At Pop! Events, we have many products available that are perfect as party favors or game prizes. Some of our most popular merchandise items are our customized smart phone covers, water bottles, luggage tags, and jewellery.  Our clients love these items because they are instantly customizable. You can upload a digital photo, choose a template, and have a new creation made in minutes.

How Do We Make Our Merchandise?   

At Pop! Events we use the modern dye-sublimation process to create your merchandise. The printer uses heat to transfer dye onto a variety of materials, including plastic, paper, or fabric. This is the same kind of printing that is used for official identity cards like your driver’s license, work card, student card, or personalized transit pass. We love our printer because it produces professionally quality work that can withstand the pressures of time and use.

When Should You Incorporate Customizable Merchandise?

  • Do you have a pretty awesome group photo of your team at work? Why not have the image printed on a water bottle for everyone?
  • Are you considering a photo booth at your next event? Photo booth images can be instantly transformed into a memento. Have your team take silly photos together and then transform the image into smart phone covers.
  • Are you getting married? A stunning photo of the happy couple would make an amazing keepsake for your guests. Give everyone a luggage tag or smart phone cover with your photo printed on it.
  • Are you hosting a kid’s event? Give each kid a personalized necklace with his or her face on the tag. They’ll love that the necklace was made just for them.
  • Are you hosting a corporate team building event? Give each of your employees a water bottle with the company name and an image that you believe represents the company or event theme! They’ll love that the item is useful and that they have a memento to take away from the event.
  • Customizable merchandise makes a great prize. If you are holding an event that features games, customizable merchandise can add an extra competitive element to the activities. If you are hosting a theme event, you can also give away a prize to the best dressed!
  • If you are hosting a theme event, why not order customizable merchandise that fits the theme? This will be a great way to keep your guests thinking about what a great time they had.

At Pop! Events, we love how our customizable merchandise is instantaneous and keeps guests thinking about the party long after they have left. Our merchandise is a great way to make sure everyone remembers what a fun time they had. The digital element means that each of our items can be fully personalized for your guests, making them feel like a valued attendee.

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