1. Drive-In Live Shows
  2. Drive-Through Holiday Party
  3. Food Truck Events
  4. Outdoor Social Distancing Games and Social Distancing Activities
  5. The Circus is in Town

Social distancing is now the “in” buzzword. It’s simple. It means keeping healthy people safe. No more, no less. The past 20 months has brought challenges and changes to our life but through perseverance, creativity, and human resiliency we have developed a multitude of ways to stay connected with one another. Other positives are many of us have found the creative side of ourselves through creative writing, art classes, exercise classes, social distancing events and community service.

Despite what your grandma says COVID-19 safe social events are possible with Healthy Procedures! Being a super social person, I found many activities and events that were fun and engaging. Let’s open our minds and think outside the box to experience indoor and outdoor activities that practice pandemic friendly social events.

Follow along for some awesome ideas. Whether you are planning for social distancing events activities for large groups or small groups, children, or adults we have the tools to make it happen! Remember, social distancing events are now the norm.

1. Drive-In Live Shows – Perfect for a Social Distancing Activity for Large Groups

Imagine this! You are sitting in your socially distanced work cubicle when you hear an announcement. “Everyone vacate the building and go to your car immediately”. What the heck? You follow everyone outside and before you is a huge 40-foot-wide screen. So cool. Right? This social distancing event for employees has so many options to choose from.

  • Choice of three 30-minute live shows including magic, comedy, circus, music and so much more
  • A concession package including a cold beverage, popcorn, chocolate, and hand sanitizer. (We think of everything)
  • Instructions on how to connect to the FM transmitter. If your battery runs low no worries…just call for a boost!
  • Additional options, depending on budget are nachos & cheese (yummy), vintage bike with ice cream novelties, freshly baked mini donuts, or cookies.

What are you waiting for? We are here to answer all your questions!

2. Drive-Through Holiday Party – COVID-19 Friendly Social Events

Listen up! You don’t have to cancel your Children’s Holiday Party. Social distancing events ideas will help make the holiday party memorable.

Depending on your level of comfort, there are a few options to make sure that the children will enjoy a visit from Santa and his Elves. The first option is that Santa and his elves approach your car being mindful that this is a social distancing event. The children can converse with Santa (he is wearing a face shield) and receive their gift.

The other option for socially distancing events activities is that the children enter a twinkle lit large pop-up tent complete with Santa’s throne. This scenario requires PPE for all staff including a no contact thermometer, face shields, masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

Outdoor social events have many options for all different budgets!

  • A real bearded Santa for a meet and greet for 2 hours
  • Santa’s elf or elves to help hand out gifts from Santa
  • An onsite coordinator to ensure that everything runs smoothly
  • Hot chocolate and/or mini donuts
  • Fabulous Holiday décor to create a festive ambiance such as an 8-foot decorated tree or a fabulous Santa Sleigh for Photo Ops.

For further options and pricing for your socially distancing holiday events contact us. We are happy to give your further information.

3. Food Truck Events – Great Toronto Social Distancing Events for Employees

The only reason I loved going to the baseball games was the incredible food at my favourite food truck before entering the stadium. We were on first name basis with the owners, and they always doubled up on the fries at no charge! Twenty odd years ago there was a stigma about buying food from a fast-food truck. Not anymore!

Food trucks are perfect for pandemic friendly social events. They are the in thing and a major player in the Toronto social distancing events scene. Some of the best foodie talent participate in this revived industry. Goodbye overcooked hotdogs and stale buns. Hello to gourmet dining for COVID-19 safe social events for your staff. We are just a phone call away to help plan a menu from our favourite food trucks.

  • Our food truck staff are committed to keeping all employees and customers safe by following all the safety and health measures which have been implemented
  • Experience foods from around the world
  • All tastes are covered. Something simple like freshly made hamburgers all dressed up or fish tacos or desserts with a gourmet selection of coffee and tea
  • Don’t forget the desserts for the finale! Bon Appetite

4. Let’s Play Outdoors with Social Distancing Games and Social Distancing Events Activities

Outdoor activities are the safest way to have fun, interact with colleagues, and bond while participating in social distancing games.

Hey, I know it’s cold outside but don’t let that deter you from getting out of the office and onto a field playing social distancing games. It’s energizing, it’s competitive, and most important it’s good for a laugh!

The best part is the after-game treats. Indulge in a hot cup of gourmet hot chocolate, freshly baked cookies, or mini donuts. Or go all out with a fab BBQ with hot dogs and burgers with all the trimmings.

We love planning social distancing events for employees. Give us a call and we can organize any one of the following outdoor social distancing games for you.

  • An organized scavenger hunt is an ideal team building game in which everyone can participate
  • For the more adventuresome, go for the Rock-Climbing Wall
  • Organized sports such as ball hockey or football. (If football players can play in the snow, so can you!)
  • For quick social distancing events ideas, the all Canadian fun food Maple Taffy Pops station is perfect for your staff.
  • Light a bonfire, tell spooky stories and enjoy gooey yummy smores treats.

5. The Circus is in Town and Coming to Your Social Distanced Events for Employees!

Everyone loves a carnival! The smell of freshly popped corn, the taste of tiny donuts covered with sugar, the sounds of the carny guys inviting you to play games and win a prize. This is a perfect opportunity to have safe outdoor social events for the staff. It’s fun, it’s engaging and it’s great for photo opts to be posted to social media.

This activity is suitable for any time of the year, particularly now with the holiday season fast approaching. There is a carnival for all budgets. Let me share some of my socially distancing events ideas with you.

  • A carnival is not a carnival without a midway. An inflatable midway is set up where attendees can try their luck at various games and win a prize
  • Clowns, strolling magicians, face painters (yes even adults will indulge), acrobatic acts and jugglers all are great additions for an authentic style carnival.
  • Food trucks serving corn dogs, cotton candy and delicious ice cream waffles all add to the flavours of the socially distanced event.
  • Sprinkle your company parking lot with some carnival midway pop-up tents and you will have the best and safest COVID-19 social event.


Human contact is essential to our mental well being. Covid friendly social events help us keep in touch with colleagues, friends, and our community. The event industry despite the epidemic has found responsible new and creative ways to enable businesses to keep their employees motivated and engaged.

When planning socially distanced events keep in mind that everyone has their own level of comfort. Consider a wrist band system where everyone wears a colour coded wristband. Red, meaning I’d love to chat but at a distance. Yellow means elbow bumps and conversation welcome. Green, it’s ok to give me a me a hug! Ingenious, right? Only your favourite event planner would think of this!

If you are thinking of having COVID-19 safe social events, seriously consider hiring a professional event planner. They have the experience to create an amazing event that will keep everyone entertained while ensuring the safety and well being of all attendees.

If you are reading this blog, it means that you are contemplating Covid friendly social events! Let us help you plan socially distanced events that will leave your staff happy and energized.

Contact us now! We can hardly wait to help you execute the safest social distancing events ideas.

Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg