Few memories from our childhoods rival the fun and excitement of going down to the arcade with a bunch of friends and spending hours upon hours playing our favourite games. From the classics to modern, almost-lifelike video games, the arcade was a place full of great things to do. Nothing was better than the great table or sport games, though, and now Pop! Events can bring classic games that you would find in an arcade straight to you. Here are some of the best of all time.



The world’s gold standard tabletop sports game. Table Football, better known by its nickname “foosball,” is perhaps the most recognizable tabletop game there is. Inspired by a football match in England, it was patented in the UK in the 1920’s. Loosely based on European football, it involves a bunch of spinning players on a pole kicking a little ball into a goal. It’s so popular the world championship awards thousands of dollars in prize money. Now you can enjoy this great game right at your event with our new and improved version, Jetball!



One of the most iconic kid’s games and a perennial family favourite, Whack-A-Mole is a ton of fun at the expense of mechanical moles around the world. Although it’s a North American classic, it actually comes from Japan, where it still remains wildly popular. At Pop! Events, we have our own take on this classic: Strike a Light. Our more modern version is geared toward older kids, and is a whole lot of fun, too!


Double Shot (basketball net)

It is known by many names, perhaps most famously Double Shot, but whatever you want to call it, arcade basketball net games are some of the most fun and competitive games out there. Compete against a friend to see who can get the most baskets before time is up. This game never goes out of style. And now Pop! Events brings the fun right to you. We can set up the net at your next party, and you can let everyone have at it!


The arcade is where everyone used to go to have fun and spend their free time on the weekends. Now, with Pop! Events awesome arcade-style games we can bring the fun right to you at your next event.  Our favourite tabletop sports games would be a great addition to any corporate event in Toronto, so contact us today to let the fun begin!