Easter marks the beginning of spring. Hyacinths and daffodils begin to poke their way through the soil and buds are forming on the trees. The bright sun and the gentle warm spring breezes remind us of new beginnings. Bunny rabbits and pastel eggs are the symbols of the coming Easter season.

After a long and cold winter in which many of us remained socially isolated, we can welcome Easter with many virtual Easter event ideas. This is a great way of letting your staff know that they are valued and that their loyalty, resilience, and determination through this challenging past year is noticed.

There are many Virtual Easter ideas that your employees will enjoy bringing renewed creativity, engagement, and collaboration. Attendees will enjoy virtual Easter games, virtual Easter creative sessions, Virtual Easter treats and much more.

So, folks, let’s hoppity hop (sorry I couldn’t resist it) to our virtual Easter program.🐰

1. Chocolate Making Class
2. Meet & Greet Easter Bunny Party
3. Virtual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt
4. Easter Egg Decorating
5. Selfie Photo Scavenger Hunt
6. Easter Baskets
7. Bunny Dance Hop
8. Virtual Easter Brunch Idea
9. Virtual Easter Party Games
10. Stuff a Bunny
11. Easter Bingo Game
12. Virtual Catering for Easter
13. Flower bouquet making
14. Kids Grow Your Planet Kit
15. Virtual Paint Nite for Adults


1. A Chocolate Making Class…. A Great Virtual Easter Idea for Adults

When we think of Easter and Spring our thoughts automatically go to chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. A Chocolate Making Class is an awesome and delicious Easter event idea brought to your employees virtually. An entertaining and professional chocolate chef will take attendees through the steps of tempering and working with chocolate. Chocolate making kits will be provided for all attendees. Two technicians will provide a virtual setup with multi-angle viewing. Chocolate making kits with recipes and equipment will be provided to all participants. Alternately, attendees can shop their own using an ingredient, equipment list and recipe cards. Your chocolate sous chefs will enjoy learning how to make chocolate bunnies or chocolate Easter eggs. The best part though, is eating them! Yummy!

2. Meet & Greet with the Easter Bunny at a Virtual Easter Party

Easter is not Easter without a visit from the Easter bunny. Through a streaming platform our Easter Bunny will provide lots of fun for the whole family. Before entering Bunnyland you will need to discover your own inner bunny by figuring out your special bunny name using a secret formula. The Easter bunny will initiate them into the World of Easter Bunnies with their virtual Easter bunny ears! The Easter bunny will entertain the participants with fun Bunny antics, songs, and an Easter Bunny Hop. Take some bunny selfies and share them on Instagram. So much fun!

3. How to Host a Virtual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

It’s fun. It’s engaging. It’s energetic. Let’s hop to it!
Invitations along with instructions for a virtual Easter egg scavenger hunt are emailed one week prior to the virtual Easter party to the parents. Parents will hide the Easter related items in advance. The day of the Virtual Easter Party, an energetic and entertaining host asks all participants to grab one item at a time. “Show me a purple egg” or “show me a pair of bunny ears” or “show me a bunny”

. You get the idea. The first player to return to their seat and buzz in with the item wins the round. The host keeps repeating until there are 10 players in the final round. A specially trained and professional Easter bunny technician using proprietary game software ensures that the Easter scavenger hunt runs smoothly. This game is guaranteed to create lots of laughter and pumping hearts.

4. Easter Egg Decorating is a Creative Virtual Easter Event Idea

It is important to keep holiday traditions even in these challenging times. Easter egg decorating is timeless, creative, and fun. This is an activity that the whole family can enjoy. A creative host along with a technician who will coordinate the program via a streaming platform will guide the attendees with instructions on how to create fabulous Easter eggs. A custom Easter backdrop will be provided for an additional visual experience. Easter egg decorating kits will be sent prior to the virtual Easter party or alternatively a shopping list for all the items required. Once everyone has decorated their Easter eggs your Easter host will ask all attendees to take a screenshot or selfie and share it on Instagram.

5. A Memorable Selfie Photo Easter Scavenger Hunt—Virtually

Everyone loves to share selfies. Celebrating Easter and the coming of Spring, what better way to capture the essence of this season than with a Selfie Scavenger Hunt. Participants are provided with a list of Easter or spring objects. With each item found they need to capture it in a photo and submit their photos via text or hashtag. The photos will appear in a live stream and compiled into 1 large image. Animation and customized video messaging can be incorporated into the live stream. To keep a lasting memory the finished mosaic art may be printed on canvas. Oh! I forgot to mention that all the participants can wear bunny ears!

6. Easter Event Ideas Include Easter Baskets Filled with Treats

To help commemorate Easter, special treats are always welcome. Let your staff know that even though they are apart and isolated from each other they are thought of and appreciated. What better way to say thank you for their hard work and their cooperation through these challenging times than with an Easter basket bursting with pastel colours of pink, purple, yellow and green. The Easter basket is brimming with chocolate bunnies, pastel coloured candy eggs and cute little pom pom chicks as well as an Easter egg decorating craft! The best part is that the Easter Bunny will be delivering their treats, personally!

7. Virtual Easter Parties Need a Bunny Dance Hop

No matter what your age is you have all heard of the famous “Sock Hop”. Well, now we are bringing you the latest craze, the “Bunny Hop”! Guests will be entertained with our virtual Bounce Dance Party performers. Dressed in bunny outfits these high energy dancers will teach participants how to do the bunny hop as well as incorporating the latest dance moves. A professional DJ, MC and dancers will be brought to you via a streaming platform that will energize and entertain your staff. This virtual Easter event idea is guaranteed to get people “hopped up”!

