Millions of dollars are spent on corporate events every year, but all that money spent doesn’t necessarily mean that those parties were memorable. Employees should be talking about the event year-round and it should leave them feeling inspired and rejuvenated. Large corporations have recently trended towards hosting outdoor events as eco-consciousness is at an all-time high and many are looking for ways to encourage device-free time, particularly when participating in a teambuilding or family event.

Having an event outside can provide natural team-building activities that will leave lasting impressions and leaves you wide open with space for games, contests, food stations, and anything else you can dream up. With all of that room you can even have separate areas for the children and adults defined by themed décor, so everyone can enjoy their day!

Family Friendly Environment

Your team works hard for the company and they’re willing to put in the extra hours to make sure your business runs successfully. Rewarding them with a corporate party that allows them to bring their families can leave a positive impression that makes all the hard work worth it.

There are countless themes you can play with when you take your corporate event outside the room – Camp Day, Candyland, or Outdoor Olympics, just to name a few – to really tie your event together and make it run smoothly. Here at Pop! Events we find that choosing your food, entertainment, décor and activities all centred on a theme makes for the most memorable events. We recently hosted a Camp Day party that was a perfect example of an outdoor event done right – here’s the inside scoop on how it can be pulled off!

Gone Camping!

Camp-inspired events are perfect for the outdoors and an excellent way to entertain both adults and their children. The grown-ups can enjoy drinks and live music, while the kids get to enjoy glitter tattoos, visit the tuck shop, and make s’mores. Bring families and co-workers together by adding activities that everyone can take part in. A popular modern-day game you can add is the lane Zorb ball challenge, which is a two-person race inside giant hamster balls! Even your most cynical clerk from accounting will want in on the action. And the classic games never get old and can also be used for team building, like capture the flag, tug of war, and three-legged races.

Create a Memorable Experience

A great team-building event for staff and their families can be achieved when the fun is being had and the lessons you’re trying to impart don’t feel forced. Whether you are trying to build a better sense of community within your business or focusing on teamwork, there’s always a way to make it fun. Outdoor Team Building, like camp-inspired corporate parties, is an excellent way to celebrate with your team while having them interact with each other in ways they normally wouldn’t. Whether it be through games or bonding time around the fire pit, your team can relax and learn new aspects about one another. See also How to Save Your Outdoors Event from a Rainy Day

By taking your next party outdoors, the activities you plan with an event coordinator can leave a lasting impression. Make those impressions memorable by having a professional photographer take random and staged photos throughout the event. Having a photographer available allows guests and family to feel welcome and appreciated while giving them something to remember the party by. Photos are also a great tool to incorporate into team-building workshops and to show a personal side of your staff on the company website or social media account.

If you’re looking for new and creative ways to have a corporate party or celebrate a launch in an outdoor atmosphere, then going the camp-inspired route is a wise choice. This style of event opens up a variety of fun-filled activities for everyone involved. Accomplishing this kind of party may seem overwhelming, which is why you should hire an event planning company that can do all of this in one.