If you’re a parent, you probably remember a time when heroes for girls were few and far between. Sugar and spice was the norm, and girls’ parties came with generous helping of pink. Luckily times are changing, and girls and boys both can look up to heroes of all colours and genders.

One company that is helping change the narrative is DC Comics. A new generation of DC super heroes includes Super Hero Girls – teenage versions of the classic female super heroes – that you can be proud of introducing to your son and daughter. You may recognize the names, but you’ll soon discover that they have more than saving the world to contend with: they also have to deal with high school and hormones!

Here are some of our favorite DC characters, remade as Super Hero Girls:

WONDER WOMAN: “Wondy” (that’s what her friends call her) is a warrior and natural born leader.

SUPERGIRL: Supergirl is so a-dork-able and also one of the kindest people you will ever meet. She’s also crazy strong.

BATGIRLTHE TECHNOWIZARD: Batgirl is insanely smart – smart enough to invent all her own gadgets and get into super hero school with her brain alone.

HARLEY QUINN: She’s the class clown and always disorganized, but she’s also the one who makes everyone laugh! (Just make sure you’re not the butt of the joke.)

BUMBLEBEE: Bumblebee’s a total social butterfly. She’s also an amazing spy, and she always knows what the villains are planning

POISON IVY: Poison Ivy is a bit of a misfit, but she can control the plants! She gives a whole new meaning to talking to your garden.

KATANA: Katana is an artist and a warrior. She fights while wearing cutting edge fashion, and she’s as fearless in a tough situation as she is with her funky jewelry choices.

These girls would be a perfect addition to your next theme party. They’re trendy, active, and aren’t above eating some cake and ice-cream. There’s a character for every personality, so help your son or daughter brainstorm which character he or she resembles the most! Is your kid confident? Intelligent? A jokester? Kind? Does he or she have a special way with plants? These contemporary super heroes are a great way to help your kids discover aspects of their own personality and become next generation’s heroes.

We are living in the golden age of superheroes, including Wonder Woman appearing in the new Batman vs. Superman movie and SuperGirl featured on TV. At Pop! Events we are so excited to see these cool chicks step up and take on high school and saving the world. Check out this YouTube video if you want to learn more about these girls and their crazy adventures.

Call us today if you know some kids who would like to hang with these girls! We know they’d be a hit at your next event. They’re ready to venture out and save the world or eat some candy (pink clothing optional)!