What’s not to love about the beauty of winter?

The merriment of a blanket of newly fallen snow. The coziness of a fire in the fireplace. The splendour of twinkling lights on the streets of Toronto. All of these things and more are so wonderful and delightful.

For all of about 3 days in December.

Then of course, it’s back to reality:

  1. Being cold all the time.
  2. A sidewalk skating performance that would put Kurt Browning to shame
  3. Stepping into a slush puddle that looks 1 inch deep, but is actually a cavernous opening into the center of the earth.
  4. Chapped lips —er, chapped everything.
  5. Grey skies, followed by more grey skies, with a chance of grey skies.
  6. Cleaning off your car. All the time. Again and again. Every day.

Sure, we’re just being snarky, but the winter can truly be a challenge for many Canadians. After all, Canada’s winter is not fleeting or kind. That white winter wonderland that was so cheerful before the holidays just doesn’t have that same festive feel in January (or February or March…)

So, when the harsh reality of a long-drawn-out winter takes over, it’s important to have something that your employees and coworkers can look forward to. As a manager or HR rep in your office, you can help your coworkers and employees deal with those slushy winter feelings by providing a little “office cheer” to your workplace. We suggest … da da da daaa: The fun food station!

Why Fun Food Stations?

Candies on circular glass shelves and table Food stations have it all! First off, there are so many different types of stations to meet the needs and wants of your employees. Do they like ice cream? You got ice cream. Do they like donuts? Come and get em. Cotton candy? Definitely. The beauty is, that you can customize your fun food station to fit what your office and employees are into.

Plus, food stations are affordable, easy to roll in and out of the office at a moment’s notice, and, most importantly, do not involve going outdoors. Check out your options:

Soft Serve Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies

Made on-site, these aren’t your average run-of-the-mill ice cream sandwiches. Why you ask? Because the first step to constructing these delicious treats is – baking fresh cookies, on-site! Choose from a selection of Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Candy Supreme, Red Velvet or Scor cookies. After the aroma of freshly baked cookies has peaked all of your employee’s interest (and sweet tooth!) we layer in a scoop of delicious vanilla or chocolate ice cream, between the two cookies. If you thought things couldn’t get any better, we then garnish the edges of your ice cream sandwich with some of your favourite toppings. Sprinkles, Chocolate Chips, Mini M&Ms, you name it. Trust us, you’ve never had an ice cream sandwich quite like this before. Treat your staff to an afternoon snack that lets them know just how much you appreciate them!

Mini Donuts

Is it really worth braving the cold for a donut run? Let the donuts come to you. No need to wait for the annual fair to get those delicious donuts everyone lines up for! Surprise your employees with a mini donut station, you will even have a professional donut-creator at your service to construct warm, melt in your mouth fresh donuts. Sprinkles, sugar, cinnamon, glazing, chocolate, powder sugar – decorate them just how you like them!

Lolli Waffles

Ever seen waffles sold on the street from a vendor? Look good, right? Smell pretty awesome, right? But you don’t buy one because, hello!? How are you gonna balance a plate full of waffles and still rush off to work mess-free?

Enter waffles on a stick. Lolli waffles are the fun food that is just as exciting to watch be made as they are to eat! Fresh off the waffle iron with so many options and toppings to choose from. Between the original Belgian waffle with white chocolate drizzle, to famous Cinnamon Bun Lolli waffle with Cream Cheese icing, or our Pizza Lolli waffle with a melted cheese center and marinara dipping sauce, it will be hard to choose just one! Delectable, sweet, warm waffles — made to order — and on an easy-to-eat-on a stick. Genius.

LED Cotton Candy/Popcorn Cart

Kids absolutely adore this food station (and, yes, adults love it too). The candy sticks actually have a push-button switch and batteries to make the cotton candy glow. Not a fan of high-tech candy? A little more old fashion when it comes to your candy floss? Keep your candy consumption old school with our original cotton candy cart. Finally, if you really want to awaken your guest’s senses of smell? Why not mix the best of both worlds with a Popcorn, Cotton Candy combination cart? Because who can resist the smell of popcorn and cotton candy?! – All are such great additions to any office gathering, holiday party, or corporate event!

Vintage Candy Cart

Finally, for a throw-back to simpler times, customize your own vintage candy cart! Choose a theme and time period, and you can set up your very own candy shop from any era you want! With a wide variety of candy to choose from this cart will be the main attraction at any corporate event!

If you’re an employer trying to find the perfect way of showing your employees just how much you appreciate them, what better way to do so than with food?! Fun food carts are an extremely affordable gesture that will go a very, very long way in the eyes of your employees. Keeping your employees happy and letting them know how valued they are is a great way to boost morale and lighten up stressful times your company may experience. If you’re looking for ideas when it comes to company party planning in the winter months, you simply cannot go wrong with fun food stations. Find an event coordinator to make arrangements for your office food station, and let the winter event planning begin!

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