Around the holiday season corporate gift ideas are a big subject. I can’t think of anyone who does not enjoy receiving a gift, especially when it is unexpected. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old there is a certain anticipation and excitement surrounding a beautifully presented gift box.

The important note to keep in mind when considering corporate gifts is that every gift should create a memorable experience. A sophisticated gift box is not just a collection of beautiful or tasty items. The difference between good and great gifts is the great ones create their own event and are thoughtfully put together to provide the “tools” for that occasion. Whether we are talking about a “date night” at home with beautiful wines or a coffee break to be enjoyed during a virtual meeting, the perfect gift box keeps every detail in mind.

The gift should be unique, impressive and make a statement. A corporate gift can say, “job well done”, or “welcome to your new workplace” or “we appreciate all of your efforts”.

Cool corporate gifts for clients or employees reinforces, nurtures, and builds strong relationships with customers and staff. Your employees and your clients are your most important assets. Treat them well and your business will remain solid, profitable, and noteworthy.

1. The Gala Box
2. Mulled Wine and Winter nights
3. Sweet Holiday Gift Ideas
4. Halloween
5. Celebrate Romance
6. Beer Tasting
7. New Hire Coffee Break
8. Hot Chocolate
9. Family Movie Night
10. The Picnic for Remote Staff
11. The Margarita
12. Kids Holiday Party in a Box
13. The Breakfast Box
14. For Tech Lovers
15. Corporate Gifts for Retirees
16. Organization to Enhance Workstations
17. Charity Giving
18. Afternoon Tea for Wellness
19. Culinary Experiences for Foodies
20. Gifts for Newly Wedded Employees
21. Fresh Produce Box
22. The Ultimate Martini Box
23. Mat Leave Baby Shower Gifts
24. Organic Herbs
25. Gift of Games


1. The Gala Box – Corporate Holiday Gifts for Clients

You may ask why I should send a corporate gift to existing clients. Simple! Existing clients are the mainstay of your business. Think of it as an investment to maintain your client base, create loyalty and possibly increase referrals. When gifting, make sure that the presents are of high quality, useful and relatable. You may also want to brand the gifts with your logo on a ribbon. Fantastic statement!

A Celebration gift box would be ideal to give to a client as a Christmas present. They will be impressed with the selection of bubbly, champagne flutes, and complementary treats all in a keepsake gift box. Just a thought I am throwing out: With each corporate present that is sent out include an invitation to an online Christmas party. So nice to put a face to a name.

2. Mulled Wine and Winter nights – Corporate Holiday Gifts for Employees

For the same reasons that you give clients a Holiday gift, it is important that your staff receives a Holiday present to thank them for their hard work over the past year. It tells them that you recognize their loyalty and commitment to the company and more important it shows that you appreciate them. Have a Christmas party online with all the staff. Include some great entertainment such as an illusionist and let the fun begin.

On a cold winter Christmas Eve what could be more appreciated than mulled wine, gourmet spices, gorgeous Nordic mugs, and an assortment of treats (bonus, made in Canada!) all presented in a beautiful keeper gift box.

3. A Sweet Holiday Treat – Corporate Gift Ideas for Employee’s Families

The Holidays represent family, giving to others, and togetherness. During these difficult times businesses had to find other alternatives to the annual children’s Christmas party. Imagine a virtual Christmas party complete with elves, Santa and even a magician with great tricks up his sleeves. Complete this wonderful virtual family experience with a unique corporate gift for the entire family.

Your employees’ families will be blown over with a thoughtful Holiday box filled with snowman ceramic mugs, assorted hot chocolate and best of all a brownie cast iron skillet with all the ingredients for the yummiest dessert. A most memorable gift experience for the whole family.

4. Trick or Treat – Best Corporate Gifts in a Box to Help Celebrate Halloween

Here is where we get a little crazy and creative. This unique corporate gift can be just outright fun. Whether your employees are back in the office or working from home help them celebrate Halloween virtually or in person. Spooky characters and scary storytellers add to the fun scenario. Or better, how about a Virtual Murder Mystery?

A celebration of Halloween needs funny masks, a Halloween cookie making kit and of course CANDY!! All presented in a trick or treat gorgeous, personalized basket.

5. The Date Night – Creative Corporate Gift Ideas to Celebrate Romance

The pandemic has led to increased anxiety and stress for many couples. One of the nicest things that a company can do is to recognize this and help their employees put the romance back into their lives particularly during the holiday season.

