Many think that an obstacle course is just a series of challenging physical obstacles. In reality, it is much more than that. It’s as big a mental challenge as a physical one, and completing it takes discipline, focus, and training. Despite how scary it might seem, obstacle courses are actually awesome additions to any team-building event. What’s better than racing your friends and colleagues over an impossibly difficult set of hurdles?


Obstacle courses are great exercise, a lot of fun, and not difficult to get set up. Pop! Events can add them to any of our teambuilding events. Since they’ve been used throughout history to delight people, let’s take a look at the coolest obstacle courses in TV history!


Nickelodeon’s GUTS Crag

GUTS was one of the premier game shows on Nickelodeon back in the 1990’s. Few children from this era won’t remember how awesome it was watching Mike and Mo direct the contestants through a series of tough events only to end up at the Crag! The Crag was a mountain of an obstacle course (literally). The contestants had to fight avalanches, (fake) lightning, and flying crystals in order to race to the top, hitting all of the waypoints along the route. Now that was cool.


Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

If you are ever on the lookout for some great laughs and a ton of fun watching people attempt an impossible obstacle course, then look up footage of MXC, an American television show that featured English-dubbed footage of the famous Japanese show “Takeshi’s Castle.” Full of fake, recurring characters and impossible obstacles like razor-thin tunnels with giant boulders, swamps that need to be traversed using only small, slippery rocks, and fast-moving rollers that contestants had to jump across, MXC is hilarity from start to finish. We promise our obstacle courses are not as hard to finish!


Double Dare obstacle course!

Family Double Dare hosted by Mark Summers, was perhaps the most popular kid’s game show of all time, and really turned Nickelodeon into a huge hit in its glory days. It pitted two families against each other in a series of battles in some of the sloppiest, muddiest games of all time! There were some novelty questions for points that were thrown in just as filler, but we all really watched for the obstacle course at the end. Muddy slides, pools made of chocolate, and mashed potato pits were just the beginning. Don’t worry though – we won’t put any food into your obstacle course!