8. A Virtual Easter Brunch Idea

When we think of Easter food the first two things that come to mind are eggs and hot cross buns! Welcome Chef Amancio, who will guide your guests through the intricacies of preparing a mouth watering Croque Madame along with Easter hot cross buns. Attendees will learn how to prepare decadent bechamel sauce and how to poach a perfect egg for the crowning touch. Hot cross buns and a fresh spring salad round out this delectable Easter brunch menu. A Q & A will follow the virtual cooking class with interactive judging at the end. Don’t forget to keep your phone ready to take final photos of your masterpiece to share on social media.
(Cooking kits with measured ingredients and recipe cards will be delivered in advance.)

9. Games to Play at a Virtual Easter Party

Customized Easter questions are presented to your teams based on the all-time favourite TV game show, Family Feud. Fun questions such as “Which part of a chocolate Easter bunny do people eat first?” or “What are the primary colours seen at Easter?” A talented and animated game host along with a support team make this hour-long Easter team building activity fun and engaging. A game console and an online buzzer add to the authenticity of this Easter themed game. What would Family Feud be without prizes? We’ve got you covered there as well.

10. Stuff a Bunny is a Fun Easter Event Idea for the Whole Family

For a fun filled hour of entertainment consider hosting a virtual Easter family event. A creative live host will instruct how to create your very own Easter bunny. Each person will receive a bunny animal to stuff, stuffing to make the bunny full and huggable, a t-shirt to customize with markers and a reusable carrying bag. Your host will answer questions about Easter via a streaming platform. This is fun for the entire family. Don’t forget to share your creation on social media.

11. An Easter Bingo Game for Your Virtual Easter Party

Everyone young and old alike love playing bingo. Customized Easter bingo cards will be sent to all participants before the virtual Easter party. A talented and upbeat bingo caller will call out “Under the B, Easter Egg, or Under the G, Chocolate” and so on. The first player to get their entire card filled is the winner and will receive a prize. Make sure you take a selfie with your winning bingo card and share it on social media.

12. Virtual Catering for an Easter Event

It’s been a long and challenging year. Your staff has been working remotely and are finding the Zoom meetings tiresome. Liven it up with a delicious catering option especially for the 2nd quarter spring meeting. Hot (ready to be reheated) or cold, our Easter themed catering options can be delivered to up to 500 homes in the Greater Toronto Area in 1 day! Wow! Unbelievable! Order traditional foods such as Ham, Fish or Lamb accompanied by 2 sides and a Chocolate Egg for dessert. The in thing to do now is taking photos of our food. Encourage your staff to share their photos on social media.

13. Virtual Easter Ideas for Adults…Say it with Flowers!

I personally get excited when I receive a bouquet of flowers for a special occasion. But think about how rewarding it would be if recipients could do the arrangement themselves. A talented floral arranger via a streaming platform will instruct the participants on how to make a lovely Easter flower arrangement with silk everlasting flowers! The arrangement would be a perfect centrepiece for your Easter brunch or dinner. Prior to the virtual event an invitation will be emailed followed by the delivery of flowers and all necessary items to create their Easter bouquet. This will be an interactive program where attendees can pose questions about flower arranging to the host. Everyone will be excited to take photos of their arrangements and post them on social media. So, let’s wake up the senses and smell the flowers!

14. A Virtual Easter Craft Idea for Kids

We associate Easter with spring and with spring comes flowers. Growing plants is good for the planet. A talented host will teach the children how to grow their plants at home via a streaming platform. Each child will receive their own Grow Your Planet Kit consisting of 2 terracotta pots, seeds to plant, soil, acrylic paint, and brushes. The host will ask the children to decorate their pots with Easter related images such as a bunny or a flower. The kids can ask questions about their plants and how to take care of them. Alternatively, the kits can be delivered with DIY instructions. Remind the kids to take photos to share with friends and family.

15. Host a Virtual Easter Paint Nite for Adults

One of our most popular team building events is the Paint Nite. In our Virtual Paint Night a professional artist will guide participants to paint an Easter themed painting. Professional materials will be mailed to all attendees prior to the virtual event. Included will be a canvas, paints, brushes, and a palette. This is a very interactive program where folks can ask for help if required. A small tetra pack of wine is optional or BYOB! At the end of the evening everyone will take selfies of their artwork to post on social media. Happy virtual Easter everyone!

Even More Great Ideas for Virtual Celebrations

There are a lot of great ideas for celebrating Easter virtually. In addition to Easter ask your favourite event planner about other spring events that can be held virtually. There are virtual activities for St. Patrick’s Day albeit done in a hugely different way. Regardless they can be lots of fun.

The Jewish festival of Purim is celebrated with dressing up in costumes and sending food gifts to friends and relatives. This would be a great segue into doing a virtual party.

April Fool’s Day is another spring holiday where fun pranks can be played virtually.

Canada has great diversity in culture. May Day is usually celebrated on May 1st in many European countries. Dancing, singing, and cake are part of the festivities. This holiday can be celebrated in many ways, virtually.

If you have a holiday that you wish to celebrate virtually speak to one of our awesome event planners. They are creative, innovative, and waiting for your call!

Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg