Walk in to the Pop! Events Group offices, and you instantly notice one thing: The employees are actually happy to be there.

Pop! Events Group employees actually look like they love their jobs. They’re talking, laughing, and enjoying themselves — and it’s no accident. In fact, it’s largely because the business model for Pop! Events Group revolves around the feeling of Family.

The business is a family. Employees are family. Customers are family. And families are all welcome … quite literally: Employees bring their children in to work, and even pets are welcome in the workplace!

Pop! Events Group: A Brief History

In a nutshell, Pop! Events Group is an event planning company that specializes in corporate, holiday parties, summer picnics, Children’s Christmas parties, team building events, toys, gifts and so much more in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

So when, where, and how did it start?

Well, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … whoops, wrong story.

Back in 2005, actually, two women met who were to become the founders and CEOs of Pop! Events Group: Dawne Eisenberg and Jodi Lieff.

In fact, these two women were at first complete strangers and were introduced to each other by a mutual business partner. But they did have one thing in common: They were both from different corners of the corporate events field. Dawne from a children’s entertainment background. Jodi from a corporate and charity events background. They both saw a specific void in the industry — a need for more unique and up-to-date event products and services that customers were clamoring for.

After all, corporate events are supposed to be fun, are they not?

Jodi and Dawne thought so, and they made it their mission to deliver those fun, engaging, new, and improved products and services that corporate events and others were looking for.

And boy, have they done it.

Since their meeting and the consequent founding of Pop! Events Group, Jodi and Dawne have grown their business into the fastest-growing event planning company in Toronto — gaining a whopping one-third of the overall market share and boasting an amazing 99% client retention.

Success Story: Jodi and Dawne, Yin and Yang

You’d think two business partners might work great together because they’re just alike — finishing each other’s sentences, interested in the same things, and all that jazz.

But that’s not always the case, and it certainly wasn’t for Jodi and Dawne. Their differences are actually what make them such a great team. It’s the way they foil and complement each other that produces such a successful business, and it’s an amazing personality balance to witness.

Dawne is the creative mastermind, a self-proclaimed dreamer who loves letting her imagination run wild when it comes to bringing new and innovative ideas to the company.
Jodi is the realist who encourages Dawne to be decisive and keeps all of the ingenuity on track. Jodi is also in charge of operations and is the administrative hub of Pop! Events Group. The two complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses brilliantly and are a prime example of how opposites attract.

Both of their ingenuity and dedication to pushing the envelope has helped Pop! Events Group literally outgrow their facility not once, not twice, but three times.

Of course, Pop! Events Group has also occupied 4 different locations to facilitate the extremely rapid growth and sustained development of their business — all of this due to the awesome teamwork and family-oriented atmosphere that Dawne and Jodi have created for their company.

The Creation of the Pop! Events Group Family

It’s actually easy to see why everyone calls Pop! Events Group a family. Of course, both Jodi and Dawne have their own families, but they’ve truly created a “work family” in the office as well. Instead of allowing the rather typical, alienating atmosphere of many work places to grow — in which employees spend most of their days alone in their own offices or cubicles — Pop! Events Group is communal, collective, and accepting of everyone.

It’s especially important to Jodi and Dawne that employees feel comfortable including their own families into their work lives. They have even been known to put their family to work a time or two at certain events.  

As it turns out, the close-knit team at Pop! Events Group is predominantly women (although there are 2 lucky fellows on the team as well!), and everyone is extremely outgoing and fun. All employees eat lunch together, discussing the latest pop culture and political events of the day, they hang out as they organize upcoming events, and there’s always a sense of collectiveness and comradery — just as there is in a family. And of course, conveniently, any sandwich crumbs or bits of crackers or chips that fall to the ground at lunch … well, those are nabbed up by the canine cleaning crew: The formidable (but adorable) Koby and Buckley.

It also has to be mentioned that working for an event planning company has a special perk where kids are concerned. You’ll see the children of office employees actually wanting to go into work with their parents, having a blast, enjoying the many games and toys that Pop! Events Group has available and probably enjoying a nibble of the always on hand sweets.

Meeting the Pop! Events Group Team

The equation for success at Pop! Events Group is simple:

Employees emphasize teamwork, creativity, having a sense of humor, closeness, and mutual appreciation of each other. As a result, they want to do a better job for the greater good, impressing party and corporate events customers at every turn and ensuring that all clients are as happy and satisfied as possible. Employees love blowing their customers away with an especially unique and creative experience.

They even blew me away as well. They would not take no for an answer when they offered me (at 10:30am) a slushie from the slushie machine (lovingly placed in the middle of the office). I was also challenged to a modern version of whack-a-mole (Strike a Light) and honed my DJ skills on their massive electronic, multi-person sound mixer called the mash machine — the most fun I’ve ever had at an office!

