Virtual Whiskey Tasting

Folks, virtual whiskey tasting is a unique and very sophisticated alternative to beer tasting. Pre-pandemic, I spent the month of February in Florida where I was introduced to Jack Daniels. Every evening at happy hour I was the first one down to the bar to order my bourbon & coke! (The bartender was not impressed with me having it with coke.)

A virtual whiskey tasting experience is an awesome and different event that attendees will love. They will learn the history and production of whiskey. More importantly, the attendees will get to sample 3 different types of whiskey in the comfort of their own home. No need for a designated driver!

A professional guide will teach your guests how to genuinely appreciate the aroma, character and flavour of each of the samples. Whiskey tasting will awaken their senses, teach them how to identify aromas and then derive pleasure from them. In addition, there will be a Q & A.

Virtual whiskey tasting is presented via a streaming platform to enable your remote workers to participate. Each attendee will sample 3 x 7ounce sampler bottles of whiskey (Scotch, Irish and Canadian) All necessary packaging and assembly is included.

* Delivery costs TBD

Please see our Virtual Cocktail Hour explainer video on YouTube.