At Pop! Events, we know that we have to change every year to keep reaching the same level of excitement for our clients. That’s why we carefully follow industry trend reports. Our commitment to what is new and exciting is what puts us in forefront of industry entertainment. We know what’s cool, and that’s what helps us make you cool.

We spent years providing new and on-trend corporate events, and now we provide our party know-how in the form of interactive party rentals. We keep an eye out for spectacular new possibilities, and then bring them to you.

We’re Bringing Arcade Games Back!

One of the things that we are excited to bring you in 2016 is new arcade games. We will be adding Strike a Light, the energetic and competitive table-top game that is great for all ages. We will also be adding JetBall, a game that combines air jets, joysticks, and ping pong balls.

We’re stoked to add these on-trend arcade games to our already popular and current game selection, which includes Carnival Games, Inflatable Games, Table Top and Sports Games, Golf Games, Video Games, Game Shows, Oversized Games and Casino Games! We know that keeping guests moving and interactive is as important for adults as it is for kids. Games will keep your guests engaged and having fun the whole time.

Beautiful Body Art

We’ve always been ahead of the game when it comes to body art, and our newest addition is going to join a long line up of awesome. We’ve got Glitter Tattoos, Airbrush Tattoos, Jewelry Tattoos, and now we’re about to introduce Matte Tattoos! We are so hyped to add matte tattoos to our collection of amazing body art options, because they give a realistic quality to the art that makes them appear like real tattoos! We know that your guests will love experimenting with the realistic quality of these temporary tattoos.

Body art is a great way to keep your guests’ engaged and to add to the fantasy element of a party. Everyone likes dressing up as something a little different to celebrate, and our sophisticated array of body art options are a great way to give your guests a chance to fantasize.

Unique Candy Stations

Having sweet stations instead of the regular table of food is a great way to add excitement and sophistication to the party. 2016 is going to be the year of candy stations, and at Pop! Events, we are miles ahead. We love our candy carts, and we know you will too. They look good, smell good, and taste even better! Check out our Vintage Candy Cart, Twister Candy Station and Candy Tree, and Jelly Belly Station to get a sense of which cart will work best for your guests. We’re always adding new options, and our carts are a great way to add some contemporary joie de vivre to any event.

Photo Booths

You are going to want to keep an eye on this section in the months to come. Photo Booths have been underutilized for far too long, and 2016 is going to be their year. We’re expanding and getting new options to add to our already extensive collection. You’re going to love hearing about how we can use the always popular photo booth to add some social media hype to your event. Check out our Slo Mo Video Booth for an example of the exciting things we have been working on with Photo Booths!

We are always adding new products and services as we discover them. That’s what makes us the go-to event company for exciting, on-trend events! Contact us today to find out more about additions that we are excited about for 2016.