Virtual Slumber Party

Get your PJs on and let’s have a Slumber Party!

This wonderfully adorable package includes:

  • Coordination via streaming platform
  • An experienced Event Host dressed in PJ’s
  • A fun Story Time segment
  • A virtual Dance Party
  • Virtual Mosaic where the kids and families can share photo’s wearing their pj’s. A digital link of all the photo’s being built into a mosaic will be sent to at-tendees and a final printed mosaic will be delivered to the client post event.
  • Everyone’s favourite Build-A-Buddy craft. Up to 100x kits including:
    • Themed buddy skin
    • Stuffing
    • T-shirt & Markers
    • Carrying bag
  • Up to 100x Pillow Decorating kits including:
    • Pillowcase
    • 3x fabric paints
    • Brush set
    • Plastic linen
  • Up to 100x microwave popcorn and container
  • All necessary packaging and single GTA delivery
  • Optional: Individual courier delivery (quoted on request)