It has been quite a year…A real game changer! It has challenged everyone to come up with new and innovative ways of communicating with each other. Many remote workers feel isolated and crave personal interaction with their co-workers. Out of necessity, businesses, communities, families and educators have found ways to interact with others—virtually.

1. Wine and Pairing Ideas
2. Virtual Cocktails Anyone?
3. Whiskey at a Virtual Gathering

4. Chocolate Making Class
5. Virtual Cooking Classes
6. Virtual Catering Ideas

7. Build-A-Buddy Craft Idea
8. Virtual Balloon Twisting Training
9. Virtual Indoor Campfire!

10. Virtual Networking Ideas
11. A Fun Sing Along Virtual Event
12. A Traditional Scavenger Hunt
13. Virtual Family Feud Games!
14. How Smart Are you…Virtually?
15. Rock and Roll Jeopardy
16. 80s and 90s Pop Culture Trivia

17. A Virtual Event Idea for Travellers
18. An Online Virtual PJ Party

19. Photo Mosaics are fun
20. Selfie Scavenger Hunt

21. Put on Your Poker Face!
22. Online Event Idea in Las Vegas
23. Off to the Races…Virtually

24. A Virtual Social Gala Event
25. Corporate Virtual Awards Event

26. Illusionist
27. Virtual Gatherings that Move & Groove
28. Whodunnit Murder Mystery
29. Put Some Fun into Virtual Conferences

30. Wellness Activities that Nourish the Soul
31. Encourage Physical Activity
32. A Virtual Online Event for Body Wellness
33. Virtual DIY Reflexology for Stress

34. Virtual Valentine’s Day Social
35. Virtual Valentine’s Paint Nite

36. Other Virtual Holiday Events


Virtual Corporate Event Ideas for Foodies and Drink Connoisseurs

1. Wine and Pairing Ideas for Virtual Events

A party is not a party without some great food and beverage experiences. Hang on there! How is this possible virtually? Experience the flavours and nuances of various wines with the guidance of a professional sommelier in a virtual Online Wine Tasting Party. Via a streaming platform an entertaining sommelier will discuss wines and pairings. Choosing from a list of options attendees will receive a kit containing individual bottles of wine along with their choice of 2 pairings prior to the online event. So, folks, eat, drink and be merry…Virtually!!

2. Virtual Cocktails Anyone?

Can’t go to the bar? Then bring the bar to your attendees with a Virtual Cocktail Hour. The virtual cocktail hour includes coordination via a streaming platform, a bartender to guide you through making various cocktails. For even more fun, a flair bartender will put on an awesome show. Cocktail kits with your choice of drinks will be delivered prior to the event.

3. Everything You Wanted to Know About Whiskey at a Virtual Gathering

The latest rage is whiskey! A professional guide will host a Virtual Whiskey Tasting event via a streaming platform while you relax in the comfort of your home. Learn about the aroma, character, regions and flavours of each of the 3 sampler bottles which are delivered prior to the event. Kick back and enjoy this fun virtual event with your friends and colleagues. Food pairings are available as well.

Virtual Culinary Experiences

4. A Virtual Event to Satisfy Everyone’s Sweet Tooth

The romantic drama, Chocolat, tells a story of how an expert chocolatier influenced the lives of those living in a quiet French Village. The sensual pleasure of making chocolate can be brought into your guests’ kitchens as a team building activity, celebration, or a meeting break. This delicious and interactive Virtual Chocolate Making Class will teach the attendees the basics of tempering and working with chocolate, creating delicious and attractive confections. Attendees will learn some great tips and tricks from a professional Chocolate Chef who will host the virtual event. The virtual setup includes 2 technicians who will provide authentic, multi-angle viewing. Chocolate making kits can be provided for all participants or attendees will receive a shopping list of ingredients necessary to create their chocolate creations.

5. Virtual Cooking Classes

During Covid many of us are honing up our cooking skills and sharing images online of their culinary creations. There are all types of online events with Virtual Cooking Classes being an all time favourite. Executive Chef Amancio dos Santos from Kiss the Cook, Toronto’s premiere catering company, will instruct participants in a fun and interactive class lasting one hour. Included is a Q & A and judging at the end of the virtual cooking class. Sous chefs will learn to make classic dishes such as gnocchi and risotto or how to prepare an elegant brunch. Learning how to make Croque Madame and a bistro tossed salad will take your attendees to a new level in the culinary arts. Cooking kits, measured ingredients as well as recipe cards will be delivered in advance to participants’ homes.

6. Virtual Catering Ideas

If you are looking for virtual networking ideas or virtual conference ideas just to name a few, then consider including a virtual catering option to bring these events to another level. Virtual Catering is delicious and so easy! Up to 500 meals can be delivered in 1 day! Choose a main such as wraps, herbed roasted chicken or souvlaki as well as numerous vegan and vegetarian options as well as a pub food option. All menus feature a main, a salad and a desert.Meals are delivered with easy reheating instructions.

Virtual Family Events

7. A Creative Virtual Event Idea for Families

As many Canadians are working from home and are quite isolated from family and friends it is important to keep our minds active. Being creative is an ideal way to keep those neurons working virtually! Crafts not only keep adults engaged, but children as well. Everyone’s favourite Build-A-Buddy Crafts including a buddy skin, stuffing, T-shirt & marker and a carrying bag will be delivered to all the participants’ homes prior to the virtual event. A creative energetic host will demonstrate via live streaming, how to make this adorable keepsake friend.

8.Fun Virtual Event Idea to Twist the Night Away

No matter what our age is we all enjoy professional balloon twisters who create awesome creatures and objects out of balloons. Guests will enjoy a 30-minute Virtual Balloon Twisting training experience coordinated via a live streaming platform.
Balloon twisting kits will be delivered to participants’ homes so they can practice making balloon sculptures and entertain their family and friends….virtually!

9. Virtual Indoor Campfire!

This is an amazing online event idea that you would not believe could be possible. Through a live streaming platform, your favourite event planner can bring an outdoor experience into the comfort of your living room. And here we go…Imagine a Virtual Campfire in your home. This engaging and heartwarming experience comes complete with a virtual campfire, s’mores, scary stories by an animated storyteller as well as a professional singer to sing camp songs with everyone. Smores kits will be delivered to participants’ homes prior to camp day!

Virtual Team Building Ideas

10. Virtual Networking Ideas for Corporations

Man with Dr Who backgroun


Just because we are physically distanced does not mean that our networking events cannot be held. There are many ways that employees can network virtually and continue to build relationships. Icebreakers are a great way to start a virtual networking meeting. Get to know each other with a Zoom Background Challenge. A fun and entertaining moderator will instruct everyone to choose a virtual background image that best describes themselves. Each participant will get 2 minutes to discuss why they chose their background. Surprising what we can learn about our colleagues. Another fun virtual networking idea is where a fun and energetic host assigns a small task to each participant to start off the meeting. For instance, everyone has 30 seconds to bring back to the meeting something of significant value to their life and explain why this is so important to them. Amazing what you can learn about people through their possessions.

11. A Fun Sing Along Virtual Event

Virtual Name that Tune is a popular game for adults. Used for a remote team building activity it is fun and incredibly competitive. This fun online teamwork game keeps everyone on their toes and creates lots of laughter. A host and a live DJ will coordinate this activation via a streaming platform. Included is a game console, and an online buzzer for participants…this is great fun!

12. A Traditional Scavenger Hunt Works Amazingly Well as an Online Virtual Event

Back in the previous times did you dread the traditional holiday office party? Bet you are now craving those gatherings! It is still possible via a live streaming platform. Prior to the party, all attendees will receive a box of goodies to nosh on at the virtual gathering. A lively host will welcome everyone to a Virtual Scavenger Hunt. The entertaining host will ask players to grab one item at a time. The first player to return to their seat and buzz in on their online buzzer wins the round. This is repeated until there are 10 players in the final round. Lots of laughs and great exercise!

