August. The last month of the summer, reminds us that the t-shirt and shorts wearing weather out in the sun is almost over. However, we’ve had incredible sunny days filled with wonderful Corporate Events. Why not end the summer with some great staff events. Many of the events below can be held both indoors and outdoors. 


Lunch & Learn


A lunch & learn is a wonderful and inexpensive way to have some educational fun. Consider a catered lunch to start the program off. A professional speaker will provide you with an interesting topic, followed by a Q & A.

Now here is where the fun begins. One of the most popular team building activities is Face Off Trivia. Our staff member will be onsite to set up and moderate a professional Trivia Pursuit Party game. Teams will be chosen and the topics can relate back to the presentation. Let’s see who is the quickest to hit the buzzer. 

This team building activity game is guaranteed to put a smile on your employees faces! 


Back to School Company Picnic        


There are two types of people out there. Those who can hardly wait for school to begin and those who are not! Guess who they are! If you are looking for an end of summer Corporate Event which will not blow your event budget look no further.

This event can be held on site or your Event Planner in Toronto can source a location for you. Let’s start the day with a basic Corporate BBQ followed by an Ice Cream Cart. Then let the games begin! Carnival games are a great and inexpensive way to entertain the children.

Remember when you went to the Exhibition and you played all the games such as Gone Fishing, Duck Pond etc and you were so excited to win a prize? Well, your corporate event planner will put together an amazing selection of Carnival Game Rentals for the little ones that will remind you of when you were a kid. We shouldn’t forget the teens and adults. Table Top Games such as Roller Bowler, Strike Zone or Whip & Skip will challenge and entertain. And winners can even get prizes from the Carnival Games stash!

Suitable for almost all ages are Giant Party Game Rentals. Have fun playing Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Connect 4 and Giant Bucket Pong. Arcade Game Rentals such as Electronic Basketball, Foosball or the ever popular Bubble Hockey are also great additions to your game rentals. Speak to your favorite Toronto Event Planner about creating a fun Family Day Picnic 

Golf On A Budget


Golf in Toronto is a very expensive sport especially when you are thinking of a Golf Tournament for your staff.  Here’s an idea for your next team building event. Ask your event planner about renting a portable Mini Golf Course. This can be an inexpensive program and enjoyable for everyone.

Teams can be created. For instance you could have Human Resources against the Sales Team or Warehouse against Marketing. For an even more authentic effect we will have a snack cart going through the course delivering goodies and drinks. The prize table will be the highlight of the team building event. How exciting to win the prize for closest to the hole or the ultimate Hole in One! 

The Olympics


Why wait for the Olympics when you can host one at your office or your Event Planner can source a venue for you. What an amazing team building idea! Your Toronto Event Planner will provide you with high energy staff to organize and execute the Olympics day.

Some of the organized sports tournaments could be a Volleyball Round Robin and a Soccer game. An electronic Basketball rental would be another great addition. Minute to Win It would be a hilarious add on to your Olympic style games. The list is endless. Perhaps go a step further and provide food from around the world! 

A professional DJ will keep the teams energized throughout the day. I guarantee this will be a memorable event. Of course at the end of the games will be the Medals ceremony.   

The Big Reunion


Who says that an Event Planner is only necessary for Corporate Events? Speaking from experience I was on a committee for a 100 person family reunion. Of course it was a DIY event where we thought we would save a ton of money. We spent months planning, negotiating, sourcing, arguing etc and in the end we were in a negative position and the reunion ended up quite “blah”. In hindsight we should have hired a professional Event Planner to take on this daunting task and we could have had a remarkable and memorable event.  

The venue would have been sourced, catering would have been arranged, invitations would have been designed, game rentals to suit all would have been recommended and a DJ would have provided a lot of energy to the reunion. Another element which we didn’t think of would have provided wonderful souvenirs. That of course would have been either a polarazzi photographer or a photo booth.

News release: End of summer is fast approaching. Call or email right away and we can get a plan together for you quickly. 416-665-3594 or 

Eventfully Yours
Elayne Isenberg