I went for a walk on the first day of Spring. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and I thought I saw some buds on a tree! Ahhh! Spring has sprung and thoughts of picnics in the park flooded my mind. Then, as I was walking, I saw people wearing masks and giving a wide berth when passing other walkers. This jarred me back to reality.

How can picnics happen with social distancing? First of all, aside from frequent hand washing and wearing masks, socializing outdoors is also a safe preventative from spreading the virus.

By thinking outside the box your favourite Event Planner has come up with some innovative and creative ways of hosting a “pandemic picnic “while ensuring the health and safety of all attendees by monitoring the colour-coded system according to the location of the event.

So, folks, take a walk with me and let’s explore some ideas on how to make a socially distanced picnic a lot of fun.

1. The Picnic Basket for Families
2. The Drive in Movie Picnic
3. The Drive through Carnival
4. Food Trucks
5. The Car-B-Q
6. Scavenger Hunts
7. Themed Inflatable Decor
8. Drive in Live Event
9. A Round of Mini Golf
10. Wellness Picnics
11. Ice Cream Party in a Box
12. The Selfie Net for Picnics
13. DIY Spring and Summer Crafts
14. Picnic for Small Groups
15. Picnic for Large Groups
Bonus—A Virtual Summer Celebration


1. The Picnic Basket—Picnic Ideas for Families While Practicing Social Distancing

How would you like to receive a picnic basket from your employer? How good would it feel to give your employees this special treat to tell them how much you appreciate and value them.

Imagine this…a basket arrives at everyone’s remote home office a week before the designated picnic date. These baskets come loaded with socially distancing picnic ideas. Wow!! Included are a family size picnic blanket, gourmet snacks, candy bags, wine and other beverages, picnic toys, games for the children and other fun delights.

Your event planner will map out the picnic area for family seating on their own blankets. Socially distanced picnic games will be played with prizes for the winners. Gee! I hope I get an invitation.


2. The Drive in Movie—A Nighttime Socially Distancing Picnic Idea

Remember when you were a kid and Mom and Dad would load up the car with treats, and pillows and off you went to a Drive in Movie. So exciting! Treat your staff to a private drive-in movie screened on a 40 foot wide screen with FM transmission right in your company parking lot.

Yeah, but what about popcorn? We’ve got you covered. Individual boxes of concessions including beverages, popcorn, chocolate and hand sanitizer will be provided for all movie goers.

Other options such as vintage ice cream bikes, fresh baked cookies and donuts and even nachos & cheese are available. So sit back and chill and remember, no talking!


3. The Drive through Carnival—Turn Your Pandemic Picnic Into a Circus!

“Bring in the Clowns” Are you kidding me? How do you have a socially distanced circus? Simple! We will bring clowns, acrobats, jugglers, magicians and even animal acts to your corporate parking lots.

Your attendees will remain in their cars and be amused with a variety of circus acts and all the while everyone will be socially distanced at the pandemic circus picnic.

A circus is not a circus without all the fun foods. Individual concession boxes filled with goodies will be delivered to each vehicle. Additional options are clown makeup kits and/or magic kits. So folks, get ready to “clown around”!


4. Food Trucks—A Perfect Socially Distanced Picnic Idea

Are you looking for safe socially distancing ideas to say thank you to your staff for a job well done? Imagine this! Your dedicated staff are sitting in their office spaces when they hear loud horns honking. Come on down!

Welcome to an innovative, socially distanced picnic idea. Adhering to all health and safety measures food trucks will stream into your corporate parking lot. Tantalizing aromas of picnic foods such as Hamburgers, Tacos, Ice Cream and Popcorn fill the air.

Your employees will appreciate the outdoor pandemic picnic food trucks. Encourage them to take selfies while eating their goodies and post on social media.


5. The Car-B-Q—For a delicious Socially Distanced Picnic

Kickstarting the summer usually begins with your company BBQ. All of my senses come alive listening to the sizzle and breathing in the mouth watering aroma of hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken cooking on the grill.

