1. Virtual Team Building Icebreakers
2. Virtual Family Feud
3. Virtual Ultimate Trivia Game
4. Name That Tune
5. Virtual Tastings
6. Clothespin Photo Craft
7. Casino Night
8. Photo Mosaic
9. Build a Buddy stuffed animals
10. Bingo Scavenger Hunt
11. Virtual Campfire
12. Virtual Illusion Show
13. Dance Party
14. Superhero Academy
15. Skill Sharing
16. Holiday Party

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! We have all heard this expression. So here we are faced with Covid and believe it or not there have been some miraculous changes in the world. Families are spending more time together, community spirit is increasing, pollution is down, crime is down, car accidents are down, and many people are finding new interests and are reaching out to others.

Yes, the impact of Covid has turned our world topsy turvy and these times of self-isolation and social distancing are taking a toll on our professional and personal lives. However, many of us have turned these challenges into opportunities. With the incredible technologies that we have available to us we can connect to our families and our business colleagues remotely.

To maintain business continuity, hundreds of thousands of businesses have turned towards remote teams who connect through virtual team building activities. In addition, working from home means that everyone in the family is present. Even the little ones need some virtual fun activities. Follow along and choose some intriguing virtual team building ideas that are now made possible by connecting remotely.


1. Virtual Team Building Icebreakers to Welcome Remote Teams

Employees who are now working from home miss the camaraderie in the workplace. Brief team building icebreakers help to lighten up everyone’s life.

  • Employees post photos of their travels and briefly discuss them with colleagues virtually
  • Employees list their 5 favourite foods that they are enjoying and share recipes
  • Employees post their favourite Netflix programs that they are binging on (but not during work hours!)


2. Virtual Family Feud Team Building Game

The TV show, Family Feud was released in 1976 and has been an on-going favourite game show until the present. Did you know that you can play this with your remote teams? It’s fun, it’s engaging and it is highly interactive. Teams are pitted against each other and compete for online prizes. A talented and animated game host coordinates with your staff via a streaming platform. Included in the package is a game console, an online buzzer for participants, customized questions, and prizes!


3. Virtual Ultimate Trivia Game for Online Team Games

Hooray for Canada! Trivial Pursuit was created here in 1978 and various versions of the game have been enjoyed worldwide. It is fast paced and a great online teamwork game. This game lasts for 1 hour and is hosted by a talented and animated staff member who coordinates the game via a streaming platform. A game console, an online buzzer, customized questions, and prizes add to the excitement of this team building activity.


4. Name that Tune is Ideal for a Fun and Engaging Remote Team Building Activity

Originated in the USA in 1952 and terminating in 1985 it has remained a popular game for adults as well as children. Used for a remote team building activity it is fun and incredibly competitive. This fun online teamwork games can involve families. A host and a live DJ will coordinate this activation via a streaming platform. Included is a game console, an online buzzer for participants and prizes!


5. Virtual Tastings Provides a Team Building Activity for Remote Teams

Your remote staff will enjoy this virtual team building activity. A selection of beverages (wine, beers, coffees or teas along with food pairings) will be delivered directly to your teams. A professional sommelier will guide your online team via a streaming platform. This virtual food and beverage experience will be talked about for months to come!


6. Clothespin Photo Frame Craft for the Kiddies is a Fun Online Activity

Our isolation has also affected the children. Imagine how delighted they will be when they receive their surprise gift. Watching an instructor, via a live streaming platform, the children can follow along and decorate and personalize their special frame. All frames will include clothespins, markers, and decals. (Parents who are working remotely will really appreciate the distraction!)


7. A Casino Night Provides a Virtual Fun Team Building Game

Get out your baseball caps and cool shades and learn how to play poker from a professional. This exciting digital poker game is fun and interactive and a great stress buster for your remote teams. A talented game host and an elite Professional Poker player will train and engage your team via a streaming platform. Oh, did I mention that there will be prizes?


