a lot more than just a barbecue and a few water guns. A whole load of activities can make or break your event, and the more of them you have, the more your employees will appreciate you for it.

If your team doesn’t care much for races and getting wet, how about bruising them up a little? Obviously, you won’t be doing the bruising yourself. They’ll end up doing it to each other when they start messing around on the inflatable units you provide for them! Inflatable games have been in style since you were a kid, and now they’re available for adults too. If you’ve always wanted to experience being in a human sized hamster ball, try out the Zorb balls. You can race against co-workers on a specially designed zorb ball course, or just roll around for a little bit. If you just want to life back and be a hamster, we’ll understand. If you want something with more carnage, try out the inflatable wrecking ball. Four people climb onto inflatable pads, and have to stay on for as long as possible while swinging the wrecking ball at each other! The last one standing wins, and gets to take on a new hoard of challengers. The Gladiator joust is a pretty similar idea, except this time with two players, and with inflatable batons instead of a wrecking ball. The goal is to knock your opponent off the pedestal into the fiery depths below!


For something with more physical activity involved, you can rent out the most authentic portable rock climbing experience. Fully equipped with harnesses and safety lines, your employees can scale the 24 foot rock wall, and whoever rings the buzzer at the top first is crowned as the winner. Be careful though, it’s harder than it looks!

Have you always wanted to go to Japan, and be part of a sumo match? If you do, you’re probably lacking the chops that it takes to face up against two or three hundred pound wrestlers. When you rent out our sumo suits, mitts, and mat, you turn into a fully-fledged sumo wrestler, with the size to prove it. Whoever is brought to the ground or pushed off the mat first loses, and has to wear the sumo suit for the rest of the day!


If rock climbing peaked your interest, but you’re scared of heights, how about renting out Jacob’s ladder? This is a ladder suspended over an inflatable slide, and the goal is to climb up it without falling off. It might sound easy, but it takes quite a bit of balance.

We’re not even close to listing everything off, and we still have so much more to offer. For other inflatable options like bouncy castles, bungee runs, and interactive basketball, check out our inflatable page!


Adults love games just as much as kids do, but since adults are just a little bit bigger, the games they play should be too! Oversized games are a great hit at outdoor parties, since everyone can watch the game unfold, and they’re generally just more fun to play! Jenga is a tense and meticulous ordeal, requiring expert precision to remove the necessary blocks. Giant Jenga steps it up a notch, providing you with giant blocks that can reach a height of up to five feet before toppling over. It’s a game for everyone, which is just as much fun to watch as it is to play. There’s also Giant Connect 4, which measures in at four feet tall and five feet wide. It comes with all the necessary parts, and is sure to take you back to your childhood days!

Games are great and all, but sometimes you just need something a little rougher… check back next week for everything sports related!