13. Have Fun with a Virtual Family Feud Game!

Games are always a go to when hosting team building activities. The all-time favourite TV game show, Family Feud is brought into your employees’ homes. Teams are pitted against each other to play a virtual version of this interactive and engaging game. A support team along with a talented game host bring this game to life via a streaming platform. A game console, an online buzzer and customized questions bring authenticity to this awesome team building virtual event.

14. How Smart Are you…Virtually?

Hooray for Canada! Trivial Pursuit was created here in 1978 and various versions of the game have been enjoyed worldwide. It is fast paced and a great online teamwork game. Virtual Ultimate Trivia lasts for 1 hour and is hosted by a talented and animated staff member who coordinates the game via a streaming platform. A game console, an online buzzer, customized questions, and prizes add to the excitement of this team building activity.

15. A Virtual Twist with Rock and Roll Jeopardy

Rock and Roll Jeopardy is a multimedia driven game and an incredible choice for virtual team building, meeting breaks or celebrations! An entertaining and energetic host will present clues in the form of an answer and the contestants must phrase their responses in the form of a question. Let’s see who can correctly identify the artists and bands from this musical genre.

16. 80s and 90s Pop Culture Trivia Virtually

Some of the most memorable music, movies and TV shows were generated in the 80’ and 90s. In a 80s and 90s Pop Culture Trivia A talented gaming host will entertain your guests with memories of this era via Trivia style. Naming TV theme songs, finishing the movie line, naming that band and so much more will have everyone smiling and laughing the whole way through this multimedia driven trivia game. Hey, remember the famous line”I’ll have what she’s having”??

17. A Virtual Event Idea for Travellers

Your annual trip south this winter can still happen! Take a fun tour with your coworkers to South Beach in Florida or go surfing in Hawaii. This can all happen virtually! To make it more authentic an energetic host will take you through the steps to get ready for your virtual holiday. For starters, the host will ask the participants to find various holiday items they need to pack. A list might include items such as sunscreen, a beach towel with a picture of a mermaid, an old airline ticket or a Speedo from the 60s! And the list can go on and on. (Kind of like a scavenger hunt) The first one back to hit the virtual buzzer with 10 items is the winner. All holidays include photos. Your staff will be asked to take selfies and submit them via text or hashtag. Points will be awarded for creativity.

18. An Online Virtual PJ Party

Sometimes all you want to do is have fun! During these difficult times a bit of old-fashioned fun gets everyone smiling and out of the doldrums. We all loved slumber parties when we were kids. Let’s recreate that magical childhood activity with a virtual slumber party. After all, many of us already work in our PJs! A box filled with tons of great activities will be delivered to each participant’s home. Invitations will be sent out to attend the virtual slumber party via a live stream platform. Attendees will be judged by the most creative or funny PJs. Participants can play games, drink cocktails… just plain relax and have fun with each other. The slumber party would not be complete without delicious bags of popcorn, chocolate bars and other great treats. Sleep tight all!

Virtual Photo Experiences

19. Fun Virtual Event Ideas with a Photo Mosaic

If you are looking for a new and trendy virtual idea look no further. Here is a great idea to use for your upcoming virtual event. The Virtual Photo Mosaic brings all the participants together. Photos via email are submitted and the photos appear in a live stream compiling into 1 larger image. Animation, and video messaging can be incorporated into the live stream. To commemorate your special event the photo mosaic will be printed on a canvas to create a lasting memory.

20. A Fun Virtual Event Idea with a Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Selfies are fun! Scavenger hunts are fun! Combine the two ideas into a Selfie Scavenger Hunt and you will end up with a mosaic art printed on canvas to commemorate an event or a celebration. How?? Each participant is given a list of objects to find and they have to take a selfie with each object and then submit their photos via email. The photos are compiled into one larger image and may be animated and customized video messaging will appear in a live stream. So much fun and so creative!

