Easter events are a great way to show your employees (and their children) just how much you appreciate them. At Pop! Events, we are getting ready for spring and loving the idea of Easter pastels. We have so many great ideas for activities now that spring is coming!

Easter is a great holiday to celebrate for your employees because it’s a national holiday and it is all about welcoming the return of good weather and eating chocolate. What’s not to like? Our many options for corporate holiday parties make us the ideal choice to plan everybody’s favorite spring event.

Tips for Corporate Events:

  • Easter is for everybody, so emphasize the non-religious elements. Easter actually has its roots in pagan fertility festivals, and so many of the characteristics we take for granted when celebrating Easter (such as the eggs, young chicks, and bunnies) are actually symbols of the coming of spring!
  • If you have time, allow your employees to bring their children to the event. They’ll love that you are thinking about their families this Easter, and the kids will love meeting the Easter Bunny and eating sweets!

Theme Events

It’s all about the Easter Bunny, so why not have a pastel themed event? Our holiday parties are always a hit, and you’ll love what we can plan for your Easter themed event. Take a look at some of the amazing options we have!

Candy Girls

We think you’ll love our candy girls. Their sweet gourmet creations will be an amazing hit with your guests. Pick Easter-themed candy for maximum sweetness.

Balloon Twisters

Our balloon twisters add an element of fun to every event they attend, and we know that their light-hearted creations are perfect for Easter events.

Candy Stations

Everybody knows that candy is the main focus of Easter, but you may not know how amazing our candy stations are at Pop! Events! Check out our Vintage Candy Cart, Twister Candy Station and Candy Tree, and Jelly Belly Station. Each of these stations is certain to be a big hit with your guests.

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are always a great way to make sure everybody is having fun, and this way everyone can have a picture with the Easter Bunny. Check out our Photo Booth section to see the many options that we have for your event.


If you don’t have much time to spend celebrating Easter, why not consider a breakfast or lunch? This way everyone gets to celebrate, but not too much workplace time is used up by the festivities. Call us today to see what Easter themed meal we can host for you.