1. Virtual Murder Mystery
2. Deliver some Halloween treats to your remote staff
3. Create a House of Horrors
4. A Scare F/X Station is a Great Twist
5. Create an Office Halloween Theme
6. Bring Your Kids to Work for Halloween
7. Pay it Forward as a Meaningful Party Idea
8. Let your Hair Down with a Photo Op
9. Spooktacular Food for your Party
10. Décor is Essential
11. Include Treats or Tricks
12. Sometimes All You Need is a Ghost!
13. Spooky Halloween Characters!

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet. Give me something good to eat! Remember singing that limerick?

On October 31, this chant can be heard in much of Europe and North America. The name Halloween comes from All Hallows’ Eve celebrated by the Celts in ancient Britain and Ireland.

Being superstitious they wore masks and other disguises to hide from evil spirits. Thus witches, hobgoblins, fairies and demons became associated with the day. Fast forward to this century where Halloween is associated with wearing masks and costumes and pulling harmless pranks and going door to door for treats. If you don’t provide a treat be prepared for a trick!

Want to see an example of a haunted corporate Halloween event? Check out this haunted hospital theme that we designed for a pharmaceutical company!


1. A Virtual Murder Mystery is a fantastic choice of Halloween Corporate Event Ideas

Characters in a Zoom mystery game

This classic party game of whodunit is now available online! A Virtual Murder Mystery is a safe and engaging idea for your upcoming corporate Halloween party.

Guests can dress up, get into character and solve one of many mysteries together. A perfect activity for the upcoming halloween season!

2. Deliver some Halloween treats to your remote staff

Now there’s a great corporate Halloween party idea that I can really sink my teeth into!!! Sending your staff and their families a sweet treat this Halloween will remind them that you care and give your employees something to smile about. Items can include small crafts for the kids, fun little novelty items like glow sticks, halloween trinkets and of course CHOCOLATE AND CANDY!!!

3. Create a House of Horrors for your Halloween office activity

Horrors for your Halloween office activity

For this scary Halloween office idea, you may want to enlist your favorite Event Planner. This is not a DIY party. Your event planner knows exactly how to scare the pants off anyone. Choose an empty office space and see it transformed with an office Halloween theme of a lunatic asylum where horrific unimaginable experiments take place.

Imagine glowing jars of brains, hanging bloody limbs, rotted Zombie Corpses. Strobe lighting, fog machines, animatronics and scary visual effects. A terrifying Walking Dead person will guide you through the haunted house to make sure you get out with all your extremities intact.

4. A Scare F/X Station is a Great Twist for a Corporate Halloween Party Idea

Scare F/X Station

This is not just for kids! Your favorite Event Planner will source out an incredible makeup artist. They will transform your staff into goblins, wicked witches, frightening clowns, terrifying werewolves or any other creature they wish to be. Add simple prosthetics for a next level look.

This Halloween office idea is guaranteed to loosen up even the straightest member of your staff. That’s what Halloween is all about…letting down your hair.

5. Create an Office Halloween Theme

Office Halloween Theme

There are a few office Halloween ideas to make this happen. But the main thing to remember is that costumes must be appropriate and non-offending.

A theme could be chosen company wide and everyone should dress according to the theme. The Walking Dead is a great theme for Halloween because it is so scary.

Perhaps it could be a tamer Superhero theme and employees should come dressed as their favorite Superhero. Suppose your company was celebrating its 100th Anniversary.

Why not dress up as though it were the year 1919. Flapper costume anyone? Of course, there would be a prize for the most original costume

6. Bring Your Kids to Work is a Great Halloween Office Idea

Kids to Work in Halloween costumes

Don’t have kids? Nieces, Nephews or even your dog will do! Your Event Planner will plan a great Kids Halloween idea for work. Have a contest for the Most Creative Costume, Best Couple Costume, Best Family Costume, Cutest Baby Costume and so on.

Your professional event planner will supply you with a talented MC to host all the activities. Entertain the kids with a Halloween Interactive Combo bouncy. This is great for fun physical activity.

A party is not a party without treats. Your party planner will set up an Eyeball Cookie Decorating Station. How much fun is that? Bringing your kids to work brings your staff together and allows them to see their coworkers in a totally different way.

