Corporate events are about blending a message and fun. Businesses want their brands to shine, while guests want to enjoy food, activities, and entertainment while building stronger bonds with their colleagues. Pulling this off without a hitch can be a huge, complicated endeavour for internal teams. Hiring a professional events company is a great way to bring creativity to your event while making sure that every single guest enjoys themselves.

1. Cool Cocktails and Mocktails

Food and drinks are at the core of most events and as a major focal point, they can provide the perfect branding opportunity. Consult a mixologist to come up with tasty blends. Colour is one way to tie specific drinks into a theme but not the only way. Consider creating unique names for each beverage on custom menus that support your branded message. Spice things up by hiring a (Think Tom Cruise from Cocktail) Flair Bartender. Guests can’t help but stop and stare. Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Don’t let cocktails hog all the fun!

2. Ice Cream Carts

Ice cream is a cool summer treat that all your guests will love. With the sweltering summer heat, an ice cream cart is always a huge hit at any corporate event. Custom branding can be applied to the cart, the servers, and the cups. This trendy way to brand your organization is most definitely the coolest way to make your brand visible and leave an impact on your guests.

3. Branded Hand Fans and Bottles

Today’s branding is all about engagement. Custom Chinese fans are an easy way to get your brand and message into the hands of your audience. Metal water bottles are convenient and easily branded with logos or full-colour photos. These portable items will stay with your guests throughout the hot day and can be brought home to fend off the hot summer air. When used like this, not only will you achieve great branding at your event, but you’ll also catch the eye of friends and family after the event. Branded promotional items are always far more meaningful when they are functional.

4. Inflatable Water Rentals – Next Level Cool

Inflatable water slides are a great way to have fun and beat the heat during your summer corporate event – especially if you’re considering ways to appeal to children. Bouncy Castles, VolleyBomb, Zorb Balls, and Inflatable Water slides are all crowd-pleasers. They are also large features and are sure to draw a lot of attention. Branding the slide will get noticed, but if you’d like to take this a step further consider adding in branded towels. These take-homes are a great way to remind your guests of the fun they had and are likely to be seen by others at the beach or camp.

Corporate events are a fun way to build camaraderie amongst employees and to simultaneously enhance your brand. There are thousands of tiny little details to concentrate on and a lot of timing to project-manage. Hiring a professional event planning company like Pop! Events will take care of all of this – removing all of the stress- and allow your guests to enjoy themselves and cultivate your brand promise. Summer is the perfect time for this! Warm weather and high spirits are the most meaningful way to engage your colleagues and raise your brand.