Planning a party – any party – is always a challenge, but if you’re planning a corporate event or party that will involve children, it comes with a whole host of unique challenges. The biggest issue that we see (at events planned by other people, of course!) is that they don’t account for accommodating children of all ages.

You likely don’t want to plan two different events, but if you think about it, how much do the 4-6 year old age set have in common with those children 9 years old and up? Particularly around the holiday season, with traditions and stories tailored for a younger age group, the older children can end up feeling either left out or ‘too cool for school.’ That’s why at Pop! Events we make every effort to create events that are appealing to all ages – even parents, too! So if you’re looking for tips on how to appeal to kids of every age at your next party or event – read on!

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Pick an Appropriate Venue

While younger kids may be excited to go to a play place or need a facility that is child-safe (locking cabinets and hidden electronics), the same may not appeal to an older group. Finding a venue where distinct zones or areas can be set up so different age-appropriate activities can be going on at once is one way to assure that everyone will have a good time. If you’re working with an event group, ask if they have custom décor that can also be used to make the older kids feel like they’re in a more grown-up area than their younger counterparts.

Pick a Flexible Theme

At Pop! Events we believe that a cohesive theme really pulls all the different elements of an event together. When picking a theme for a children’s party where a wide age-range will be invited, it’s important to leave it open-ended enough that suitable activities may selected for each age range.

For example, a “Santa’s Workshop” theme may be appropriate for younger children at a corporate holiday party, but older children (who likely don’t believe in Santa anymore) may feel like they’re being babied. If you choose instead something like “Winter Wonderland”, however, you can have seasonally inspired activities for older children in one area while still bringing some magic to the little ones in another.

Try Using Technology for Unique Spins on Activities

In 2017, children just aren’t as entertained by the old classics anymore – with the constant availability of technology at their fingertips they’re looking for experiences that are current, unique, and most of all – fun. This is an area that can be particularly appealing to older children, and even parents, too! Standing out in this area can really set your event apart, which is why at Pop! Events we offer so much more than magicians and balloon twisters. Some unique ideas to engage the older segment of your party are:

  • Strike a Light – this game is the newest tabletop arcade game on the market – and ours is the first in Toronto! Challenge your friends in one of the two game modes for fast-paced, energetic fun.
  • Mash Machine DJ Game – encourage kids to get interactive and engage with our Mash Machine DJ Game, which will challenge them to make their own music and compete against friends.
  • Slow Motion Video Booth – this isn’t your typical photobooth that you find at a wedding or a launch event. Capture the kids in action – mid-leap or mid-air – for unique photos. Add props for extra fun.
  • Glitter Tattoo Booth – jazz up the usual face painting with glitter tattoos! With over 50 designs and 20 colours available, these works of art will last up to 7 days and be a fun reminder of the great event you hosted even after the party’s over.

We hope you’ve picked up some helpful pointers for planning your next children’s event!  Whatever you do, make sure to keep your audience in mind when you’re planning and have activities that will be fun for ALL ages! If you’d like some advice, or want to talk more about unique activities and rentals to make your event magical and memorable, contact us today: 416 665 3594.

Pop Events is reputed Special Events Group specializing in corporate events, kids parties, special & promotional events and interactive rentals. Other than just magicians and balloon twisters, we have a bunch more that will excite kids of all ages. If you want to organize an unforgettable older kids’ corporate party, contact us today.


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