Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Looking for energetic and safe option for employees and their families? A virtual scavenger hunt is a great exercise for all. There will be plenty of laughs and it gets the heart pumping. Bonus, it can be customized!

It begins with the host asking players to grab one item at a time. The first player to return to their seat and buzz in with the item wins the round. The host keeps repeating until there are 10 players in the final round.

Our Virtual Scavenger Hunt includes:

  • An animated game host
  • Technician
  • Up to 60 minutes of activity
  • Use of our proprietary game software
  • The game can be customized
  • Catered for adults or children

Please enjoy an overview in YouTube.


Thank you Pop! Events, it was just amazing! We have so much fun at the Scavenger Hunt event! The host was spectacular! We’re all out of breath, our kitchen a mess, but it was worth it all !!!! - Julie F.