Did you know that graphology is the field study dedicated to analysing handwriting to reveal character traits? Believe it or not, many graphologists claim to be able to read the personality of the writer simply by examining the way they write. It could even reveal hidden secrets about that you weren’t even aware of. POP! Events is an industry leader in providing cutting-edge entertainment to your events, and one of our favourite additions are the mysterious graphologists that examine everyone’s writing. Here is what your handwriting can say about you:



How big are your letters?

Are you out-going and love talking to people? Do you just put up a front of being confident? What about shy, withdrawn or meticulous? If you fit any one of these bills, then a graphologist might be able to tell from your handwriting. A study conducted by the National Pen Company showed that people who wrote large letters tended to be much more out-going, verbose, and amicable, while smaller letters often meant they were withdrawn or shy. Guess we’ll find out who the life of the party is!


Letter spacing

You might not think that the gaps between your words could say anything about you, but that’s not what graphologists think. In fact, that same study showed correlations between how far apart the letters were, and how people behaved. People with big gaps tended to be more free and open, enjoying their space from others. Smaller gaps meant that people were more intrusive and rigid in their lives than others. Is that accurate about you?


How do you dot your i’s?

They say you need to dot your i’s and cross your t’s, but did they ever tell you that the way you do so could reveal something about your personality? If you dot high above the letter, it suggests that you have more imagination. The closer to the base of the letter, the more organized you tend to be. It even revealed that people who skewed their dots to the left were more prone to procrastination than others.


Handwriting analysts are some of the best entertainers that we provide at corporate events because they get the audience involved and interacting. Contact Pop! Events to include one at your next event!