Virtual Murder Mystery

The ultimate game of whodunit!!! The event starts with guests together watching a scene performed by a group of actors playing zany characters. Attendees will then be broken into random teams in their own private “hotel” (breakout) rooms. Actors will make their way through each room, for a short period of time, where teams will have the opportunity to ask some questions to help them solve the crime. Once the actors have made their rounds, and attendees have had some time to discuss and mingle, everyone will be brought to the main room. The leader of each group will announce their theory and conclusion. May the best detective win!

Event Script Options include:
Vegas Vendetta, Clue: Murder Is Not A Game, and Resort to Murder

Our Virtual Murder Mystery Package Includes:

  • Up to 2 hours of activity
  • Hosted Virtual Setup
  • 5 Professional Actors
  • 3 x Technicians
  • Up to 6 Breakout rooms (Participants broken into Crime Solving Teams)
  • Up to 50 Participants

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