Virtual Beer Tasting Experience

Enjoy a virtual beer tasting experience at our local virtual pub where “everyone knows your name.” Sorry, couldn’t resist the bit of trivia! During this pandemic many of us are missing meeting up with our colleagues and friends at the pub. That is exactly why we are bringing the pub to you, virtually.

Close your eyes and imagine a hot summer day on the pub patio, feeling the ice-cold glass of beer in your hand and the chatter of your colleagues as they unwind from the challenges of the day. During this pandemic we cannot meet in person. However, we can meet virtually.

Let your staff know how much you appreciate their hard work over the past year by inviting your remote workers to a virtual beer tasting experience in the comfort of their own home. Our virtual beer tasting experience utilizes similar interactive and entertaining elements as a real in person visit to a brewery.

Via a live streaming platform our professional beer expert as well as a technician, will entertain all attendees with the history of beer making, tips on what to look for when tasting beer and even what to pair with different beers. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.

What to Expect at Your Virtual Beer Tasting Experience

  • A knowledgeable and dedicated beer aficionado
  • An experienced technician to ensure the event runs smoothly
  • A brief history of beer brewing
  • A sensory guide of what to look for when tasting beer
  • What to serve with various types of beer (much like wine pairings)
  • Breakout rooms to meet up with your colleagues while you enjoy your brews
  • A fun and engaging virtual game while you are drinking your beer
  • All setup and equipment necessary to ensure the success of your virtual beer tasting experience.

Beer kits sent in advance to each participant consisting of:

  • 5 assorted beers
  • 3-4 dry snacks
  • Beer tasting glass set
  • Beer flight cardstock cards
  • Custom box label
  • All necessary packaging
  • Question & answer session

Hosting a virtual beer tasting experience is a unique and laid-back alternative to virtual wine tasting. This experience is great for team building, employee recognition and client appreciation programs.