In turn, of course, all of this attention to detail and ingenuity means that customers are satisfied, and they continue to come back for more. In fact, many of their customers have been coming back for over 10 years!

Pop! Events Group is an amazing place to work. Just ask any of their amazing staff:

Dawne Eisenberg

Director of Awesome, AKA CEO

Dawne, the creative visionary, heads up the marketing and development (amongst a million other things) at Pop! Events Group. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it was difficult for her not to become a business leader, and Dawne was always especially interested in social events, bringing communities together, planning, and putting her creative ideas into production, which Pop! Events Group has allowed her to do.

Jodi Lieff: Acquisitions Artist, AKA Co-Owner/COO

Buyer extraordinaire, Jodi knows exactly which toys and new products to buy and which products will be popular with which clients. She often finds inspiration based on what will appeal to her children. She is the fierce, calming and charismatic spark when combined with Dawne makes up the perfect team behind Pop! Events Group. Off the record, she also may or may not have a slight online shopping addiction.

Severina Tassone: Master of the Universe, AKA Purchasing & Logistics Manager

Severina is the office’s mother hen who keeps everything together. Dawne was even quoted as saying without her she doesn’t even know how they would go on. She wears many hats such as purchaser, customer service, accounts receivable and the list goes on and on. Buckley, her dog who roams the office throughout the day, performs his job effortlessly: always putting a smile on the employees’ faces.

Allison Samoluk: Master of Bright Ideas, AKA Marketing Manager

Allison is an excellent editor, furiously loyal and dependable. Dawne can count on her to do any task, and if she says it’s going to be done, it’s done. As Dawne says, Allison “throws her a life raft whenever she needs it most.” She oversees the company website and all of the colorful creative Pop shares with their clients. Allison, a self-proclaimed geek enthusiast, is always on hand to differentiate between the latest Star Wars movies, Marvel heroes or Disney princesses.

Leigh Saiet: Agent of Awesome, AKA Sales Representative

A uniquely phenomenal person, Leigh is extremely creative and loves her clients. Of course, she’s a true people-person who customers love talking to as well. She loves her job, and it really translates when she describes her position and what she does. She’s able to read people extremely well, which is important when it comes to knowing what clients want.

Adam Dolgin: Agent of Awesome, AKA Sales Representative

Adam provides a source of humor to the office. Lots of employees described him as “Mr. Funny,” but he’s also super sweet and extremely efficient. His response time to customers is lightning fast. Dawne often mentions that while he is not her assistant, he is her rock. He brings a calming presence to the office every day.

Cynthia Spinola: Numbers Wiz, AKA Bookkeeper

Seen by Dawne as the company support system, Cynthia has serious expertise in accounting and HR. In terms of these areas, she truly helps determine the path of the business, and so many staff members rely on her valuable opinions. She’s also extremely funny. Cynthia loves the dynamic of Pop! Events Group and is always excited by what is on the horizon. As a side note, she seems to be most loved …  when she’s signing karaoke.

Dima Hijazi: Purveyor of Perfect Parties, AKA Event Coordinator

A tiny ball of fire who is never scared to take on more than the average person, Dima handles everything calmly … and with style. Her workload is extremely large, but she never gets frazzled, even in the busiest of seasons.

Claudia Chan: Purveyor of Perfect Parties, AKA Event Planner

Claudia started at Pop! Events Group in 2015 as an intern and was quickly promoted to event planner. With an obsession for style (and the color mint green, which is all over her comfy, cozy office!), Claudia is extremely creative and even moonlights as a décor consultant for the company. An Excel wiz who brings a calmness to the office, she is obviously extremely passionate about her job. As Dawne says, she is “one of the most exceptional women I’ve ever met, who is invaluable to the company.”

Greg Laird: Keeper of All Things Fun AKA Warehouse Manger

Greg who is an expert in warehouse and logistics also knows a thing or two about keeping the dance floor full as he has his own DJ Business in his spare time. Described as innovative, fun and energetic. So energetic, at any point in the day you’ll probably find him dancing somewhere around the office

Pop! Events Group: Where Employees Are Family — And So Are Customers

It’s simple to see why Pop! Events is one of the top companies for event planning Toronto has to offer.

The employees and staff love their work, and the emphasis on unity and teamwork is easy to spot from just one visit to the office. You can easily see how this extends from the staff to their customers. Employees pride themselves on delivering exceptional service to their clients, and all of their corporate events and parties are engaging, memorable, and most of all, fun. There’s never a dull moment with Pop! Events Group, whether you’re at one of their picnics, dinners, or parties … or at the office.

Got an event coming up? There are literally no better experts on event planning Toronto can provide. Pop! Events Group is the only way to go. Call them today to start planning your next corporate event!