8. A Photo Mosaic is a Favourite Virtual Team Building Activity

This activation for a team building activity for remote workers is one of the favs! Your employees simply text or hashtag photos which will appear in a live stream compiling into 1 larger image. In addition, the photos can be animated, and customized video messaging can be integrated into the live stream. This is fully customizable. An event host will run the platform and monitor incoming photos. This will be a private event via YouTube. A canvas print of the finished mosaic will provide a piece of art to commemorate where we all were in 2020!


9. Stay at Home Remote Employees and their Families Create Build a Buddy

Once again this is an awesome activity for your remote staff’s family. Considering many family events will be temporarily on hold this year this will be an ideal solution to the situation. It will be as though they are at the party! The children will each receive a complete Build a Buddy kit including stuffing, a t-shirt for their cuddly animal, markers for decorating the t-shirt, and a reusable carrying bag! These will be delivered directly to their home. They can watch a specialized staff member via a streaming platform and follow along step by step.


10. Bingo Scavenger Hunt for Remote Team Building Activities

This is definitely not your grandmother’s Bingo game! The entire family can join in the fun playing this online teamwork game with other remote employees. The participants will receive a customized bingo card showing the items that they must scavenge for. Once completed the participants share images of the items that they have located to complete their card. An animated and talented game host creates excitement via a streaming platform. Prizes are awarded for speed and creativity.


11. Host a Virtual Campfire for a Unique Team Building Activity for Remote Employees

How is this possible you might ask! This team building activity for remote employees includes the whole family. S’mores kits are shipped to guests in advance.

Coordination via a streaming platform provides a realistic campfire (campfire greenscreen background). Just like at any campfire, scary stories are told and popular camp songs are sung with a professional host, story teller and singer. Staying at home can be lots of fun!


12. Surprise Your Remote Team with a Virtual Illusion Show

Via a streaming platform a professional illusionist will perform mind boggling tricks in the comfort of your employees’ homes. The entertainer will amaze your remote audience with a mixture of comedy and suspense. How did he do that? After the 30-minute show you have the option of an additional 30 minutes for the illusionist to teach the remote audience how to perform magic! (Magic kits are sent in advance to your remote employees.) Ah, definitely a magical moment!


13. A Dance Party Guaranteed to get Your Remote Teams Energized

You could literally call this team building exercises online. A professional DJ, MC and high energy dancers will teach and perform for your remote employees via a streaming platform. Everyone will learn new moves and dance to the latest tracks. Encourage your team to dance like no one is watching! This remote team building activity will invigorate and leave your staff in a state of feel good!


14. A Visit to the Superhero Academy

The world has shown us some awesome Superheroes these past few months and we all honour them. For a fun employee family virtual event we can all pretend that we are Superman, Spider-man, Batman and Wonder Woman. Via a streaming platform these superheroes will come into your teams’ living rooms (virtually) to meet, great and train everyone how to be superheroes. So much fun for the entire family.


15. Skill Sharing as an Online Team Building Exercise

Fresh Baked Cookie Station 1Did you ever wonder what sort of things your colleagues are involved with during non-working hours? Now is your chance to find out. Via a streaming platform, an animated host will coordinate all the skill sharing participants. Perhaps someone is an incredible baker and is willing to demonstrate how to make chocolate chip cookies. Can you believe that Charlie is a great wood maker and will guide you through how to make a birdhouse? Another one of your colleagues plays a musical instrument and sings. Everyone can join in a sing along following the words on the screen. This is a great opportunity to learn about each other and perhaps even take up a new hobby!


Holiday Party

As you can see working remotely from home can be a rather enjoyable experience not only for the employee but in some virtual applications, the entire family. One of the most important Corporate Events is the Holiday Party which has not been mentioned. If the party is cancelled there is still the opportunity to purchase toys online with the assistance of a professional Toy Specialist who can guide you virtually and help you select the gifts.

Santa on red couch

What is Christmas without the Jolly Old Man himself. Visit Santa’s living room complete with Santa’s Throne, a Holiday Backdrop, and a Christmas Tree. Of course, this is all brought to you by our virtual elves (shhhh… via streaming!)



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