1. Virtual Murder Mystery
2. Virtual Chocolate Making
3. Virtual Cooking Class
4. Virtual Family Feud
5. Virtual Photo Booth
6. Virtual Scavenger Hunt
7. Virtual Children’s Holiday Party
8. Virtual Casino Parties
9. Virtual Awards Gala
10. Virtual Name That Tune
11. Virtual Mixology
12. Virtual Pub Night
13. Virtual Wine & Food Pairing
14. Game Party
15. Virtual Pajama Party
16. Costume Party on Video
17. Online Book Review Circle
18. Trivia Game Show
19. Online Training Events
20. Online Talent Show
21. Change Your Look Event
22. Online Trade Shows
23. Livestream a Show

If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that human connection is crucial to our mental health and happiness and that given the opportunity, humans will find a way to get together.

Throughout the last year and a half we have definitely found some virtual event ideas and other interesting pandemic friendly solutions for gathering including drive through events, outdoor distanced events and the ever so popular virtual events.

For those that don’t already know, what exactly is a virtual event? It is simple! A virtual event happens when people interact on the web as opposed to meeting in person… and there are so very many interesting online event ideas!

While “Zoom fatigue” is certainly real there are still so many incredible virtual event ideas that can keep your employees and clients engaged and entertained.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. We’ve got the tools, we’ve got the know-how, let the fun begin!


1. NEW!! Virtual Murder Mystery… A Highly Engaging Choice of Online Events Ideas

Treat your employees to a fun and entertaining hour of solving the conundrum of “who dunnit”! Your group will engage with 5 costumed professional actors and can even dress up and get involved in the story line. The ultimate in virtual social event ideas, you can even choose from a variety of thematic scripts.

2. NEW!! The Virtual Chocolatier- A Sweet Selection of Virtual Corporate Event Ideas

Looking for virtual event ideas for clients or employees that will really wow them? Treat them to some chocolate!! Guests will get to create fabulous chocolate concoctions and learn some new skills. Working with chocolate requires a special set of skills so we have employed a skilled chocolatier to take your guests through all of the steps.

3. NEW!! Virtual Cooking Classes- Fun Virtual Events With Homemade Cuisine

How much fun is it to cook together? In terms of online events ideas for staff or clients, this one is one of my favorites. Participants are either sent ingredients in advance or can purchase ingredients locally. At a predetermined time everyone gets together with one of our amazing chefs to prepare a delicious meal together online. Add a bottle of red or white to compliment the meal and really get the conversation flowing.


4. Family Feud…A Great Fun Virtual Event Idea

Invite your staff to participate in the long-running TV program, Family Feud. This is a highly engaging team building virtual program that will pit teams against each other online. An online game console, an energetic host and online buzzer will give authenticity to this virtual game.

This is just one type of corporate virtual event. Let’s continue to explore other virtual event ideas.


5. Photo Booths…An Ideal Virtual Event Idea

One of the all-time favourite activities for corporate events is the photo booth. A photo booth works well as a virtual networking idea or a virtual conference idea. The Virtual Photo Mosaic will create memories, celebrate milestones, and commemorate special events in your company. Participants submit their photos via text or hashtag and the photos appear in a live stream creating one large image.

The photos can also be animated, and customized video messaging can be integrated into the live stream. Once completed the photo mosaic is printed on a canvas for all to admire.


6. Scavenger Hunt…The Most Fun Virtual Event Idea!

Is it possible to have a Scavenger Hunt online? Of course! A virtual Scavenger Hunt is safe, creates team spirit and your staff will get plenty of laughs. It is ideal as a virtual social event and a virtual gathering of colleagues.

An energetic host asks all participants to grab one item at a time. It could be a jar of honey, a winter hat, a teddy bear or a mask. No matter where the item is in the house participants will have to run to get the points! The first player to return to their seat and buzz in with the item wins the round.

This is repeated until there are 10 players in the final round. This heart pumping and exciting virtual idea is suitable for children as well as adults.


7. Children’s Holiday Party…Yes! We Can do this Virtual Social Event

The Grinch is not going to steal Christmas this year. No way! With a professional Santa virtually visiting every employee’s home the children will be excited. We brainstormed and found this fabulous fun virtual event idea.
Get ready for some super charged happy children! Entertainment and crafts have always been an important component for the Children’s Annual Christmas Party. The ever-popular Virtual Dance Party gets the children up and moving (as well as the parents.)

All children love stuffed animals that they build themselves. Kits can be pre-ordered and delivered to the children before the Virtual Children’s Christmas Party. An entertaining host can virtually instruct the children to create their own cuddly animal.

A Virtual Illusion Show is an ideal virtual entertainment idea. A talented illusionist will entertain the entire family with mind bending tricks. In addition, the entertaining illusionist can teach the audience how to perform a magic trick! How cool is that?

A very merry virtual gathering for Christmas will be had by all…Safely.


8. Casino Parties…Betting That This Will be a Fun Virtual Event Idea!

Imagine a virtual event idea where you do not have to give up your annual Casino Party for 2020. Blackjack, Poker, Texas Hold’em and even a night at the races can be brought to your team virtually! Your guests can interact with a live dealer as well as each other.

This awesome virtual event idea uses the latest technology via live streaming to bring Vegas to your staff. Customized graphics and logos will add a more personal touch to your Virtual Casino Party. Let’s roll the dice and get this party started!


9. Awards Gala…Welcome to an Elegant Virtual Event!

Walk down the red carpet at this virtual event! No need to postpone your Annual Awards Gala. Your employees look forward to the Awards ceremony each year. Recognition of a job well done promotes corporate loyalty and appreciation.

Invite your staff and encourage them to get out of their casual work wear (aka pajamas) and dress in fancier attire to attend their Annual Awards Gala Virtually! This virtual entertainment idea will be memorable.


10. Name That Tune…A Virtual Entertainment Idea That Will Have You Humming!

Name That Tune has been a long time favourite team building game. Just because we cannot be physically together doesn’t mean we can’t play together.

A talented and animated host as well as a live DJ brings the game to your guests via a streaming platform. An online buzzer provides an authentic virtual event experience.


11. Mixology…A Great Virtual Gathering

This virtual team building event is so trendy and popular that your staff will be talking about it for months afterwards! Invite your guests to attend a virtual mixology class hosted by a professionally trained mixologist. Prior to the virtual event, a customized kit will be delivered to each participant’s home with all the necessary ingredients and tools to make awesome cocktails.

The best part of this fun virtual event idea is that you don’t have to take anyone’s car keys away!


12. Pub Night…A Virtual Social Event

Is your staff missing their Friday night get together with their work buddies at the local pub? Invite your staff to a virtual Pub where everyone knows your name. (remember Cheers?)

In this virtual pub your guests can be entertained with an engaging flare bartender, trivia games and live entertainers. Your staff can virtually get as rowdy as they want!
Bottoms up!


13. Wine & Food Pairing Party…A Novel Virtual Event Idea

Everyone will be online with this on! This is a bonus that your staff will be over the moon with.

Arrange the delivery of 3 bottles of wine to each staff member along with a wine tasting chart. Your event planner will organize a live stream sommelier to guide your team through the basic process of growing grapes and making of wine, how to evaluate wines and lastly what to pare with the wines.

The best part of this virtual corporate event is that you do not need a designated driver!


14. Games Party…For a Competitive Virtual Gathering

My favourite thing to do after dinner with the family is to play games. However, we now need to do this as a virtual event. There are hundreds of online games that can be played in a round robin.

Assign a lead or reach out to your favorite Event Planner to organize the games and relay the link to your staff. Don’t forget to give the date and time so everyone is on board. And remember, no cheating!


15. Pajama Party…A Fun Twist for a Corporate Event Idea

Woman in pink pajamas smiling and holding a mugAdmit it! You don’t get out of your PJ’s until noon or longer. So, let’s have a pajama party meeting. Everyone attends the online Corporate Meeting wearing their PJ’s. A gift card goes to one with the most creative PJ’s!