  • Imagine cozying up with someone special, indulging in some great vintage wines, Danish Brie, Truffles and keeping warm wrapped up in a couples blanket, comfy Roots socks while basking in the glow of a lavender and lilac scented candle (made in Canada, of course!) Include a virtual “Name that Love Song” and watch the sparks fly!

6. Beer Tasting Anyone? – The Best Corporate Gifts Revolve Around Special Days

You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This is a GREEN holiday and nothing to do with the environment! For a St Patrick’s Day party invite your staff and/or your clients to a Virtual Pub Night and have a Virtual Beer Tasting Experience. This event is sure to go down into the “Guinness” Book of Records.

  • Present your staff and or clients with a unique and totally unexpected corporate gift featuring a selection of beers, beautiful beer glasses and fun St Patrick’s day novelties. Other companies will be GREEN with envy that they didn’t think of this creative employee/client gift.

7. The Coffee Break – Creative Employee Gifts for New Hires

Remember when you started a new job? It’s downright scary and intimidating. Here’s where your company can make the transition seamless and welcoming. Send a cool corporate gift for new remote employees. Introduce your new employees and host a few quick and fun team building games to get acquainted while enjoying their welcoming gift.

A welcome Coffee Break Gift of an espresso percolator, Turino cups, a frother, espresso coffee and choco-coffee treats contain enough adrenaline to keep you going all day long! And it is all packaged in a beautiful presentation keepsake box.

8. The Great Canadian Hot Chocolate – Unique Corporate gifts for Remote Staff for the Holidays

The one thing that remote staff misses is the Holiday Season shared with colleagues in person. Providing a holiday experience to be enjoyed at home with remote staff can be challenging but not impossible.

Prior to the last day before the Holiday break send out a special holiday gift basket to each remote worker. Call a zoom meeting where everyone can open their present together. Allow a few minutes to prepare the Red Velvet Cocoa in the festive Beaver mugs. Top it all off with crushed candy canes and snowman marshmallows. Take a screenshot of your staff enjoying the holiday treat.

9. Family Movie Night – Cool Corporate Gifts for Celebrating the Holidays

Christmas is all about families. We have had to forgo the family holiday party for the past 2 years. Show your remote staff that you still consider the holidays an important part of employee engagement with a Family Movie Night gift box. We are all feeling a bit of nostalgia with the loss of going to the movies with our families during the Holidays. Combine this with a virtual Hollywood Trivia Game hosted by an entertaining host.

Bring the movies to your staff with a keepsake gift box filled with concession goodies, crunchy popcorn, and an amazing trivia game that the family can enjoy together.

10. The Picnic – Awesome Corporate Thank You Presents for Remote Staff

Your remote staff has worked hard throughout the year, increasing profitability, and retaining a strong customer base. You know you want to reward them, but how is the question? I have the perfect solution! Invite your staff to a Virtual Wine and Pairing evening featuring a professional sommelier.

A large keepsake box filled with Sauvignon Blanc, insulated wine tumblers and a generous assortment of gourmet products would be a memorable present. Hey! This would make for a perfect picnic.

11. The Margarita – Gifts for Your Team

Some Friday afternoons at work my boss would call all the staff into her office for shots! All of us who work remotely miss this get together. There is no need to discontinue this tradition, well perhaps not weekly. This could be a celebratory occasion when the company has exceeded projections or secured an important client. On a Friday afternoon zoom meeting everyone attends and opens their gifts which were shipped out earlier. Surprise the staff with the appearance of a Flair Bartender who will teach everyone how to make the perfect cocktail. Oh, this is going to be fun!

The Margarita gift box includes all the fixings for a perfect cocktail and 2 gorgeous margarita glasses. Let’s raise our glasses and toast our boss!!

12. Kids Holiday Party in a Box – Corporate Holiday Gifts for Staffs’ Children

STOP! Don’t cancel the Children’s Christmas Party. Your staff’s children looked forward to this every year. They had such fond memories of it. Surprise them with a Zoom Holiday Party complete with a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus. Don’t forget to ask the parents to hide the corporate holiday gifts from the kids until the start of the party.

The kids will squeal with delight when they open their awesome activity box complete with a Build a Buddy Kit, the cutest snowman ceramic mug, packets of gourmet hot chocolate, double truffle hot chocolate popcorn, a holiday ornament filled with jelly beans all presented in a large keepsake gift box. This is as good as it gets!

