Your venue is booked, your catering company is bringing the food over, the decorations are ready to be installed, and the bartender is just starting to set up. You’re almost at the finish line, and you just have to put on the final few touches.


We mentioned food earlier, but that was in the context of budget. Now, let’s get into the food itself.

The type of food that you have will rely heavily on the format of your party. If you’re planning for your guests to walk around, mingle, do some dancing, and generally spend most of their time walking around, then an assortment of finger foods would probably be your best choice.

If you were looking at a more traditional dinner format, then you would obviously want to have more ‘full’ dinner options. Even here you have options to choose from; you can do buffet style, set course, or even some variation of table cooking!

Your choice of food should also take into account the guests that are coming. Try and pick a food that anyone can enjoy, and doesn’t require too much commitment. If you’re hosting a night in white dinner party, then perhaps ribs are not the best choice of food. You can even ask around to see what your guests would be interested in, and then build it from there. Consider what allergies your guest may have, and be sure to offer something for everyone. If you’re planning to have alcohol available, also supply non-alcoholic drinks.

A party should be a party for everyone, so be considerate of your guests.


The one thing that most sets the mood of your party is music, and as the host it is your job to make sure that the music is playing all night!

There’s a ton of different ways that you can do music for your party. Let’s start with the cheapest option (albeit, the least interesting). For this, all you have to do is bring a set of speakers, and play music off your phone. With music streaming services, iTunes, and downloadable music at your disposal, you can curate your own playlist, and just let the music play.

But what if you want something more interactive, and don’t want the hassle of having to be in charge of the music? Well, that’s what DJ’s for hire are for. Based on the kind of mood that you’re looking to set, you have two different options for DJ’s. You could go with the traditional DJ, the kind that you’ll usually see at corporate parties, family gatherings, or big birthday parties. These types of DJ’s are great for a more kid’s friendly atmosphere, but will still play all the most popular dance classics and upbeat music. If you’re not sure what your guests will like, this kind of DJ is always a safe bet.

For a night geared towards adults, you can hire a Specialty Club DJ, who comes prepared with all the hottest Disco, Latin, House, and Techno music. If you’re throwing a dance party, and you want your guests to get into the rhythm of the music, this could be your best choice. These are the kinds of DJ’s that you see at clubs, dance halls, and celebrity parties, so they’re sure to give you and your guests an amazing time.

To really seal the deal, take the time to invest in a powerful sound system, and perhaps some dance floor lighting. Lighting and decorations can do a great deal to set the mood of your party, with tools such as strobe lights, lasers, fog machines, or even a large screen to play synchronized video. Again, the types of lighting and decoration that you have depends solely on the theme and mood of your party. For a quiet dinner party, strobe lights might be a bad decision. For an upbeat dance party, maybe skip the candles and classical music.

Remember, music and lighting can go a long way in setting the feel of your party, and they usually work best when they complement each other.

Games and Activities:

Apart from having music and food, you want your party to have some kind of substance. Sure, you could organize activities on your own, but that might just feel like a repeat of your fifth birthday party. Instead, why not hire a team of professionals to do the entertainment for you?

When it comes to entertainment for hire, there’s a variety of options that you have, and again, it all depends on the type of party that you’re looking to have. For a dinner party where you intend for the guests to remain seated for the majority of the night, there’s a wide variety of stage performances available.

Consider having some kind of staged show or performers for the party. This can take the form of a circus show, dance show, magic performances, comedy shows, or even specialty shows catered to your theme. Hosting a 50’s themed Broadway party? Why not have a raunchy Broadway show to entertain your guests? Or perhaps you have lots of families coming? Hire a variety performer that can do everything from comedy, to juggling, to dancing and singing, and even guest involvement!

But what if you want your guests to be more active, and walk around the venue? They won’t be able to pay attention to a performance show in that case, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t provide them with entertainment.

Seated entertainment, carnival games, and casino games give your guests the ability to have some fun and get involved, all without a serious commitment of attention. With options like caricature artists, psychics, and airbrush tattoos, you can ensure that there’s fun to be had for kids and adults alike. If you want to give guests the chance to mingle a bit better, you can have entertainment that walks around all on its own! Impersonators, strolling magicians, greeters, Vegas showgirls, and even living décor are all options that can energize your guests, and give them something interesting to talk about.

Finally, remember to establish some rules for your guests, regardless of where you host your party. If it’s at your home, show everyone areas that are off limits, and put away anything that could be in danger of breaking. If you’re hosting at a venue, make sure that your guests understand the importance of keeping the area clean and being respectful. The last thing you want is a venue hounding you for damage fees.