16. A Non-Halloween Costume Party…A Fun Virtual Event Idea

A hugely different type of a virtual corporate event that will “mask” everyone’s true persona. Create a theme and have everyone meet online in costumes.

The most authentic and original costume receives a prize such as a gift card. By the way, that’s Walter in Accounting!


17. Book Review Club…Get Intellectual with This Virtual Event Idea

This virtual gathering entails selecting a book that would be of interest to your staff. It could be a motivational book or a biography etc. Share the eBook with all the participants. After one week meet online for a virtual event book review discussion.

Your Event Planner would be happy to engage a professional reviewer to lead the discussion. This idea would also work well with a movie review. Let’s get smart!


18. Trivia Game Show…The Ultimate Type of Virtual Event

A Trivia Game as a virtual corporate event brings out the competitive edge in all of us.

Consider hiring a professional game show host to allow your entire team to participate. This professional trivia game comes with a knowledgeable and entertaining host and features an authentic online buzzer.

Set the ground rules in advance. One guess allowed without scouring the internet for the correct answer (no cheating allowed). The final round and the tension is mounting. Who will be the winner? You can either reward the victor with a grand prize or simply the recognition of their peers. (I’d rather take the grand prize!).


19. Online Training… Unique Types of Virtual Events

Illustration of man speaking on laptop keyboardThis platform is a win-win situation. This invaluable virtual corporate event is informative and motivational.

During this difficult time of isolation your staff can gather important information with the assistance of a live instructor or facilitator who interacts directly with the audience via online training. It is free of distractions and encourages employee engagement.

For all the managers out there, this virtual conference event will save your company thousands of dollars by eliminating expenses such a travel, hotel, room rentals and printed information.


20. Talent Show…A Fun Virtual Entertainment Idea

Ok! Now it’s time for some fun virtual event stuff. We are all familiar with America’s got Talent, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars etc. So, let’s have an online talent show. Even the shyest of people will participate in this event especially when there is a grand prize for the winner.

Each staff member will be given the opportunity to sing a song, play an instrument, recite an original poem, perform a dance etc. online. A panel of judges will choose the top three finalists who will each receive a prize.

Get your mojo going for this virtual entertainment idea!


21. Change Your Look…A Type of Virtual Event that is Hilarious!

Woman surrounded by brushes as a Fun vitrual event ideaA virtual event makes changing your look possible! We get tired of our style and we need a change. Have a virtual event makeover which can be so amusing.

There are many apps online that will give you a new hairdo. Each team member is required to take a selfie and then experiment with different hairstyles. You can go frizzy, curly, bald or a totally different colour such as purple or green or pink. Each person will then expose their new look to their colleagues.

So much fun!


22. Trade Shows Using Ideas for Virtual Events

Turn your trade show into a virtual event.

I have done more trade shows than you can imagine! They can be taxing but rewarding at the same time. Just because we need to be in isolation does not mean that your trade show needs to be put on hold.

The logistics of it may seem daunting but it can be done as a virtual event. For instance, if you have a showroom where most of your sales are done simply book an appointment with your client inviting him to your virtual showroom on a preset day and time. This way you can show your line and book your order without any personal contact. Again, another win-win situation.


23. Livestream a Show…A Virtual Entertainment Idea Your Staff Will Love

This virtual social event will be an awesome treat for your staff. Virtually bring a live show into the comfort of their own home. This will be great for morale.

Choose a date and time and send out invitations for a live show extravaganza virtually. Not only will this encourage your staff, but it will keep the entertainment industry active.

Perhaps it could be a magic show or a singer or an acrobatic act. There are numerous options that would work amazingly well.


Employee engagement is important

These virtual events present many ways that we can all connect and help each other get through these times. We at Pop! Events Group can assist you in organizing live virtual events for your company. Contact us and one of our awesome event planners will be happy to help you.

Be safe and protect your family and community.

Eventfully Yours
Elayne Isenberg

Post updated April 19 and September 21, 2021


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