13. The Breakfast Box – Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Whether your staff is returning to the office or still working remotely, Monday morning meetings need to be spiced up. Think about this. Where do your employees head to the first thing in the morning upon arriving at the office or at home? Coffee! Right?

Let’s make the first meeting of the week bearable. Deliver a Good Morning Canada Breakfast Box filled with an artisan coffee bag, a French press (I use one every morning for my breakfast brew) assorted breakfast mixes, Canadian maple syrup and quality jam on each person’s workstation or to their home. This is such a creative employee gift.

14. For Tech Lovers – Corporate Presents for Remote Employee Appreciation Day

Person working with headphones

Photo: Sora Khan

Did you know that on the first Friday of March businesses and organizations are encouraged to plan events in recognition of their employee’s performance? Consider a virtual caricaturist who will sketch a quirky and fun image of each employee that they can post on social media. While they are having their “portrait” done they can open the surprise appreciation gift that arrived on their doorstep.

  • A “techy” gift box filled with useful things to make life a bit more enjoyable while working remotely. A deluxe techy box includes ear cancelling headsets, a power charger, a mini table dust sweeper and a coffee cup warmer and just for fun a “pants or pajamas?” decision coin.

15. Bon Voyage – Corporate Gifts for Retirees

Packed carry-on luggage


You don’t have to be 65 to retire anymore. Many people plan to retire much earlier and plan to travel to exotic destinations. Reward your loyal employees who are retiring with a special gift that they will use and enjoy. The traditional gold watch is so done! Think outside the box. Invite your staff to the virtual retirement party and watch the retiree open the best corporate gift ever!

  • A piece of a designer carry-on spinner luggage filled with travel necessities will delight your retired employee. This amazing corporate present includes a passport wallet, a filtered water bottle, a portable charger, a travel neck pillow, and a branded baseball cap. Bon Voyage!

16. The Gift of Organization – Creative Employee Gifts to Enhance Workstations

Colourful stationary and keyboard

Whether your staff is working from home or in the office it is important that their workspace is attractive and organized. A dedicated work area helps with creativity, focusing and productivity. Enjoy a virtual meeting with your staff while each one shows off their redesigned workspace using their cool corporate gifts.

Necessities for a well organized work space include a stapler, paper clips, tape, mouse pad, file folders, pens and pencils, a diary (I still like to see my day down on paper. So call me old fashioned!) These office supplies in various trendy colours will be delivered a few days before “show & tell”. The keepsake box will come in handy for storing documents. This is a practical but fun corporate gift to employees.

17. Fill a Purse – Corporate Gift Ideas for Charity Giving

Food bags being loaded

Food bags

It is important for businesses to look beyond generating profit and engaging new clients. A Pay it Back charity program improves your brand and your work culture. You will find that your staff becomes happier and more productive when working in this type of climate. Encourage your staff to participate in a worthwhile drive such as giving to a homeless shelter.

  • A sports bag, backpack or purse branded with your logo and filled with necessities such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, combs and brushes, shampoo and shaving products, a warm pair of gloves, a scarf, a gift card to a local coffee shop and personal care items is a unique corporate gift to people in need.

18. Afternoon Tea Box – Gifts to Staff to Promote Wellness

The most amazing gift from my employer during the stressful holiday season was a half hour neck and back massage in my office. I will never forget it! We can’t do personal massages remotely, but we can do a virtual yoga class. Pair this activity with a thoughtful gift of calming items.

  • A gift box filled with organic teas, a travel tea infuser, organic honey, vanilla bean shortbreads and an Earl Grey and Lavender Candle to induce calmness. This keepsake gift box is perfect for a remote wellness activity.

19. Great Gifts for Foodies – A Cool Corporate Gift of a Virtual Culinary Experience

This past year and a half have brought great changes to the way we spend our time. So many of us have been totally mesmerized by cooking shows. Imagine having a cooking kit delivered to your front door with an invitation to join a virtual cooking class with a professional chef.

A gift box including assembled pre measured ingredients along with a recipe card prepares you for an entertaining virtual cooking class. This is an amazing corporate gift idea.

