1. Ugly Sweater Making Party
2. Virtual Chocolatier
3. Virtual Photo Booth
4. Christmas Party Craft Kits
5. Xmas Casino Party
6. Cookie Decorating Party
7. Corporate Holiday Party
8. Christmas Scavenger Hunt
9. Office Christmas Name That Tune
10. Holiday Decorating Party
11. Secret Santa Party
12. Corporate Holiday Gala
13. Family Feud Game
14. Mixology Evening
15. Santa visit at a Virtual Party
16. Wine & Cheese
17. Murder Mystery Game
18. Dance Party
19. Christmas Fireplace
20. Trivial Pursuit
21. Illusion Show
22. Beach Holiday Party

Looks like it’s going to be another Zoom Christmas Party for the company? Not to worry!! We’ve got some new and exciting Virtual Christmas Party Ideas for you right here. No need to look any further! Find some Zoom Christmas Party Ideas in this article that are truly unique and engaging.

Our updated list for 2021 has some virtual christmas party ideas that you will not find anywhere else! From new virtual christmas games to an ugly sweater making party… This updated list is inspired.

Your employees have always looked forward to the Annual Christmas Holiday Party. This year is no different. It is so important, especially in these times that organizations need to reach out to their staff, to keep the lines of communication open, help people feel connected and have co-workers maintain relationships with each other.

With live streaming, delightful online hosts, and one (or three) of these virtual christmas party ideas, your annual Christmas Party can be brought right into your guests’ home. Take this journey to explore some virtual Christmas games, online Christmas party ideas as well as virtual Christmas party activities.🎁🎄🎅


1. NEW – Virtual Christmas Party Idea!! – Ugly Sweater Making Party

Nothing says Christmas quite like an ugly sweater party. Always fun, bold and extremely tacky, it’s not really the holidays until we pull out our ugly Christmas sweaters. What better way to make your sweater truly stand out by making it yourself! In this workshop guests will receive everything they need to make a super Ugly Christmas Sweater, they will enjoy some fun holiday trivia and get to participate in an ugly sweater contest at the end!


2. NEW – Zoom Christmas Party Idea!! – The Virtual Chocolatier

Ahh the smell of chocolate wafting in the air brings me back to my mothers kitchen. She used to prepare delicious truffles and other types of ooey gooey chocolaty treats. Needless to say I was very popular during my school’s holiday bake sale! A chocolate making party is a perfect virtual Christmas party idea for companies trying to do something truly special this season. Guests get to learn some fantastic tips and tricks on how to work with chocolate as well as make a number of fabulous confections.


3. Virtual Holiday Party Ideas Using a Virtual Photo Booth

A photo booth at corporate events always creates a buzz. This gives staff an opportunity to let their hair down and act silly. A package of assorted holiday props such as Santa or Elf hats, giant sparkly glasses, colourful boas, reindeer antlers etc. can be delivered to the participants home prior to the virtual event.

The best and most popular photo experience is with the Digital Photo Mosaic. Each participant submits selfies (wearing their props) via text or hashtag and the photos appear in a live stream eventually compiling into 1 larger image. Additionally, the photos can be animated, and customized video messaging can be integrated into the live stream. The finished photo mosaic is truly a piece of art and will be printed on a canvas to preserve and commemorate the first annual virtual Christmas Party event.


4. Virtual Christmas Party Craft Kit Activities

One of the favourite activities at the Corporate Children’s Holiday Party is the craft stations. Even adults join in the fun of creating their own holiday crafts. Even though we are socially distanced, your staff can still enjoy this corporate tradition. An online host welcomes all your guests and guides them through the process of making their holiday treasures.

The most popular craft is the Build-A-Buddy. A holiday theme buddy skin, along with a t-shirt, markers and a carrying bag are delivered to all the participants homes.

For even more creative fun additional DIY craft kits such as a foam holiday friend craft, a DIY wooden sleigh craft and a wooden ornament craft are added to the package.

Adults as well as children will enjoy a Virtual Paint Night. A talented artist will guide your attendees who can put their own spin on the featured art piece. A full paint kit including brushes, paints, canvas etc. can be delivered prior to the virtual event.
Your “artists” then do show and tell on the online platform.


5. Virtual Xmas Casino Party Online

Does your staff look forward to the annual Casino Christmas Party? You don’t have to give up your annual Casino Party for 2020. Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold’em and even a night at the races can be brought to your team virtually!

Your guests can interact with a live dealer in festive holiday attire as well as each other. This virtual technology via live streaming is unbelievable. Customized Christmas themed graphics will add a more personal touch to your Virtual Casino Party. Let’s roll the dice and get this party started!


6. Fun Staff Christmas Cookie Decorating Party Online

Gingerbread cookies are a traditional treat during the Holiday Season. Even though we can’t participate physically we can have a cookie decorating session online. Prior to the virtual program employees and their families will receive a selection of baked treats along with tubes of icing and yummy candies to decorate their cookies. An animated host will demonstrate how to create an amazing edible piece of art. Before they get gobbled up, everyone will have an opportunity via a streaming platform to show their creation.


7. Virtual Corporate Holiday Party Ideas for Large Groups

With a video conference platform, a virtual Christmas Holiday Party can be facilitated for exceptionally large groups. An entertaining host as well as technical backup host will ensure that your guests are engaged and having fun regardless if your numbers are 300 or 1000 participants. Some ideas that work well for large groups involve entertainment options such as Illusionists, Dancers, Acrobatic Acts and even a visit from Santa in his living room! This virtual Corporate Christmas Party idea will give remote workers an opportunity to connect with coworkers.


8. Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game

This is a fun and energetic game that your entire staff will enjoy doing remotely. Beginning with an animated host and a technician, players will be told to grab one holiday themed item at a time. Players must run and grab it and return to their seat and buzz in with the item. This is repeated until 10 players are in the final round. Then on to the playoffs…. Examples of what they may be asked to find are: a dish with a poinsettia, a family heirloom ornament, an ugly holiday sweater, PJ’s with little polar bears etc. So much fun!


9. Office Christmas Party – Name That Tune Game

This is an all-time favourite game that requires little skill and is perfect for playing online. Teams play against each other in a virtual version of this ever-popular game. This is a fun and engaging remote team building activity. An animated host and a talented DJ will play snippets of popular Holiday tracks for players to identify. Participants hit the online buzzer when they have the answer. For additional fun, gift certificate prizes can be arranged.


10. Virtual Holiday Decorating for Christmas Party Activities

No need to cancel the annual “deck the halls” decorating activity at work this 2020. With a lively host via a streaming platform everyone can make colourful holiday decorations for their home. Swirly ornament kits can be delivered to each participant’s home along with colourful twine so that they can string up their beautiful swirly ornaments for all to see. The kits will include ornaments, squeeze bottles with paint and glitter and stick on decals. Your creative host will instruct your staff on how to make the ornaments. Once the ornaments have been completed participants can decorate their home and show them off to their co-workers.


11. Virtual Secret Santa Party Online

Is this possible? Everything is possible in this marvelous world of technology. Many people are quite hesitant to shop physically. But this is not a deterrent for the Virtual Secret Santa Party. There are a few preliminary steps that must be taken first. A budget must be set, a date planned, and invitations sent out. An online host will assign the participants with the name that they will be purchasing a gift🎁. The host will provide a list of all items that are available. The gift will then be gift wrapped, signed from Secret Santa, and delivered to the recipient. On the day of the party an energetic host will welcome your staff and instruct them to open their Secret Santa gift. Each guest should try to guess the identity of their Secret Santa. This could be quite hilarious. Screenshots of the party will be taken by a photographer who will prepare an online album. Your staff can then upload photos of them enjoying their gift.


12. Virtual Corporate Holiday Gala

How long has it been since you dressed up in your finest? Planning a virtual Corporate Holiday Gala may seem daunting but in fact it can be quite easy and rewarding. Invite your staff to a black-tie gala on Zoom. An entertaining host will introduce a live band who will entertain your staff and get them up on their feet dancing. Following the live band is a comedian who is hilarious. An illusionist will round out the evening with amazing “how did he do that?” illusions. Invite your staff to take selfies in their formal attire and share on social media and hashtags. The party goers will be commenting on how well everyone “cleans up”. This will be a virtual holiday party that will be remembered by all.


13. Enjoy a Holiday Family Feud Game

This is an all time favourite television game show where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions. Some great questions for virtual holiday party games are: What would you find at the North Pole? Name a drink that might be served at a holiday party. The virtual version of this engaging game can now be played right in your staffs’ homes. An energetic and animated game host and a support team will coordinate this great team building game via a streaming platform. Customized holiday questions and an online buzzer makes for an authentic and entertaining virtual experience in which teams compete for fun!


