There’s always that one person in your office that feels the need to tell everyone the latest sports scores, regardless of whether you asked or not. They’re always discussing how one team or another did, and take any opportunity to wear their favourite sports jersey. Well this is for them!

Sports are the number one way to get some team cooperation going, and then pretty much sure that any work rivalries will be hashed out in the most basic way possible; based on who can score more goals, baskets, or home runs!

3 Pitch Softball provides you with a classic baseball tournament, albeit just a little safer. Your employees get bandanas to represent their teams, and the team captains decide who’s on first, and who’s on second.

If baseball bores you, organize a basketball tournament instead! We’ll find a basketball court for you, and will even have coordinators and referees running the match. All you have to do is show up and shoot some hops.

For the Euroheads, you can have a friendly game of soccer. With jerseys, nets, and a ball all provided for you, your team only needs to learn to kick, and hopefully in the direction of the net!

And for a more relaxing sport, we can set up a golf course wherever your party is! Obviously, you won’t be able to give it your best swing, but you can definitely still score a few hole-in-ones.

And with activities all taken care of, let’s talk canopy and seating options. Ideally, if you’re hosting an outdoor barbecue, you’re going to want to do it on a day that’s sunny and rain-free. But you can’t always predict the weather, and it’s best to have a backup just in case. This backup can also serve a primary purpose, such as an eating area, a food canopy, or even a presentation center. And if it does rain, it’ll provide that much-needed shelter to stop you from getting soaked.

We provide full service tenting and rental solutions. That means that you don’t get a bunch of supplies with hard-to-understand instructions, with the expectation that you’ll assemble them yourself.

We would never do this to you.

We show up to personally set up your tent, making sure that it’s placed where you want it, how you want it, and when you want it. We have a rather wide variety of tenting options, and based on the size of your barbecue and the cost of your budget, you can settle on yours. Starting at 10 by 10, and ranging all the way to 40 by 80, our tents can be installed with or without walls, and are sure to keep out the rain. They’ll even provide you with some much-needed shade when the sun gets scorching hot!

Having a tent with nothing in it though may feel a bit unnecessary, and that’s why we also provide you with table and chair rentals for any purpose! Obviously, your employees will need somewhere to sit while eating and during presentations, but you’ll also need tables for all that food, and maybe even some seating outside of the tent for in-between games and activities. Regardless of what the purpose is, we’ll have your tables and chairs ready for you exactly when you need them, and not a moment later.

But what’s a table without some food on it? Find out soon!