20. A Corporate Gift Idea for a Newly Wed Employee

Hands with wedding rings


A wedding is an important milestone in your employees’ life. Acknowledge a newly wed couple with a memorable gift that says, “we care about you and appreciate your contribution to the company”. (A paid week off work for a honeymoon wouldn’t hurt either!) You may want to encourage the happy couple to share opening their wedding gift on social media.

Watch the bride and groom as they open their special corporate gift for their wedding day. They will love the matching luxury fluffy white bathrobes, a customized His and Hers mini linen vow journal, personalized writing tools and a stunning picture frame for their favourite wedding or engagement photo in a gorgeous monogrammed keepsake box.

21. Fresh Produce Box – Corporate Gifts for a Team

Salad being made

Making salad

We are all into healthy eating. Incorporate this into a team building activity virtually. Have a shopping basket delivered to each team member. At a predetermined time everyone will go online and display what they have prepared with the ingredients. Of course, there will be a prize for the best culinary creation.

  • A decorative woven basket will be filled with farm fresh veggies and fruit, organic spices, unique kitchen tools and instructions on how to prepare a meal for the virtual food party. Everyone, let’s get creative!

22. The Ultimate Martini Box – Fantastic Business Presents for a Client

Your clients are the driving force behind your business. Let your customers know that you appreciate their loyalty. This gesture enhances your relationship and sets you apart from the competition. Branding your keepsake corporate gift box and tying it with ribbon printed with your logo will make an impression. The ROI will be priceless.

  • A beautiful 5-piece cocktail set complete with matching glasses and all the ingredients required to make a sophisticated cocktail is a memorable and unique corporate gift that your clients will appreciate.

23. Baby Shower Gifts – Thoughtful Corporate Gifts for Employees Going on Mat Leave

Baby Shower supplies

Arrival wishes!

Wait lists for midwives and baby gear all indicate a boom in babies being born during this pandemic. Rather than go into the why’s, let’s concentrate on what companies can do for their expecting staff members. In person baby showers are really not in vogue anymore but we can do a virtual baby shower! This gives corporations an opportunity to say to staff, “we care about you and your family”.

Baby shower games and present openings are always the highlight of this event.

New Moms and Dads will love the adorable keepsake box filled with baby essentials such as diapers, organic baby soaps, wipes and shampoos, a cozy baby blanket and a cuddly soft teddy bear. Congrats to the new parents!

24. Organic Herbs – A Unique Corporate Present

Herb garden

Who would have thought of giving a herb garden as a gift. By the way, I didn’t want to appear ignorant so I looked up the pronunciation. Either herb or erb is acceptable! With that out of the way let me tell you why everyone should have their own indoor herb gardens. They are inexpensive, easy to grow, improves your immune system, digestion and stress as well as adding amazing taste to your recipes. To make it even more enticing, invite your staff to a virtual cooking event using herbs with a renowned chef showing your attendees the proper way of caring for their plants and how to enhance their recipes.

Prior to the virtual herb event all staff will receive a keepsake wooden box filled with various herbs such as basil, dill, oregano, parsley etc in lovely decorative pots. A recipe book and an indoor grow light. Encourage your staff to show off their herb garden on social media.

25. Gift of Games – A Timely Corporate Holiday Gift for Employees and Their Families

Dog playing Trivia game

Photo: Manuel Prieto

Sales of board games are going through the roof! We all know why. Parents are trying to encourage their children to spend less time on their computers and iPads. Let’s be honest, we as adults spend far too much time watching Netflix. Thus, the surge of sales for games.

A box full of games arriving at the door would create a lot of excitement.

Enjoy a huge keepsake box filled with games suitable for all ages. Game time isn’t fun without snacks. Included in the package are bags of popcorn, potato chips, pretzels, boxed organic juices, chocolate chip cookies and gourmet hot chocolate. This gift is an awesome corporate holiday gift. Let the games begin!

The past year and half have brought about great changes in the way we view the world, the way we do business and the way we interact with others. More than ever before businesses need to show their staff and their clients that they are valuable and appreciated. What better way to show your gratitude than with a corporate gift?

A great deal of thought and expertise should go into gifting. Working with a company who specializes in creating corporate gifts will save you time, keep you on budget and will be able to present unique gifts that will have a wow factor. In addition they will make the gift giving experiential.

When making your decision on which company to choose, make sure that there is a dedicated associate that will work with you on providing creative ideas, that will understand your corporate culture and will deliver as promised.

Call us! We can’t wait to share our ideas with you.

Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg