10 Unique and Inspiring Canada Day Event Ideas

Who doesn’t love Canada Day? The long weekend, the hot weather, and the chance to feel patriotic are the perfect elements for those who love a celebration. This year’s Canada Day party must be extra special—it’s our country’s 150th birthday! Oh, Canada, you don’t look a day over a 100. Check out our 10 unique and memorable ideas that you can add to your Canada Day celebrations.   Personalized Hockey Pucks It’s our civic duty to honor hockey on Canada Day. So why not get… Read more »

Corporate Outings – How to Pick the Right Event For Your Team

As we know, there are many great reasons for holding corporate outings from motivating your employees, rewarding them for hard work, generating new leads, and more. However, how do you choose the right outing for your team? Today, we are going to assess the many factors that will affect this decision so you can do right by the team! Group Size – First and foremost, the size of the team is important because this will change what is available. In the same way you don’t… Read more »

Fun at Work: Team Building Games & Corporate Activities

As we all know, team building events can be a fantastic way to bring employees together and have them working as a unit as opposed to a group of individuals. However, what happens when the morale is low or you want to do some team building in between events? Since you can’t throw a huge event every other week, we have a list of games and activities that you can play to tide the team over and boost engagement levels! Truth and Lie – Perhaps… Read more »

Team Building Event Tips: Are You Having Fun Yet?

If you really think about it, the relationships we have with our colleagues are very strange. Why? Because we go through an application process for a job we see on the internet or newspaper; then, we are chosen and forced to work with a handful of strangers who happened to do the same thing when they first joined. Despite being strangers at first, we build relationships and become a unit over time. As the owner of a business, you have a unique perspective but there… Read more »

The History of Candy and Sweets

It’s hard to find someone that doesn’t like sweets. Anytime, anywhere, if you bring out sweets, people will want some. Even those people that stay healthy and steer clear of sweets secretly like them, and relish the thought of devouring a cheesecake on a cheat day. Anatomically, there are multiple reasons for which people may like sweets. Some need sugar intake for health reasons, others are chocolate fanatics, while some go crazy for baked treats. The general consensus is that if you keep it to… Read more »

The History of Barbie

She’s a successful businesswoman, a member of a rock band and a Women’s World Cup Soccer player. Who is she? That’s right, it’s Barbie doll! It might be hard to believe, but the Barbie Doll started out as just a regular person, who over time adopted so many amazing traits and professions. The first ‘Barbie’, was none other than Barbara Handler, the daughter of Ruth and Elliot Handler. In the 1950’s toys were still expensive or non-existent, and little kids were stuck playing with whatever… Read more »

How to be the BBQ Host you Always Dreamed of Being – During

The big day is finally here. You did all the planning, booked everything you needed to book, and the catering company is already setting up the grill. Your guests are moments away from arriving, and you’re only now beginning to realize what kind of a day you’re in for. The panic may cause you not to think clearly, terrified of the mess that’s about to ensure. Here’s how you can prevent that, and make sure you enjoy the party just as much as everyone. Most… Read more »

How to be the BBQ Host you Always Dreamed of Being – Before

So you’ve decided to throw a barbecue gathering for your company, but you’ve never hosted a party before, let alone even operated a grill. The task ahead of you may seem daunting, but the reward will certainly be worth it. Before the panic sets in, and employees start finding out, it’s best to arm yourself with the necessary skills to be an excellent host, one that your employees and coworkers will speak about for years to come. First things first, decide what kind of party… Read more »

Why you should throw a Company BBQ this summer – Food and Catering

No barbecue is complete without a nice, old-fashioned burger, so let’s see all the delicious catering options that you have at your disposal. Running a barbecue can be a difficult task, specifically for the person doing the grilling. They have to watch the grill the entire time, making sure nothing gets burnt, everyone’s food is cooked how they like it, and that there’s no huge mess left to clean up at the end. That’s why you should let us handle your barbecue for you; not only… Read more »

Why you should throw a Company BBQ this summer – Sports and Tents

There’s always that one person in your office that feels the need to tell everyone the latest sports scores, regardless of whether you asked or not. They’re always discussing how one team or another did, and take any opportunity to wear their favorite sports jersey. Well this is for them! Sports are the number one way to get some team cooperation going, and then pretty much sure that any work rivalries will be hashed out in the most basic way possible; based on who can… Read more »