As sunny weather makes its way to Toronto, morale in the office is naturally boosted. So why not take advantage of the positive vibes and host an outdoor event that will thrill the whole office!?

Aim for one that helps employees bond and connect with one another outside the office for a better, more productive and creative work environment inside the office. You’ll want to choose games, food, and activities that impress and amaze everyone, and we’ve got just the activities you’ll need.

Follow our lead with your corporate event planning, and you’ll have your employees buzzing for weeks about how amazing the day was!

Games, Activities & Entertainment

Let’s start with the fun stuff: Games and entertainment.

Keep in mind these activities aren’t just about having a few laughs. These are team building games and activities that promote cooperation, resourcefulness, leadership, imagination, and creativity (plus a bit of healthy competition!):

Relay Races

Our coordinators will help organize your participants and explain instructions with a warm-up and focusing exercise to get racers oriented.

Once everyone knows the ropes, each team will run various relays with their team and be awarded a specific amount of points for each event. The ultimate winners receive gold medals (plus silver and bronze medals upon request)!


Interactive team building exercises often incorporate inflatables of various types, such as the Zorb Ball Challenge, Wrecking Ball, Sumo Suit Wrestling, or Gladiator Joust. All of these games allow your employees to get in the zone! and challenge opponents in heated competition.

The catch? Everything’s soft and cushy! So in the end, this means that players are able to truly battle it out to determine the ultimate winner, but everyone’s safe and sound in the process. Inflatables are always a hit with employees. Our inflatable options are fun and pretty funny.


Sports are a wonderful way to foster perseverance, cooperativeness, and teamwork. They boost competitiveness and give your staff members something to cheer and laugh about too! We can organize volleyball, a soccer tournament, 3 pitch softball, or other sports for your outdoor event — just request a quote!

Rock Wall

For a more individualized challenge, try our ultra-authentic rock wall. Providing climbing experience to both seasoned and beginner climbers, the wall can promote individual perseverance, determination, and collective encouragement of one another. The wall comes with safety lines and harnesses and is attended to by professionals.

DJ and Music

Finally, for a bit of not-your-typical corporate entertainment after a long day of team building events, bust a move or sit back and listen as our DJ spins your favorite songs. Request a playlist of all your favorite oldies, today’s hits, or a combination of the two.
Who says a dance party can’t be held outdoors!?

Food & Snack Activations

Now for the sweet spot. Gotta feed everyone at this shindig, right?

Well, at this event, make the fare more than fair with our tried-and-true, tested-and-approved meal, snack, and dessert ideas. They’ll never let you down. In fact, just trust us: by the end of this list, your mouth will be watering …


For warm weather outdoor team building events Toronto style, you simply can’t go wrong with barbecue! Pop! Events Group has several different packages available for varied types of events and head-counts.

For example, choose our Deluxe Package, which comes complete with beef burgers, zesty Italian sausages, Portobello mushroom burgers for the vegetarians, fresh and pickled toppings, all the condiments, buns, and more!

There’s also the Corporate BBQ package and the Classic Package!

Ice Cream Truck

Just like when you were kids! Have our soft ice cream truck arrive on site at your event to surprise your coworkers and staff with a delightful and tasty ice cream cone, popsicle, sundae, or other frozen treat! Line up and pick your favorite!

Ice Cream Bar

For a more hands-on approach to ice cream, try our ice cream sundae bar.

This smorgasbord of goodness features a choice of 5 ice cream flavors plus hot fudge and hot caramel. Goodies and toppings like Oreos, sprinkles, gummy bears, M&Ms, almonds, and Smarties can be added to your sundae as desired. Finish everything off with a dollop of whipped cream and a cherry!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Prefer to bite into your ice cream? Why, we have just the thing — ice cream sandwiches to the rescue!

We start by baking fresh cookies on-site before layering a scoop of scrumptious vanilla ice cream into the middle of two cookies. The edges are garnished with toppings of your choice (mini M&Ms, chocolate chips, or sprinkles anyone?), and you’re finally free to enjoy this deliciously tasty ice cream delicacy. Mouth watering, yet?


Ah, the pretzel. From afar, it looks like a just twisted piece of bread dough with a few crystals of salt sprinkled on top.

But as anyone who’s had a warm, doughy pretzel, fresh out of the oven, drizzled in chocolate or sugar or dipped into an oozy, cheesy dipping sauce knows … it’s much more than just dough.

Our pretzel station offers the timeless soft pretzel with several topping and dip choices, freshly baked on-site for your taste buds’ approval.

Customized Water Bottles On-Site

And finally, stay hydrated at your outdoor team building event with our customized water bottles, made on site. All bottles are printed with a UV resistant topcoat for super durability, and can be made to order at your event with just a few clicks of your smart phone.

Corporate Event Team Building is Important!

Your team building Toronto based event will encourage teamwork, collaboration, friendship, socializing, and more. Again, the activities listed at the beginning of this post aren’t just games — they’re opportunities for your staff members to network and socialize outside of the office.

These activities allow your staff to get to know one another better. They boost team performance and teamwork, which benefits their work ethics and productivity at work. Stories of the event will continue long after it’s taken place. And after the success of the day, you’ll actually notice a spike in efficiency and creativity afterward.

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Since 2005, we’ve been organizing exciting and highly-successful corporate events in and around Toronto. From outdoor barbecues and picnics to interactive team building days and seasonal parties, we deliver seamless and affordable access to top-quality products and exceptional service.

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