Virtual Gaming Event Ideas

21. Put on Your Poker Face at Your Virtual Corporate Event

Virtual 3 Card Poker! Put on your hoodies, baseball caps and cool shades and learn how to play poker from a professional. This exciting, digital poker game is fun and interactive and a great stress buster for your remote teams. A talented game host and an elite Professional Poker player will train and engage your team via a streaming platform. Oh, did I mention that there can be prizes?

22. Online Event Idea in Las Vegas

Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without Blackjack Tables. Highly interactive and engaging, the most popular casino game is now offered VIRTUALLY! Tables can host up to 18 participants. Guests interact with a live dealer. Multiple tables and backgrounds can be personalized and hosted across breakout rooms in the virtual studios. Hit, draw, or stay, it’s all good!

23. And We’re Off to the Races…Virtually

A Virtual Race Night is exhilarating and highly interactive. This gripping virtual experience will have your guests at the edge of their couches!! We can host up to 20 guests per table across multiple breakout rooms. Guests will be introduced to odds and will get to place bets before every race. Our virtual race night is perfect as a starter to any casino night or on its own.

Virtual Galas and Holiday Events

24. A Virtual Social Gala Event

How long has it been since you dressed up in your finest? Planning a Virtual Corporate Holiday Gala may seem daunting but in fact it can be quite easy and rewarding. Invite your staff to a black-tie gala on Zoom. An entertaining host will introduce a live band who will entertain your staff and get them up on their feet dancing. Following the live band is a comedian who is hilarious. An illusionist will round out the evening with amazing “how did he do that?” illusions. Invite your staff to take selfies in their formal attire and share on social media and hashtags. The party goers will be commenting on how well everyone “cleans up”. This will be a virtual holiday party that will be remembered by all.

25. Corporate Virtual Awards Event

During these difficult times, it is essential that corporations recognize the hard work and dedication put in by individuals in the organization. To give more clout to this celebration attendees will be requested to dress for the occasion. This is a key component to the virtual awards ceremony.
An entertaining host will introduce the winners of the awards and keep all the attendees engaged with a Q & A session. The Virtual Award Gala is done via a live streaming platform and supported with technical staff to ensure that all runs smoothly. To keep everyone’s attention, music and some form of entertainment to go along with the awards ceremony can also be incorporated into the virtual event. Your professional event planner will create slides, custom virtual backdrops as well as graphic overlays.

Virtual Corporate Entertainment Ideas

26. A Virtual Entertainment Idea with an Illusionist

Your annual Holiday Party or Employee Recognition Gala can still go forward even though we cannot connect physically. There are great virtual entertainment ideas that can be brought right into everyone’s home. A Virtual Illusion Show is a great virtual entertainment option for the whole family! A talented illusionist will perform mind bending tricks for your guests to view from the comfort of their homes. Jam packed with audience participation! The virtual illusion show keeps its spectators laughing, gasping, and screaming while on the edge of their seats (couches) As an additional option, participants can receive their own magic kits in advance and learn how to use them.

27. Virtual Gatherings that Move and Groove

Everyone get up and dance! According to Dr. Peter Lovatt, the head of the Dance Psychology Lab at the University of Hertfordshire, dancing can help with problem solving and self esteem. It makes people happy. Just watch people dancing. They smile, laugh and giggle. Enjoy a virtual themed Dance Party such as Hip Hop, Rock n’ Roll and even Line Dancing. This online event activity will invigorate and get people moving! For more realism add a dance backdrop. Guests join in live for high energy dance experience with The Virtual Bounce Dance Party. Attendees learn new moves and dance to the latest tracks with a Professional DJ, MC, and Dancers. The Bounce Dance Party is also great for Team Building.

28. A Whodunnit Virtual Entertainment Idea

Murder mystery events are great for social interaction. And yes, it can be done virtually! Professional improv actors will lead your team to solve the mystery using clues, case files and logic. Cooperating via a live streaming platform the attendees work together to find the culprit who murdered the CEO. A Virtual Murder Mystery is great fun and teaches your team to problem solve as well as a lesson in collaboration.