Even with the pandemic and the need for social distancing, your favourite party planner can make this happen for you.

I have been to drive through birthday parties, drive through engagement parties and now I am going to go to a drive through BBQ!
Professional BBQ’s tended with professional chefs will cook up juicy hamburgers, spicy sausages, hot dogs and tasty chicken breasts. All BBQ meals will be delivered to your car in individual take out containers. All your favourite condiments will accompany your meal along with cold beverages.

Nothing says lovin’ than something from your BBQ oven for your first pandemic picnic drive through BBQ!


6. Scavenger Hunts—Great Socially Distancing Picnic Games

I personally love the challenge of a scavenger hunt. Your professional event planner is an ideal source for planning a creative scavenger hunt for your pandemic picnic.

Locating a venue, creating the scavenger list, providing prizes and maintaining strict adherence to all safety and health requirements should be handled by a professional. An outdoor scavenger hunt allows individuals rather than groups to participate thereby making this a terrific socially distanced picnic game. It is fun, it is energetic and it is competitive.

An old fashioned ice cream bicycle would be a great way to end the pandemic picnic challenge! I’m in! Are you?


7. Themed Inflatable Decor—for a Socially Distancing Picnic Idea

Let your imagination run wild with the characters from Alice in Wonderland, my favourite childhood storybook. This is a fabulous socially distanced picnic idea guaranteed to delight young and old. Your event planner will source an ideal secluded area for the trip to Wonderland.

Imagine the 10 foot classic caterpillar and the mischievous grinning Cheshire cat hiding amidst 10 foot tall mushrooms and 10 foot tall pink flowers. These wonderful inflatables make for amazing photo ops.

Food stations under colourful blue, red, and pink pop up tents all adhering to strict safety and health measures will make for a memorable day in Alice’s wonderland.


8. Drive in Live Event—Add some Pizzazz to your Upcoming Pandemic Picnic

One of my favourite things that I love to do is attend live concerts. Sadly, this past year none of us have been able to enjoy this type of entertainment. But hang on a minute! I just heard that this entertainment is now possible!

From the comfort of your own vehicle you can watch a private live stage performance on a 40 foot wide screen. Distancing in your own car in your private company parking lot brings the feeling of togetherness, safely.

Watch magic shows, comedy shows, circus shows, music shows and much more while enjoying a concession package of amazing treats. Don’t forget to ask about all the add ons that are available to make this a memorable evening of entertainment.

Your party planner will take care of all of the logistics needed to make this a great socially distanced picnic idea.


9. A Round of Mini Golf—An Ideal Socially Distancing Picnic Game

Birdie! Bogey! Eagle! The warm weather has arrived and golfers are out in droves. I remember the first time I went to a driving range and hit my first ever ball 250 yards. I was hooked!

For a safe social distancing picnic idea for your staff, your favourite event planner will set up a nine hole mini golf course. Every golfer will receive their own sanitized putter, pencil, score cards and golf ball. Did you know you can have the golf balls branded with your corporate logo?

For an added bonus you may want to show your appreciation for your staff with a branded golf cap.

Reward the first player who gets a hole in one with a grand prize! It doesn’t get much better than this!


10. Wellness Picnics—Get Healthy and stay Socially Distanced

Exercising outdoors is a safer option for those interested in improving their wellness. I personally need to be prompted and encouraged to get active. Exercising in a socially distanced picnic area with my colleagues would be a great incentive to get me moving.

Your event planner will set up an awesome wellness program for your organizations’ pandemic picnic. A professional yoga instructor or a motivational cardio guru will be hired to guide you through all the moves.

But what’s a picnic without food? As a special treat for working so hard at getting fit every attendee will receive a swag bag filled with healthy treats and drinks. These gifts can be branded and customized for your organization.

Hey! I’m in for sure.


11. Ice Cream Party in a Box—An Awesome Perk for a Pandemic Picnic

As soon as I see buds on the trees, crocuses poking through the soil and the first signs of tulips my thoughts immediately go to ice cream! Yummy, cold, creamy, comforting ice cream.

