Virtual Wine Tasting & Pairing Experience

"Come over for a virtual wine tasting evening." Let your party planner arrange for an amazing virtual wine tasting and food pairing experience for your guests.

Enter our virtual winery hosted by an entertaining and professional sommelier. You will learn a bit of the history of wine tasting. Ever wonder why wine is swirled in the wine glass then swirled in the mouth? Do you know why wine glasses are narrower at the top than at the convex? Do you struggle with the decision of what type of wine to pair with what type of food? All your questions will be answered at your first virtual wine tasting and pairing event.

Coordinating via a streaming platform, your virtual wine tasting experience includes a professional sommelier to host this extraordinary wine tasting and pairing as well as three individual size wine bottles and three complementary pairings per attendee. Consider this virtual wine tasting and pairing event for your next team building activity.

Sample of a Virtual Wine Tasting Itinerary:
5:00 pm: Introduction of Sommelier
5:05 pm: a brief history of wine tasting
5:15 pm: a virtual tour of a winery
5:25 pm: a discussion the steps of wine tasting
5:30 pm: a discussion of pairings with types of wine
5:35 pm: crack open the wine bottles and enjoy the bouquet and savor the taste sensations
5:40 pm: learn which food pairings go with which wines
5:45 pm: Q & A

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