29. Put Some Fun into Virtual Conferences

Conferences, be they virtual or in person, need to have some fun built into them. Spice these virtual conferences up with some fun virtual event ideas. A Digital Caricaturist will create awesome and entertaining images of speakers and attendees while panel discussions go on. These creations are very sharable and conference guests will have fun posting their “portrait” on social media.

Various team building games in breakout rooms work well at conferences. For instance, you can do, One Thing You Don’t Know About Me. This type of game creates camaraderie and is a great stress reliever. A talented host can moderate these games and make them fun.

Virtual Wellness

30. The Need for Virtual Wellness Activities that Nourish the Soul

It is hard to get motivated when we are working from home day in and day out. Many of us are prone to stress eating and drinking. This is where employers can host an online wellness activity program once a day for remote workers. A yoga practitioner can engage attendees with basic yoga exercises. Even if they’re just 15-minute sessions, attendees will enjoy the break. Add in meditation techniques and you have a wonderful relaxing virtual program which will help your staff relax and refocus.

31. A Type of Virtual Event that will Encourage Physical Activity

A virtual HIIT Cardio class will rejuvenate your staff who are working from home. In this intense virtual cardio workout class the participants will power through and see an improvement in endurance, speed and even some weight loss. A professional and energetic trainer via a live stream platform will encourage the attendees to work to their max.

32. A Virtual Online Event for Body Wellness

With many of us working from home there are many distractions that we have to cope with. The one complaint that we hear about most often is stress eating. Engaging a Wellness Nutritionist can be entertaining and informative. Via a live stream platform they can discuss alternative healthy snacks, menu ideas and drinks. Before the scheduled Virtual Wellness Event, attendees will receive a swag bag filled with nutritious snacks and drinks to enjoy while listening to the nutritional consultant. The return on this investment is priceless!

33. Relieving Stress with a Virtual DIY Reflexology



With Covid we are encouraged to stay home and basically hibernate. This isolation is difficult for many of us. A trained and entertaining Reflexologist will teach your staff via a live stream platform, how to relieve these feelings of stress and nervousness with DIY Reflexology. A professional practitioner will facilitate guiding attendees to deal with stress, pain, fatigue and even digestive disorders.

Enjoy the Upcoming Virtual Valentine’s Celebration

34. Virtual Valentine’s Day Social Event

Hearts, chocolate, flowers and cards are all synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Chase away the winter doldrums with a party! A “loving” host will introduce some fun ideas for a virtual Valentine’s Day party. Some great ideas to celebrate this holiday are a Valentine’s scavenger hunt or Name that Love Song. The list is endless. Talk to your favourite party planners about hosting a Valentine’s Day celebration. They “love” hearing from you!

35. Virtual Valentine’s Paint Nite

Unleash the passion with a virtual Valentine’s Paint Nite. All attendees will receive a package of supplies to create their very own Valentine’s Day piece of art.

A talented artist via a streaming platform, will guide your guests step by step to produce a unique piece of romantic art. The most fun is sharing your piece with all of your colleagues on Instagram.

Spice up this virtual event with a box of chocolates or an individual bottle of wine or even chocolate covered strawberries. It doesn’t get better than this.

36. Other Virtual Holiday Events

Colourful illustration of people planning event
There are many other important holidays approaching. Your favourite event planner is eagerly awaiting your call to assist you in planning Family Day, Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc. The only difference is that it will be virtually. Just stay tuned for more exciting and innovative programs that you will love…virtually!

And there you go…
Folks, as you can see there are dozens of virtual event ideas that you can implement to keep your staff engaged and productive. Bespoke virtual events require professionals to pull it off. Engaging your favourite Event Planner will ensure that your virtual events and the ROI will continue long after the event. Contact us today and one of our awesome event planners will be able to help you. We are waiting for your call or email! Be safe and protect your family and community.

Eventfully yours,
Elayne Isenberg