Picture this…. Knock, knock! A delivery has arrived at your home. You excitedly come to the front door (it doesn’t take much these days lol). What could it be? A box filled with everything you need to build your own ice cream sundae or ice cream sandwich bar for your family at home. Incredible! Your party planners think of everything, don’t they?

12. The Selfie Net—Newest Technology Perfect for Pandemic Picnic

Our mantra for this spring is “all by myself”. During these difficult times I find myself taking lots of selfies and receiving lots of selfies. They keep me in the loop with the outside world while keeping me safe!

With corporate events we need to keep everyone safe and your favourite event planner can assist you by setting up Selfie Net. A spring or summer socially distanced picnic is an ideal background for this new technology. Incorporated into a live event, a picnic scavenger hunt or even a children’s character hunt your guests can take selfies anywhere and anytime during the epidemic picnic and upload them using a customized network. The photos may be printed as a memory keepsake for this unique socially distanced picnic. Just think, a year from now when things return to normal, we will all be looking at these selfies and remember how important freedom is.


13. DIY Spring and Summer Crafts—For a Super Socially Distanced Picnic

During this difficult past year and a half, we have all tried to come up with creative ideas to keep our minds occupied. I have joined a creative writing program, started sketching, and practicing my Ukulele.

But the one thing that I love doing is creating wearables. I asked my favourite event planner how to make these crafts in a pandemic picnic situation. Easy Peasy!
Your event planner will organize a park or your company parking lot into a creativity space maintaining safe social distancing. In this setting you can design your own cap. Or how about an awesome pair of designer sunglasses? Customized T shirts? No problem!
Go back to Number 12 now! Use the new Selfie Net to download your images and share with others. You see! I told you that the applications for Selfie Net are endless.


14. Picnic for Small Groups—Made Safe and Socially Distanced

Pandemic picnics are generally easier to plan for smaller groups. Your event planner can source local parks or venues that can accommodate groups of 50 and under. Expect more than 50 guests? No problem? Your event can occur over multiple shifts so all party goers can be accommodated.

Socially distanced games, crafts and food stations can be planned with emphasis on safety for all attendees. Even dunk tanks can also be used to entertain all the participants. I really like the dunk tank! A great opportunity to take out your boss!
Your event planner will oversee that all activities are carried out safely for all in attendance.


15. Picnic for Large Groups—Perfectly Planned for a Pandemic Picnic

Impossible?? Not at all. Your favourite Event Planner knows people who know people in high places! By planning your socially distanced picnic for large organizations during the weekday instead of the weekend opens up many possibilities of locations for a pandemic picnic.

Once the date and location has been established, invitations can be emailed to your guests. The professional party planner will prepare the location by mapping out socially distanced sitting areas. Hand sanitizers, disposable gloves and extra masks will be made available.

Socially distanced picnic games such as frisbee throwing and socially distanced racquet type of games may be enjoyed in a round robin competition. Giant jenga games are ideal for a socially distancing picnic game. Everyone loves to take home a picnic loot bag filled with fun things as a memento of the corporate socially distanced picnic.

Bonus Idea—A Virtual Summer Celebration

Would you rather keep it virtual for now? Our Virtual Summer Packages were created for just this occasion! A fun filled event loaded with ice-breakers, games and entertainment and hands on fun, all hosted from our incredible virtual studio.


There you have it my friends. It is possible to have a successful albeit not traditional socially distanced picnic. Your amazing Event Planner will create an awesome, socially distanced picnic while adhering to the latest Covid regulations in your area.

Your event planner can provide masks for attendees, provide hand sanitizers (placed strategically), provide single-serve products, ensure socially distancing of 6 feet and encourage everyone to clean up after themselves.

Should regulations change, (which they can at the drop of a hat) don’t worry. Your planner has your back! There is always a Plan A and a Plan B to pivot to if necessary. Let’s get busy now and start planning an amazing pandemic picnic. We are waiting for your call!

Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg