Hi Jane!

Hope everything went well with your Spring Corporate Event. You did mention that you had a small amount of your budget allowance left over. Let’s spend it!

Remember those long summer days as a child when it was hot and sunny, and the days would be endless? There was swimming in the local pool, long bike rides with your best friends and those incredible neighbourhood baseball games on the street. We would play until the lights came on.

Well, I have been thinking of some reasonably priced Team Building Programs that would bring back childhood memories and would be perfect for your next Corporate Summer Event.

Here are some corporate summer party ideas!

Take a Walk

A large Kensington Market sign on parking garage

When we talk about Historical Landmarks in Toronto, Kensington Market is probably the most fascinating part of our city’s heritage. Saturday afternoon my grandmother and I would walk over to the market to buy cheese, bread and kosher dills straight from the barrel. The sing-song cries of vendors screaming to come and try their fruits and veggies, and the smells of Eastern European delicacies were overwhelming. The most fun was the samples of the wonderful foods that were offered to tempt you to come into the open-air shops.

This would be an incredible summer outing Corporate Event for your staff. We will start out early in the morning with a bus to pick you up at your company. An entertainer will be on board to get your staff revved up and ready.  One of our professional guides will meet your party bus at a prearranged site. And so the fun begins. This will be an opportunity to mingle and get to know other people at work in a totally different environment.

After the one-hour guided tour, we will board our buses and go back to the office where our caterers will be waiting for a delicious lunch.

But we aren’t finished yet! Here is where the real fun begins…a trivia game!

Could you ask for a better Summer Team Building Event?

Let’s Play Ball!

My summer days were spent outdoors playing endless games of baseball on the street with my friends.

I can still feel the excitement when the ball collided with my bat and off I ran to get to first base.

Imagine a summer team-building event with your staff going for batting practice at the Diamond Beach Batting Cages. We will start by separating your employees into teams. Each team will be given visors of different colours which they will decorate.  Then it is time to batter up. Tension is high as they all compete, with an exciting prize for the winning team.

A baseball outing would not be complete without a Vintage Popcorn Cart, an ice cream cart with your corporate logo, a snow cone maker churning out ice cold slushies and hot dogs with all the traditional trimmings.

This corporate summer outing idea will have your staff eagerly anticipating your next Corporate Event.

Work as a Team and Find Your Way Out

Tall dense black cedars form the romantic medieval maze tower around you. There are twists and turns leading to dead ends and your team must work together to find the exit. Talk about some serious teamwork!

For your next Summer Corporate Event, why not explore this option in conjunction with a summer family picnic or just a wonderful and unique team-building exercise?

Your corporate event planner will escort your group to Centre Island and will execute an amazing “maze” day. Ice cream carts will await everyone on their way out of the maze. We will do a count to make sure all escaped. Maybe!

Follow this up with one of our fabulous BBQs that are fit for royalty.

Splish Splashing at the Beach

Give your staff a mini Corporate Holiday. Have a day at the beach. Party buses will be waiting outside your Corporate Office to take your excited employees for an outdoor beach adventure! Your amazing Corporate Event Planner will source a perfect location for you.

The volleyball nets will be up and ready and we will divide your guests into teams. This will be a round-robin event. The winning team will get a beach gift!

Other games will be available as well. Horseshoe pitching, Giant Jenga and Connect Four, Bucket Pong. The options are endlessly fun.

After these summer group activities, your staff will have worked up an appetite. An old fashion picnic lunch will hit the spot. And just for fun, a watermelon eating contest will not only be hysterical but thirst-quenching as well!

Jane, I promise that this Summer Event will be the most memorable team-building event of the season.

This program is ideal for a small Summer Corporate Event.

Let’s Go to the Zoo

Did you know that Riverdale Farm in Cabbagetown was actually the first location of the Toronto Zoo?

The Zoo relocated in 1974 and most of the animals were transferred to the Toronto Zoo in Meadowvale leaving behind the farm animals. The 7.5 acres are now run by the city and have many visitors exploring the farm.

I was thinking that for your next meeting or workshop why not amalgamate it with a team-building program by visiting Riverdale Farm? They even have meeting space available!

Attending the same corporate meetings can be a bit boring at times. Give your staff a break. Visit and chat with the farmer during his daily chores which may include animal feeding, egg collection, cow milking or goat milking, horse grooming, and mucking out the stalls, pens and paddocks.

Some of your staff may enjoy a walk-through Riverdale, visiting the ponds and gardens and perhaps even a swim or a baseball game! I guarantee your staff will come back to the meeting refreshed and energized.

Once everyone has reassembled, a delicious luncheon will be served by our catering team. Let’s not forget about our snacks throughout the day. Our vintage popcorn machine will be popping all day and our ice cream cart will be stocked to the brim with your favourite ice cream choices.

Now here is a staff event that will serve two purposes…learning and fun.

Have I tweaked your interest, Jane? I am so excited just thinking about helping you plan your Summer Corporate Event. Once again we are waiting for your call at (416) 665-3594.

Have an Eventful Day!

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Eventfully Yours,
Elayne Isenberg