Whether your staff is working on-site or remotely it is essential that they remain in touch and collaborate on projects. Only through harmony can your company remain at the top of its game.

A Gallup study showed that engaged companies consistently outperform the competition. Therefore it is safe to say that employees who are happy in the workplace are willing to help the company succeed.

Other than fair salaries, benefits, and pleasant work conditions there is a fun way to get your staff energized, motivated and engaged. Let’s talk fun Team Building activities in Toronto.

You might ask why group team building is essential and what are the benefits. Is there a ROI? Yes, there is a cost, but that will morph into increased profits and productivity.

Fun group-building activities in the workplace encourage collaboration, and trust and promote lasting relationships. Wouldn’t it be great to look forward to going to work every day and working with colleagues that you have a close connection with? Absolutely!

Allow me to introduce you to some of the hottest and trendiest team-building ideas that your staff will love!

A) Foodie Team Building Activities in Toronto
B) Mixology is the Trendiest Team Building Activity in Toronto
C) Creativity Team Building Activities in Toronto
D) Out of the Office Team-Building Ideas in Toronto
E) Pay it Forward Toronto Team Building
F) Explore & Learn About Neighbourhoods in Toronto for a Team Building Idea
G) Special Team Building Activities Done Virtually

A) Foodie Team Building Activities in Toronto

Good food brings people together, promotes dialogue and is a feel-good activity overall. There is a myriad of team-building ideas that revolve around food. Because Toronto is so multicultural, food is the number one fun group activity that gets chosen for team-building activities in Toronto.

Cookies in an small oven

    1. Build an Omelette Cooking Class as Your Next Fun Group Activity
      Morning is when minds are the sharpest and tummies are the emptiest. Professional chefs will teach your staff various ways of creating the best omelettes, then set everyone loose to create their own.
    1. Cookie Decorating for a Quick Team Building Activity in Toronto
      Do you know anyone who doesn’t like cookies? I for sure don’t. The aroma of freshly baked cookies will have your staff salivating. Cookies are freshly baked on-site and your employees are provided icing, sprinkles and all things nice to create the perfect delectable cookie to enjoy at their monthly sales meeting. The most creative cookie wins a prize!
    1. Gourmet Cooking Class for Your Next Toronto Team Building Activity
      Toronto boasts the most accomplished world-renowned chefs who will come to your office or Zoom meeting to teach your teams how to make sushi, authentic Italian Pasta, Indian delicacies and more. After the demonstration teams will be chosen to create one authentic dish. Teams will be judged by their gourmet outcomes!

B) Mixology is the Trendiest Team Building Activity in Toronto

“Hey, let’s grab a beer after work ” is universal. Jump on the bandwagon and try out some fab team-building ideas revolving around drinks. This is an activity that is guaranteed to bring staff together.

A colourful row of mixed drinks

    1. Beer, Wine, or Whiskey Tasting Classes – A Team-Building Success Every Time!
      Professional bartenders will introduce your staff to one of the above and introduce them to the history, the various nuances in the taste, what to pair with each selection and even what type of glassware should be used. This team-building activity is a real crowd-pleaser. Whoops! I forgot to mention that your staff will be sampling!
    1. Cocktail Face off…a Fun Group Activity
      Is there anything more sophisticated than sipping a Martini, or anything more fun than a pitcher full of Mojito? How about Jamie Oliver’s boozy Brazilian lemonade? Once your staff is taught the basics of cocktails, have them break into teams to design the most original and delicious cocktail ever.

C) Creativity Team Building Activities in Toronto

Creativity comes in many different forms other than the ability to create an image. Other than the popular guided paint and sip events there are other creative team-building activities in Toronto to consider.

Hands sculpling mug from wet clay

    1. Pottery Classes Provide a Fun Group Activity in Toronto
      After seeing the romantic pottery scene in the movie, Ghost, I was excited to take a spin on the pottery wheel. It didn’t disappoint! Pottery is a fun and creative activity that is perfect for team-building events. It provides a relaxing experience that helps staff to unwind. Whether using the wheel, slab pottery or hand-building pottery a professional potter will teach your team to create useful objects. Once completed these works of art can be used to decorate the office!
    1. Photography Is an Awesome Creative Group Activity in Toronto
      With just a regular mobile phone a professional photographer will illustrate the skills necessary for composition and creative camera techniques on the colourful streets of Toronto. For some friendly competition, photos will be judged on capturing the coolest city shot. Smile, everyone!
    1. Unite Your Staff with Song or Dance for a Creative Group Activity In Toronto
      World-class musicians and dancers will inspire your staff through songwriting or choreography. Your teams will work collaboratively with each other to come up with an original song or a dance routine. Even the shyest person will engage in this fun team-building idea.

D) Out of the Office Team-Building Ideas in Toronto

There are so many reasons out-of-the-office team-building activities are great for company morale. Getting away from small cubicles, technology and stress is a good way to create energy, and camaraderie and is just downright fun!

A group on bikes

    1. Scavenger Hunts are Tried and True Toronto Team Building Ideas
      Guiding your team around the city with a checklist of items that they need to find or to a specific location can be a fantastic Team building activity. For example, taking your staff to Toronto’s famous High Park opens up incredible opportunities for a nature scavenger hunt. Teams are given a list of animals, birds, vegetation etc and they must photograph them. Returning to the office they will create a booklet of their finds. The most creative team booklet will win.
    1. Bike Tours in Wine Country are a Fabulous Fun Group Activity
      Your staff will be transported from the Toronto office by tour bus to the Niagara Wine Region where everyone will mount rented bikes. An entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide will lead your staff to award-winning wineries where they will tour, sample local wines and enjoy some snacks. This is how memories are created.
    1. Driving Outings for A Unique Fun Team Building Experience
      Imagine surprising your staff with driving outings they will never forget. Choose between fast-paced go-karts, high-performance vehicles or a challenging 4X4 off-road adventure. Folks, it doesn’t get much better than this.

