Event Planning FAQ

Is gift wrapping included in the price of toys? What else is included?

Yes gift wrapping is included. Also included are batteries (if required), age and gender labels, a candy cane for each child and little tools to make your experience a little bit smoother.

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How will the toys be labeled?

The toys will be labeled by age and gender using color coded labels

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What are our payment terms?

50% of your estimated invoice amount is due upon confirmation of your order. The remaining half will be due 10 days after final quantities are submitted.

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What if I have last minute additions to my toy order?

We can accommodate additions to your existing order up until the moment your order leaves our building. Once final quantities are submitted we can only make additions. We cannot take items out of your order.

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How early should I place my toy order?

As they say the early bird gets the worm! We start taking toy appointments as early as the middle of April so book early! If you do need to place a last minute order we would require your final order two weeks before your desired ship date.

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What will I be charged for delivery?

The delivery charge depends on where and when the shipment is going and if there is any special handling involved. A dock to dock delivery during the weekday that does not require a tailgate determines the base rate. Surcharges would be applied if:

  • An after-hours or weekend delivery is required
  • A Tailgate is required (shipment is ground level)
  • Driver assistance or hand bombing is required
  • If the driver has to wait for a long period of time or is re-directed to a secondary location
  • If the delivery is classified as a rush
  • The delivery is going to a residential location
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How long have you been in business?

Pop! Events Group was established in February of 2005.

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What is our return policy

We will take a return of up to 10% of the value of your toy order. The customer is responsible for shipping the items. Returns must be shipped with an itemized list of what is being sent back. Returns must be in our possession 10 days from the date of your event.

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What type of toys do you carry?

We carry a massive variety of brand named toys. The toys we carry you would regularly see at retailers such as Mastermind, Chapters Indigo and Toys R Us. We also carry a huge line of electronics and fashion items for the older kids.

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Up to what age do you go?

Typically we start at infants and go up to age 13 but we do carry many items that would be appropriate for teenagers and even adults.

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What areas will we sell to?

We ship anywhere in Canada and to certain locations in the USA.

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Can we deliver on the weekend?

Yes, although customers requiring a weekend delivery will be charged a surcharge.

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Can we source special items?

Absolutely, we are happy to source any items that you may require that extend beyond our regular line.

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Are you insured?

We carry liability insurance of up to 5 million dollars.

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How do you ensure quality of your toys?

Our toys are all compliant to industry standards. Not only that, we do our own “kid testing” onsite to make sure that the toys can stand up to even the roughest play.

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What are your policies on defective items?

In the rare case that a toy we sell is defective in any way, we will be happy to replace the item with the same or similar product.