7. Pay it Forward as a Meaningful Corporate Halloween Party Idea

Corporate Halloween Party Idea

Take your Halloween office ideas offsite. A visit to a children’s hospital ward dressed up in funny costumes will bring a smile not only to the children but to hospital staff as well. Instead of handing out candy treats consider bringing a Stuff n’ Animal for each of the children.

Another Halloween idea for work is to arrange a visit to a senior’s home. Your costumes in this case should be geared to the residents age. Trick or treat with baskets full of sugarless candies.

This Pay it Forward Halloween idea is great but don’t forget to prearrange! This program will bring your office staff closer and provides a great morale booster for everyone.

8. Let your Hair Down with a Photo Op for a fun Corporate Halloween Party Idea

Photo Op for a fun Corporate Halloween Party Idea

Not allowed to wear costumes to the office but you still want to celebrate with a Halloween office idea? The answer my friend is with a photo booth. Your photo booth attendant will provide Halloween worthy scary props for everyone.

To make it even more authentic a bloody terrifying backdrop will be provided. Even the most serious co-worker will let their hair down and act silly. This office Halloween idea is a fab ice breaker.

9. Spooktacular Food for your Corporate Halloween Party

Spooktacular Food for your Corporate Halloween Party

The things that people remember the most at a party is the food. Putting together a menu for your work Halloween party should be, excuse the pun, gutsy and all relate back to scary, slimy and weird looking stuff.

A creepy centerpiece such a pictured above really sets the scene for your corporate Halloween party. Make ice cubes with gummy worms inside or serve orange hummus or black bean dip with black tortilla chips.

Offer bottles of coloured soda labeled “Vampire Blood” or yellow soda labeled “Death Potion…Slow Acting” or orange soda labeled “Death Potion…Fast Acting” You are only limited by your imagination. But wait! We are forgetting one thing.

The candy treats. Did you know that you can rent an authentic candy cart decorated with realistic cobwebs? A terrifying nurse drenched in blood will be serving your favorite Halloween treats. Be careful though. Too much candy can be very deadly!

10. Décor is Essential when Office Halloween Party Ideas are Planned

Office Halloween Party Ideas are Planned

It’s 8:00 a.m. and you have arrived at work faced with a dark, dangerous and gruesome office workspace. It appears that the decorating goblins (aka your event planners) came in the wee hours and prepared a spooky, frightening house of horrors for your Corporate Halloween party.

There are realistic looking spiders, ensnaring cobwebs, brains on food platters, spooky lighting , ghastly screams of terror and danger tape across all the office cubicles.

Wow! This is an awesome way to get everyone into a scary frame of mind for the rest of the day!

11. Corporate Halloween Party Ideas always Include Treats or Tricks

Treats or Tricks

Ask your employees to bring in treats for their coworkers to keep at their desk. Provide the staff with plastic pumpkin containers.

Everyone should have one. Announce over the speaker system that warehouse staff has 15 minutes to trick or treat in the sales staff area. Prepare for a mad dash! Oh oh! There is always going to be one or two people who forgot to bring in treats.

These people are up for serious tricks. A fun work Halloween party idea trick would be to make them sing for the entire staff in the cafeteria at lunch time. That should fix them for sure. Too funny!

12. An office Halloween Theme Needs a Ghost!

office Halloween Theme Needs a Ghost

*An awesome office Halloween activity would be a spooky guided walking tour through the darker side of Toronto. A professional storyteller will take you through the city’s haunted areas and share hair raising, fascinating stories that are guaranteed to keep you up at night.

After the tour stop in at a local pub for a pint or two. Not only is this adventure a great ending to Halloween but it is also creates team bonding.

13. Spooky Halloween Characters Add a Scary Element to your Office Halloween Party

Spooky Halloween Characters Office Halloween Party

Roaming entertainers are great ways to spook your staff. The Undead Walkers add a touch of authenticity to your event, but we promise that they won’t bite. Well not enough to cause blood to flow! Strolling stilt walkers add flair to any party.

Look up to see a terrifying Corpse Bride or a scary skeleton stilt walker. These characters are a great addition for your office Halloween ideas.

So, you may ask, where is this going? According to Statutoryholidays.com, Halloween is the 3rd highest ranking holiday after Christmas and Canada Day. Really! We Canadians love to celebrate holidays. Let’s celebrate this fun holiday with work Halloween party ideas. There are literally hundreds of office Halloween party ideas.