14. A Fun Christmas Virtual Idea with an Evening of Mixology

This virtual team building event is so trendy and popular that your staff will be talking about it for months afterwards! Invite your guests to attend a virtual mixology class hosted by a professionally trained mixologist decked out in holiday attire. Included in this virtual experience is a professional flare bartender who will perform amazing feats using bar tools which are spun and juggled to create an entertaining show. Prior to the virtual event a customized kit will be delivered to each participant’s home with all the necessary ingredients and tools to make awesome cocktails. The best part is that you don’t have to take anyone’s car keys away!


15. Visit with 🎅Santa at a Virtual Christmas Party Online

Here is a great virtual alternative to visiting Santa in person. Take a step into Santa’s living room from the comfort of your own home via a streaming platform. This is the ultimate in virtual Christmas Party Ideas. Guests will get private visits with Santa in a customized studio setting. Set design includes a full Santa’s living room design with a throne as well as a Santa’s Living Room backdrop🎄. This will put your staff and their families into the Holiday mood!


16. Wine & Cheese Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

Christmas is the time when people get together and toast in the holiday season. The epidemic will not stop this tradition!

Increase employee engagement to the max with virtual food and beverage experiences. A delivery of a selection of wines, beers, coffees, or teas along with food pairings can be sent to your employees. Your staff will experience the flavours and nuances of various beverages with the guidance of a professional sommelier online. This activity is a perfect team building activity for remote teams.


17.Virtual Christmas Murder Mystery Game

Murder Mystery games are great for team building. Special for the Holiday Season we learn that the Christmas Grinch has been done in. Oh No!! A dramatic host will lead your team to solve the mystery using clues, case files and logic. Cooperating via a live streaming platform the attendees work together to find the culprit who killed the Grinch. This is great fun and teaches your team to problem solve as well as a lesson in collaboration.


18. Let’s Get Your Virtual Christmas Party Energized with a Dance Party

Dance like nobody’s watching!
A professional DJ, MC and high energy dancers will teach and perform for your remote employees via a streaming platform. Everyone will learn new moves and dance to Holiday music tracks. This remote team building activity will invigorate and leave your staff in a state of feel good! And it is great exercise!


19. A Virtual Christmas Themed Fireplace

When we think of the Holiday Season, we visualize the family sitting around a fireplace decorated with garlands and Christmas stockings. How is this possible you might ask! This team building activity for remote employees includes the whole family. S’mores or hot chocolate kits can be shipped to guests in advance.

Coordination via a streaming platform provides a realistic fireplace (fireplace greenscreen background). A professional host, storyteller and singer will entertain your families while they munch on their treats. Staying at home can be lots of fun!


20.Virtual Christmas Trivial Pursuit Game

Hooray for Canada! Trivial Pursuit was created here in 1978 and various versions of the game have been enjoyed worldwide. It is fast paced and a great online teamwork game. For the Holiday Season a talented and animated host coordinates the game via a streaming platform with Christmas related trivia. For example, name all of Santa’s reindeers or what is the most watched Christmas movie of all time. A game console, an online buzzer, and customized questions, add to the excitement of this team building activity. So, get your Santa thinking cap on and let’s play!


21. An Illusion Show for Your Online Christmas Party

A Holiday Party without an illusionist is like a day without sunshine. Via a streaming platform a professional illusionist will perform mind boggling tricks in the comfort of your employees’ homes. The entertainer will amaze your remote audience with a mixture of comedy and suspense. How did he do that? After the 30-minute show you have the option of an additional 30 minutes for the illusionist to teach the remote audience how to perform magic! (Magic kits can be sent in advance to your remote employees.) Ah, definitely a magical moment!


22. Virtual Christmas Holiday Party at the Beach

Your annual trip south this winter can still happen! Take a fun tour with your coworkers to South Beach in Florida or go surfing in Hawaii. This can all happen virtually! To make it more authentic an energetic host will take you through the steps to get ready for your virtual holiday.

For starters, the host will ask the participants to find various holiday items they need to pack. A list might include items such as sunscreen, a beach towel with a picture of a mermaid, an old airline ticket or a Speedo from the 60’s! And the list can go on and on. (Kind of like a scavenger hunt) The first one back to hit the virtual buzzer with 10 items is the winner. All holidays include photos. Your staff will be asked to take selfies and submit them via text or hashtag. Points will be awarded for creativity. Enjoy your Christmas Holiday!


Seasonal virtual game with host and participants

With the use of platforms such as Zoom, an innovative and creative event sector has brought virtual holiday entertainment to millions of people around the world. Virtual holiday party ideas help connect your staff and ensure that your remote employees are not left out. So let’s get planning!!

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Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg

Note, this post was published on November 6, 2020 and updated September 15, 2021.

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