As the hot summer days draw closer, it will soon be time for outdoor parties and barbecues. From staff bonding trips to work barbecues, we all want to get outdoors and enjoy the sun. However, it can get pretty hot in the Toronto area. If you want to have a safe and fun event during the summer, you should take some precautions to ensure that everybody has a good time. The heat shouldn’t prevent you from going outdoors, but you have to plan your event well.


Water is such an obvious thing to have at event (especially in the summer) that nobody thinks about it as something to plan. If your guests are enjoying sugary drinks and moving around, they are going to need lots of water to counterbalance the dehydration. Make sure that there is enough drinking water and that everybody knows where they can get some.

*Note: this is especially important if you are encouraging events that involve physical activity, such as Organized Sports and Relay Races and Games.


Many people are extremely sensitive to the sun, and cannot handle the direct glare for long. Make sure that your event is safe for everybody by creating a shady area. Our rental tents are a great choice for ensuring that your guests have a retreat from the sun.

To make sure that everybody gets some shade on their face, why not have a Team Hat Design Station? Your guests will get to decorate their own hat and also be protected from the sun! This is the perfect way to make sure that everyone stays safe and protected from the sun.

Cool Treats

Everybody wants something icy and refreshing on a hot summer day. Our Polar Pete SnoKone station is the perfect way to ensure that everyone is able to keep cool and have fun.  Cool and sweet, SnoKones are just the thing for an outdoor barbecue or corporate picnic.


Yes, everyone should have their own, but pick up a bottle just in case! Store it in the first-aid kit and get ready to whip it out if you see somebody start to look a little baked. This way nobody will get nasty burns.

Get Wet!

Water sports are some of the best ways to cool down in the summer. You may not be at a pool, but water balloons can do the trick! Check out Volley Bomb. It’s like volley ball, except – you get wet! With water balloons flying around, your guests will have no trouble beating the heat.

With proper organization, all your guests will stay safe, sunburn-free, and hydrated. The first step to having a great time is staying hydrated! Contact Pop! Events today to find out how we can help you plan amazing summer event. We have years of experience planning flawless events for every season. From the venue to the cleaning up, we can make sure that your holiday event is one to remember.