E) Pay it Forward Toronto Team Building Ideas

Let’s face it. The past few years have been challenging for many people. Many corporations and even small businesses have incorporated pay it forward team building activities in Toronto.

Bike building women

    1. Bike Building for Charity is a Fun Group Activity
      With Bike Building your staff will be divided into teams and tasked with hand-building a bike from scratch. The bikes will be judged by the length of time it takes to build and more importantly, the creativity. The bikes will be presented to a charity of your choosing. This team-building idea is indeed a feel-good activity.
    1. Design a Teddy Bear for a Fun Team Building Idea for Charity
      We always think that teddy bears are for children. Think again! Imagine building a colourful stuffed animal and distributing them in an old age home in Toronto, specializing in Alzheimer’s. And of course, visiting a children’s hospital and handing out these amazing creations is just as rewarding. See our Build a Teddy Bear product.
    1. Clean up the Community for a Team Building Activity in Toronto
      I had the unique experience of travelling to Kigali in Rwanda. It was not what I expected! The streets were immaculate. They have a program where every Saturday morning the community comes out with garbage bags and collects litter. Choose a part of the city that would benefit from this do-good program. Reward your staff for this team-building activity with a gourmet food truck and for dessert a Dickee Dee ice cream cart. How about going one step further and inviting the local community to join in the fun?

F) Explore & Learn About Neighbourhoods in Toronto for a Team Building Idea

There are so many areas of Toronto that are rich in history. Your staff will enjoy these tours with a knowledgeable guide. The team-building activity will culminate in a local diner where your teams will partake in foods indigenous to the area.

Distillery District

    1. The Internationally Acclaimed Distillery District is a Favourite Destination for a Fun Group Activity in Toronto
      Your team will enjoy the day walking along the brick-lined streets which house one-of-a-kind shops, boutiques, as well as some of the best breweries and eateries in the city. A beer-tasting session and a Segway tour of the District make for a perfect group activity in Toronto.
    1. For a Unique Group Activity in Toronto the Tour of the Toronto Islands is a Blast
      A private ferry boat complete with a tour guide will transport your staff across the lake to the islands. Your guests will visit parklands, Billy Bishop Airport, Yacht Clubs and the Centreville Amusement Park. The tour will provide for great photo ops to be posted on social media. Oh! I forgot to mention that on the boat ride back your staff will be entertained by a live music band along with a gourmet buffet meal. What a day this will be!!
    1. Kensington Market is the Number one City Tour for Team Building in Toronto
      I grew up a few blocks away from Kensington Market. My grandmother would take me there every Saturday to do her shopping. These memories will stay with me forever. Did you know that the market was designated a National Historic Site of Canada? Learn about the influx of immigrants coming to Toronto in the early 1900s and the evolution into a multicultural, diverse market very bohemian in style. Enjoy ethnic foods, fruits and vegetables, cheeses and delicious baked goods. Engage in conversation with the old timers who will provide a colourful history of the area.

G) Special Team Building Activities Done Virtually

There are still many employees who are working remotely who would benefit greatly from Toronto team building. Why choose a virtual team-building activity? Simple! It is essential that remote workers feel connected to the rest of the team. Virtual team building promotes connectivity, camaraderie and trust.

Characters in a Zoom mystery game

    1. Murder Mysteries Work Well for a Remote Fun Group Activity
      Hosted and assisted by a group of zany characters, teams must work together to explore, examine and search for evidence to find the killer. The setting could be a Murder Mystery on the Train or perhaps the Manor House Murder.
    1. Games are Ideal for Virtual Team Building Ideas
      Via a Zoom platform an entertaining host will take your teams on an exhilarating journey via games. You might start off with something quite simple such as a quick round of icebreakers. Your host will supply questions such as what was your favourite sandwich growing up or what was the last movie you saw or book you read. Each participant gets 30 seconds to answer. Then on to the heavy-duty games such as Trivia or Family Feud where the competition gets fierce. Scavenger Hunts are always fun. You might be asked to show a furry friend, a hammer, an unusual hat, etc. The winner is the first person or team (done in break-out rooms) to complete tasks.
    1. Gathering Around the Campfire is a “Hot” Virtual Team Building Idea
      It’s winter and the image of a campfire and roasting marshmallows warms the heart and somehow brings people together. But how do you do it remotely you ask? Firstly, all the participants will enter the Zoom room which has a realistic campfire background. Prior to the program, everyone will be sent a kit to make smores. A talented host will lead campfire songs and then give step-by-step instructions on how to prepare smores. Perhaps if the staff has been extra productive, a bottle of Baileys or Kahlua will be tucked into the smores box. A Virtual Campfire team-building idea is “smokin’ hot.”
  1. A Virtual Dance Party is a High Energy, Morale Boosting Fun Group Activity
    Start your video call in business mode. Imagine your team’s surprise when a professional dance team enters spontaneously and asks everyone to get out of their chairs and follow along with the latest, hippest dances. Your staff will be energized beyond belief. Trust me, this will be the highlight of the week! Perhaps some prizes will be sent to the best dancers. Just saying.

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